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العاب بطه
سوليتير العنكبوت
كلش فلش
لعبة سوليتير
لعبة ورق
ورق لعب


Monthly active users estimation: 200,000,000


Yaron Leyvand | Vice President - Social Casino at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Jamie Davies | Vice President of Games at Zynga

San Francisco Bay Area |

Benjamin Webley | Senior Vice President, Ad Monetization & Business Operations at Zynga

San Francisco, California |

Lastikka Marko | Vice President, General Manager at Zynga

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Reviews 637,110

  1. No high fives
    Elayne Edwards
    I don't like that you have to clear all the cards when it's obvious you're going to win. If there are no cards remaining face down on a stack (opponents board), the system should automatically upload the cards to the top of the board to complete the game. Instead you have to select each card to complete the sequence which adds minutes to your completion time. Not cool!
  2. What
    I look at it and I'm like "it's solitare. What can go wrong?" So I download it and opened it, and it makes a sound that ripes my ear in half. Then, when I try to actually play it, it ignores almost everything that I tell it to do. So yeah.
  3. Functional but....
    Sarah Kenney
    It works but does some of the thinking for you. The design is not particularly attractive, and it times how long it takes you without pausing the stop watch when you look at settings.
  4. I like to win
    Dawn Frazier
    App flips deck 1 card at a time vs. 3, which I like. It also allows the same game to be replayed so you can play until you win. I play without sound, so that is a non issue for me.
  5. Work on sound.
    Zach Beetsch
    I really like the game and it's better with music but the sound can't be on in the game otherwise it makes the music sound like crap nothing I cant live without but its just kinda annoyng. Highly recommend this game if you like solitaire.
  6. It's solitaire...
    Sarie Fowler
    There isn't a whole lot to say. The ads aren't as bad as other apps. I wish the achievements actually worked. I had to win about 5 before the "win 1 game" one finally registered. I've won at least 20, and still haven't gotten the one for winning 10.
  7. Great game with 5 stars
    Elsie Parker
    Same game I played as a child with a deck of cards moons ago .I loved playing it then and I still do,but without a deck of cards If you play it once you will also enjoy the game. So enjoy a game of cards now.
  8. WHAT TF
    Devina DeCamp
    Im playing and then a sexual ad pops up! I dont mind ads, but thats just nasty!
  9. Loved it
    Susieq Latham
    I Love this Solatair, play it all the time!! Have one I payed for I don't play anymore I enjoy this one so much more. Just wish it would save scores. Have to put up with enough FREE advertising it should
  10. Not enough options to enjoy it fully
    Anthony M
    I downloaded this based on the ratings. Unfortunately the application did not live up to them. 1. You have no choice on the level/type of game you'd like to play. 2. The application doesn't tell you whether or not you are playing a non winnable hand. 3. There is no option for an ad free version. *This application has the potential to be great, but, based on the true reviews here, the developers don't seem interested.
  11. nice gamegame - 5 stars
    Paris reeves
    This is just like every other solitaire card game but what is nice is that the ads do not interfere with playing. I can play uninterrupted.
  12. It's solitaire but....
    Vincent Grasso
    I have played many different versions of android solitaires and this one has the worst interface of them all. Don't get me wrong its still fun and playable but just trying to play a full game without hitting an ad or by accident double tapping the screen, your entire game is done. (that assuming your like me and try to win with less moves.) Not horrible but its still a work in progress. This is only my opinion.
  13. Solitaire - it was the average sort that one would play at home with actual old fashioned cards! I enjoy passing the time with it.
    Serena Wetzel
    I'm with Billy. I've played lots of solitaire myself thru the years. But each time I get into this one, I'm at a stalemate. But it's like a chip - you just can't have one! So - back to the game...
  14. Passing time
    Richard Barber
    Simple solitaire for passing time. 1 or 3 card flip. Sound can be muted. Undo button to step back moves as far as you want. Replay option to re deal the same cards. Scores against moves, time etc. Keeps stats. Same game that generations have played since 1765. Also known as 'Patience' & 'Klondike'.
  15. Good
    Renita Orellana
    I like it well enough. Fun simple game of solitaire. I dislike the ad after every game of cards. And it would be nice if I didn't have to place each card one by one once I've won.
  16. Achievements don't work!!!
    Richard Caputo
    I got this because I'm not bad at solitaire and it seemed like some easy achievements. But unfortunately, the achievements don't register, which becomes pretty obvious after you win for the first time and nothing happens. I thought I'd give it another try and restarted the app and played several more times, some wins, mostly losses, but still nothing...
  17. Great game
    Gloria Foster
    Some lag time when tapping cards but not sure, might be my phone
  18. Solitaire
    janet montelongo
    I like the game. I understand that there are ads included. But the positioning of the ads and the often rapid flashing of the ads is very disrupting to me. They don't need to be on top. They could be on bottom and just info. No freaking out cartoon show. I'm looking for another solitaire game with no ads or at least less disrupting ads.
  19. Solitaire
    Robert Mcnamara
    The Solitaire is great. The flashing ads are absolutely terrible. The ads are so annoying that I have stopped playing. I wish I could purchase this app and eliminate the terrible flashing ads.
  20. Janice Minton
    You don't have the 'hint' button, or a way to ask for 'hints' of next possible move. Plus the advertising at the top of the screen is distracting & bothersome to my eyes. If I find a better game of solitary, I'll delete this one.


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