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битва и трон



Glevis Yang | COO at Gaea Mobile

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Yang Jiao | Co Founder at Gaea Mobile

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Stella Du | Marketing Manager at Gaea Mobile

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Clair Guo | Marketing at Gaea Mobile

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Reviews 57,808

  1. Blacksmith
    Martin Westron
    Great game if it works for you.I would give it 5 stars but I'm having trouble building my blacksmith.with out that I can't carry on with the's a shame I used to play this when it first ever came out.please can you help and fix this as I want to carry on plating thanks
  2. Nancy Ward
    Joined new updated game if you enjoy playing this game is good, I would like the option of turning the global chat off so that younger members of my family could join, some of the content and language is not good
  3. Good
    clarissa gonzalez
    It is good but when i press i have an idea it just starts the game over anyway but my idea is you can see the fights and make more of different troops maybe some mythical legends.
    Brandon Moore
    Great game great customer service but one thing please increase the chance of getting something in a chest! But still a great game!!
  5. Glitches
    Bradley Smith
    DONT PAY TO PLAY.This would be 4 star game but if youre an android device user glitches make it unbearable to play and you certainly should not invest money in it
  6. Great game.
    Gary Ballard
    Grail wars is the best part of this game now. Payouts get lower and lower and customer support after making some improvements have gone back to closing issues without resolution or feed back and denying there is a problem. Shame, it's almost like they have given up and are waiting for it to die.
  7. Facebook
    Edward Blount
    I played the original koc on Facebook years ago but quit because I had to delete my Facebook, glad they finally made a version for smartphone, absolutely love it
  8. No point
    Craig Giffen
    The aim of the game is to compete In tournaments and fight, basically if you do not spend money for virtual currency you may as well quit as you will always loose to those who do
  9. Alastair Gordon
    Latest update fixed issue with my Tab 3. I have been playing this game for 2 years now and will not spend a dime on it. The game is completely lopsided towards gemmers. Knights on steroids who wipe out an entire attacking army with a single unit is ridiculous! The gemmers bully smaller players and don't have the nerve to zero each other. There are other aspects of the game that are fun and challenging. If you don't spend your hard earned money on this game it is very difficult to get ahead. Good luck!
  10. Very Very Bad
    David Thomas
    No Support But Tons of bugs and the only way to get anywhere is to pay.
  11. This game is purely money grab
    Mary Lindgren
    If you want to spend 1000s of dollars for competitions to win prizes that will be obsolete in a month, then add this app. Full of glitches and totally greedy owners. Players are usually people who do not have real life and looking for imaginary existence. Just don't add it read a book or work out.
  12. Stephen John
    Having a problem with a few glitches in the game that failed to reward me for accomplishments in the game. Contacted customer support team and was denied resolution to my complaint. If you like a quality game that has good tech support try another app.
  13. Good but
    naz phillips
    The game is great. If you hadn't made it confusing by adding weird stuff. The game is great but put back in the help members option. I've played in'09 and I remember those features thanks.
  14. Kingdoms of Camelot
    CrashJones Jones
    Don't download it. Extreme server lag, boring game play and if you have an issue, Kabam could care less unless you spend a lot of money. Money rules this game, if you don't spend money, you will be a farm.
  15. Addictive!!!
    Pryce Hohenstein
    I hate having to uninstall and reinstall the game every few days due to campaign issue... fix it for your 5 back...
  16. Great
    alex yetkin
    Very fun game with a great system and design, however the gem pricing is quite expensive.
  17. Sometimes sometimes NOT
    Jerry James
    Game works like it should and sometimes it doesnt. Wish kabam would get there shyt together.
  18. Charles Rexroad
    Have reload game at least once a week which means u lose stored mail unless u want to go through each one and delete the one's u don't want. Such a pain just to get all the benefits.
  19. James Burns
    Great game but the need to allow you to change your name in the game then I will give 5 stars
  20. So addictive!!
    Courtney McQuay
    I've played this for so long and it's still fun! Got to say this is one of the best competitive games out there.


What`s new

New Features:
▶World Merges
▶Chat and Mail Translation
▶Introducing the Grim Escort! The Mysterious Resource Carrier!

▶Alias for Knights
▶Use of Conscript
▶Gear Details in Round Tower
▶Clover Timer
▶Divine Lab Buff Applicability
▶Recall Mining March Confirmation
▶Crystal Icon Change
▶Dragon Crusade
▶Reduce Porting Time

Bug Fixes:

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