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vikram mehta | Product Manager at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

medhpranav powar | UI/UX Designer at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

Ninad Aundhkar | UI/UX Designer at Reliance Games

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India |

Naman Jain | Game Designer at Reliance Games

Pune, Maharashtra, India |

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  1. Good overall.
    Doug McGuire
    3d runner/rpg with varied gameplay. I would rate 5 but it has slight flaws and can be frustratingly difficult. Worth buying if you can tell by reviews that it will play good on your device. Rare lag and slight glitches on strat 2 but not gamebreaking. No updates for over a year now...
  2. WAS a decent game
    BC Grant
    I put down this game to play something else, and when I came back it was chuck full of ads. If I wanted to have ads pop up after every board completion, I would have downloaded a free game. Since this game was not free, you owe it to those who downloaded this game to remove them. To add insult to injury, you didn't add one pop up, but three at a time. Are you guys kidding me? This game had potential, but you have destroyed any chance of ever getting another dime from me.
  3. This Game Is Rate M
    Carlton Hollis
    One game Of After Earth it is A Feature of M everywere was a Big mean mess of M!
  4. Potentially excellent but flawed running game
    Chris Howson
    While the game looks acceptable on my 4.3 inch smartphone, it looks poor on my 9.7 retina display tablet, shame as the videos look much better. Note to developer!, this game really needs a high resolution texture pack I.e same as temple run oz, as potentially this could be a good looking game. As per other reviews, adverts on a paid game is lame and they pop up frequently. Flying bits should be really fun but agree with other reviews that control is awful. Gameplay for running sections really good and perhaps more varied than I.e temple run. Having a mission structure in addition to free runnin adds both variety and longevity. In a nutshell After Earth could be among the best but in its current state it is simply unfinished, more beta testing I think!
  5. Fix
    Otaku United
    Everytime I try to play this game it crashes and there were problems like this before please fix this so my money that I used to purchase this game doesn't go to waste!!! Only 4 stars because if the game never crashed then ill give out 5.
  6. Paul
    Paul Weir
    Bad game ... bad ... bad ... bad. It just keeps freezing and I paid for it. Adds insult to injury. Wish I cud get my money back ..
  7. Update ruined game!
    Steve Belli
    The latest update not only introduced ads into a game I PAID for, but I completely lost my progress. Very upset and disappointed.
  8. Excellent
    Daryn Hammel
    One of my favorite games. Kinda similar to vector but its color and better graphics. Much more lvls and interesting things to do. Thankyou plz keep the updates coming!!!
  9. U deserve 0 star
    Elie Makhoul
    Too much lags, bad graphics on 10.1", too much ads on the paid version... you deserve 0 star and less....
  10. After Earth
    elaine hogge
    Why does this game force me to go to supplies. Then won't let me buy anything or even go back to the game. Please fix this problem and I gladly give it five stars.
  11. Where's Jaden?!?! Why Ads?
    Darryl Bass
    I'm black, I wanted to be Jaden WTF!! AND WHY ARE THERE ADS IN A GAME I PAID FOR!!!!
  12. Best runner game I've played!
    Victor Warren
    There shouldn't be ads in a game you pay for, but other than that it's great!
  13. Ads in a paid game?
    Telly Williams
    I give this one star only because I cannot give it zero! When the ads are removed from the game I PAID for, I will change my rating. Ads are entirely unacceptable! Please fix at once or I want my money back. Unsatisfied, VERY! ! !
  14. Bigdog
    James Slaughter
    The game is very good its have some lage the graphics are off the chain can't wait to come up with a part 2
  15. This game is awesome!
    Marie Jean-Baptiste
    This went smothely on my galaxy tablet. No glitches at all! Lolololol
  16. Update
    Anthony Martinez
    Can you update to where you can customize your ranger and have new weapons
  17. After Earth
    malachi brown
    is a good game because you can do so many things that were in the film'
  18. Cool
    Angel Concepcion
    Cool game, but, not great. It's entertaining. Graphics are not bad, but, not the best. The music it's not great either. And the ads... omg, the ads are so annoying. I may give a better rating if you get rid of the ads. Nice game overall.
  19. You are nothing but cheaters!
    Abdulkadir Bello
    I bought this game and there is nothing to play,it's takes me to supply and freezes,a lot of adverts,useless cramp,I demand a refund or I sue you,nuisance.
  20. look at ads.paid for game
    NAZ Issa
    Why are we forced to look at ads after updating.


What`s new

- All new Endless Marathon Mode
- Now track Ursa with Radar
- All new Challenges & Missions
- Compete with your friends on Social Leaderboards
- Improved touch controls
- Many optimizations and bug fixes.