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Simone Secchiati | CEO - Fotografo - VideoMaker presso Pandora Photostudio

Vercelli, Italia |

Michel Morcos | CEO @ Ketchapp

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joe mike | Application Developer at Ketchapp

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Reviews 22,598

  1. Addicted
    Ellie Dance
    So addicting me and my friend were at a sleepover together and we weren't very social because we were playing this hours on end!! Bottom line: YOU ARE NOT WASTING YOUR TIME GETTING THIS!!!!!
  2. So Amazing
    Liss Paris
    This is so nice I was playing a game with my family and I was bored so I took this out and I was happy again. Lol no jk but ya, really fun. :D
    Richard Holland
    Great game. You get more ads with 'pro' version, and it makes Play Store play up big time. Mohit Bharati's review says the rest.
    Vuk Cojbasic
    I'm so addicted to this game, it's so amazing,i played more than 3600 games and my score is 131!!! Love you KETCHAPP
  5. Addicting
    Abby Rankin
    I found the game very addicting and fun. It's a very good game but I feel like it needs more...stuff! I would enjoy being able to change the look of my car and/or being able to get....power ups. All in all I like the game but think it needs more details to make it more fun.
  6. Jump car
    Charley Campbell
    I love it!! I'm so addicted to it my best is 56 and I'm happy about it being this number because I beat my old score I advise everyone to get this game and rate it at least 3 or 4 stars. Well done for such a successful game!
  7. Addictive Little Game
    David Bell
    This got me hooked quite quickly and I'm aiming for a score above 100. A fairly slickly designed retro looking game this. However, and others have said this, give us options other than a bombardment of ads. I quite happily pay for apps so not to be given an option is quite annoying.
  8. Great Game
    Mitchell Housey
    There is a glitch. When you hit the home screen, it opens up the internet and you always have to hit the back button. It is very annoying so I am uninstalling it and 're installing it. That did not work either so I just uninstalled the game. So addicting tho, I wish I could have kept it.
  9. Laggy
    Jai McInerney
    Favourite game by far. It used to work perfectly but now there is a sight lag between when I tap the screen and when the car jumps, making it very difficult in a bad way
    Mohit Bharati
    Addicted to it, played around 600 games in 2 days! Good old-school theme, light on battery. Simply amazing;
  11. Jump car!
    William Archer
    This app is great! I really enjoy playing it, and my brother loves it too. If I were you I would download this fantastic game, because it challenges you, and gives you a lot of focus and concentration! HAVE FUN!!!!! LOL!!!!!☺
  12. Liked it alot
    Kylah Sanchez
    It's a good game but gets you aggravated. Especially when you get a high score or when you get to the pink cars or the yellow even the green. But still it is been a good game ever since I downloaded it. Install this game NOW
  13. Addicting
    Jonathan Crouch
    Hi, I'm Jonathan and I am addicted to Jump Car. (Group echoes back "Hi Jonathan".) I've been playing for many months now and I have almost completed the game. I've jumped over thousands of cars and hundreds of each color. I've never felt more interest to have 100% complete on a game. This game is perfect to play for hours at a time or just one quick run between meetings or classes. Highly recommend. Great game!
  14. I gave it five stars at first
    Logan Sterner
    But the bombardment of ads IN THe MIDDLE OF THE GAME I am now deleting it
  15. I agree!
    Matthew Jepsen
    Amen Grace! Well done, the adds are so annoying and stupid. F*** YOU STUPID ADDS!!! AND ON MY TABLET IT GLITCHES ALL THE G** D*** TIME!!!!!!!
  16. Amazing!
    Harrison Roberts
    I enjoy this game and play it regularly although it can get a bit annoying at times. I would definitely recommend this game to anybody.
  17. Ads
    Donald Barr
    I don't mind ads but they need to go away during gameplay. I cluck the ad often while I'm trying to play. It's so frustrating...fix this please
  18. Good game terrible controls
    Emma Cooper
    The game idea and execution is fantastic, but the controls are difficult to... well... control... The idea of holding isn't that bad, but it can never tell of I mean to small jump or big jump... It would be easier and more fun to play if it was based on sides of the screen or something
  19. Great game but needs updates.
    Kriti Kardar
    This is a fabulous game. The only thing is tht it needs update for: Different cars, backround, and modes and all the other stuff. But above all great game
  20. Good
    Luke Jackson
    Good game but to many adds. The game itself is really addictive, some people say that its frustrating but only addictive games are frustrating because you have to play them for a while for them to even get frustrating. very good