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Simone Secchiati | CEO - Fotografo - VideoMaker presso Pandora Photostudio

Vercelli, Italia |

Michel Morcos | CEO @ Ketchapp

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joe mike | Application Developer at Ketchapp

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Reviews 109,888

  1. Weird
    Foxy X Mangle
    While I was building up my snake I was holding the screen with me thumb and the snake turned onimadlly and died so plz fix and i will put it to 5 stars
  2. Seth Battin
    The in-app purchase did not remove the opt-in ads. The banner ads went away, but the game still offers to show a long-form video ad after almost every game. This is barely an improvement; I still can't let my kid play this game. Deceitful at best, arguably fraudulent.
  3. Very fun :)
    Anonymous Green
    It's a really nice game but I got a request, if we don't have enough gems to buy whatever we want, could we just tap on that arrow then the gems we have go in the price and we just spend by little? I'm not sure if you get what a mean but I need that cause I always accidentally buy something expensive that I wasn't collecting for
  4. I love it and addicting game u should download it
    Seanna Palacio
    This is the game that is like u have no other game because your bored of it this is the game that u never get bored of.
  5. Epic game !
    Elliot Thompson
    Its like a new age snake , really cool game , as others have said so frustratingly addictive , well worth a download !
  6. Lost all progress in new update
    JJ Wilson
    Had bought loads of the arrows including the most expe expensive had about 500 gems saved and a high score of 40 when i updated it ive lost everything :( can you fix this for me?
  7. Love it
    Ethan Colohan
    Its a great game usually the other ketchapp games are good but they get boring after a while but this game is really good. I love it
  8. Game play vs transactions
    Leif Wimberly
    The game play is fun and addicting, however the cost of things so you can get the different skins is ridiculous. I've played the game for days and I'm no where close to getting the 200 hundred gems you need for a new skin and the most expensive is 3200. The micro transactions are pricy too. 7 bucks for 7200 gems.. Waste time or get ripped off.
  9. awesome
    HadzU Bamgbose
    this is like all the other ketchapp games. its hard, but addictive. i have zig zag, spring ninja, circle, arrow, and don't touch the spikes. all awesome games! but my nanny, miss Morgan Kurtz, said they have such simple names for the games! and its soooooooo true! thank you ketchapp! best game yet!
  10. I am addicted to this game!
    Katelyn Huizinga
    The only problem is that you can't access the leader boards. Every time I try it loads and then just stops like I never clicked on anything. If this was fixed the game would be perfect. I'm really competitive with this game so it would be cool to see where I rank.
  11. Hard
    Michaela Stikkers
    It is very hard but I am in love with it because when you get the hand of it then everything makes sense it always keeps me on my feet it is full of adventure
  12. Please read
    Sam John
    The game is not good for me its lame but for someone else this would be fun trust me
  13. Very Hard!
    Naailah Chhibu
    This is a game that people who play it needs experience. This is for a gamer - and I ain't one! So only 2 stars. Try making it as if you touch on the left it goes left and right it goes right. Or you can do it for the guide of the finger and make sure that the tail doeant touch it. Very good game though - for gamers
  14. Good
    Josh Roberts
    I like this game it's a nice a game yeah good game really fun and quite addictive
  15. Fabulous
    Annabeth W.
    A real good game - as all ketchapp games are. Very addictive and fun.
  16. Skins
    Issy Hewitt-Coleman
    It would be so much nicer if you made the skins a lower price. And have more of them. Please change it
  17. Difficult and fun
    Amery Jaqueline
    This game is great! Challenging enough to keep you hooked, but not so hard it's ridiculous. The ability to upgrade your player and environment as you go makes playing worthwhile:)
  18. Okay
    Sameer Alam
    Its an okay game, very addictive but hard and you will be bored of it eventually as it is a waste of time
  19. Love it
    Saizcha Daphne fallen
    My classmates and I will beat each other's scores. It is fun! We would pass my cellphone to everyone and distract the one playing. Actually, it is hard. Haha
  20. Good but..
    Shannon Keenan
    The game is addicting but I would give 5 stars if an option was available to change controls, for example the left side can move the 'snake' leftwards and the same concept for the right side. :)