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Michael Murguia | Vice President & General Manager at KIXEYE

San Francisco Bay Area |

Steve Wetherill | Engineering Executive | CTO | Video Games

San Francisco Bay Area |

Will Harbin | CEO at KIXEYE

San Francisco Bay Area |

Paul Preece | Co-founder & Creative Executive at Kixeye

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  1. Cool game but...
    Scott Souchek
    Every time I log on I have to do it several times. Now with this most recent update I can't see fleets anymore, just the numbers. Fix plz
  2. Logs out on every game start up
    Wilfred Wellester
    I get logged out of my google account everytime i start the game. And on top of that I can't even see the enemy icon or the ships during in-battles!
  3. Hairi Samsuri
    Been great but facing problem now right after my bridge was upgraded to level V. I still have room to build modules such as antimatter silos and terminus mines etc but it stated that I have reached my max module allocation and to upgrade my bridge. For god's sake, my bridge is at its max level! What a gamebreaking bug.
  4. Calum Reid
    My account has vanished. Randomly logged me out and now can't access it again. Other wise it seemed like a great game from what I played.
  5. Great!::but there's always a but
    Ferk_U_Lator Now
    Game looks and performs wonderful, until recently I can't see the ships and none of my anti-matter modules aren't glowing any more. Sup With 5 that
  6. Insecurities
    Edgar Zuñiga
    Its real cool games pretty simple to use new phone on your account granny wish you can customize v aspect of the shift or base
  7. Awsome
    Jacob Juarez
    At first it was hard and very confusing but its bc its one of those u have to play for awhile and actually understand it but after i actually played it and asked some questions from people it became a fun and addicting game that i have not had any problems wth so far
  8. Fun game
    Bart Nye
    Well designed. Building times can be long, especially for repairing higher end ships. The "coin factory" always being in the build queue with no way to remove it outside of paying for it is annoying. If the game had a way to earn coins outside of cash it would be better.
  9. Game cost to much to play
    Shawn Riley
    Buying the coins to be able to enjoy the game is to expensive for me. Had to delete the game from my phone but enjoyed the game till it cost money.
  10. Needs to be sorted every few minutes it shuts It off. It's been doing that all week
    Draconian Federation
    I've used it on mobile and tablet and pc and it keeps shutting down after a few minutes and now it won,t even let my move my base to ally,s I do like the game but its really starting to p. Me off now
  11. Too many glitches
    Neowolf Lancia
    No clue why but everyone more than 2 levels above or below me is not attackable, but those within range only can be scouted. The one guy I managed to attack after half an hour of searching, was WAY tougher than me too. Add that to constantly losing connection, restarts by the app, and ship issues, I regret this app. ESPECIALLY the money put into it.
  12. EXTREMELY fun but
    Dylan Gifford
    It deleted my profile so I had to restart idk what happened but it gave it back so becareful people
  13. The game isn't the problem
    Zac Romero
    My main complaint is that I encounter fleets that r composed of one INVINCIBLE ship with op guns. This is like the ships I'd expect to be in a lvl 35 fleet being in a 13 simply because there is only one of them. Get rid of this some how and u have 3 stars. My next complaint is not player related, y the hell r the base weapons so usless. Fix both and it's 5 star. The one thing u nailed was when the ship to ship is fair. Then it's a really fun game
  14. Urban Mohar
    Been playing for a while, and i still like the game. What i miss is an upgrade queing possibility for buildings, ships and repair shop, developper please add this feature. ;)
  15. Great but,
    Zack Safford
    Coin need a way to get more without paying for them and a faster way then mission. That is all, thanks Killman
  16. Freemium, but fun.
    Byron Xu
    It's another one of those F2P, Clash-of-Clans-ripoff games, but it's interesting and provides some depth and originality (for a CoC game). It's not terribly difficult to progress, but the loading times are a bit harsh.
  17. Great
    Aaron Logan
    Just a little intensive on the internet usage. Disconnects if my signal gets below 4 bars. Otherwise great fun
  18. A
    Adrian Debassige
    This is an amazing game that gives u full control over what ship atacks which and ur not allowed to attack anyone too stron or weak. Its fair and fun. A great clash of clans feel except better
  19. Not Compatible
    Marty Moves
    This game would serve well on a PC or Laptop. On a mobile device its too slow. Far too much detail. Uses too much ram and data. Far too slow paced for a mobile game, but people will try and bleed money from you any way they can. Speaking of which, its ridiculous that in-game currency is like a ghost. I would never spend money on this game. I find its been sitting here for weeks unplayed. Uninstalling now. 2 Stars.
  20. meh
    Archibald Postlethwaite
    good game but youre at a hige disadvantage when battling pc players.. still.. pretty good game for a phone


What`s new

- Master zone control using the Altairian Ajax, which provides support by reallocating fleet damage while regenerating its own shields. Debuts in SINGULARITY on December 5th with Cascade Missiles and Resolute Shields.
- Pharmakon Cargo & Supply targets
- Umbra Leviathan Dreadnought
- Deep Space improvements

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