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Reviews 6,973

  1. DC Metro
    Lars Hanson
    Extremely useful app for anyone who rides Metro. Looking forward to the improvements.
  2. Must have for Metro Users
    Cleveland Eason
    Provides reliable information on trains and buses that use their transponders properly. The metro map has helped me prevent going in the wrong direction when I am using metro train routes.
  3. Not good on timing
    Ahmed Alsardar
    I gave three stars because there is some buses they dont come on the time they are alwayes late about 10- 15 min and thats crazy be cause we all have jobs and we need to be at our work on the time one of the buses is the F14 THE SERVICE IS SUCKS always late
  4. Good
    C Bowles
    There are times when you get NO information about the next bus. In which case, having the actual bus schedule downloaded will help. It's definitely better than nothing.
  5. Useful
    Lora Meekins
    Great app for Metro. I use it daily when commuting on the trains. I don't use the bus though so don't know how well this works for buses.
  6. Good but not great
    Carolyn Keys
    If the bus predictions were more accurate I'd say 5 stars.
  7. Best app for DC transit info
    Don Weinberg
    This is the best app for combined DC public transportation. Combines bus and rail info with great accuracy for predicting both. Now allows you to plan a trip, point a to point b, and give you correct routing. Had a bit of a problem and developer responded right away with a fix and then followed up!
  8. Ema Wade
    The predictions are not accurate sometimes. Or that the bus is not in service but low and behold the buses are in service. srsly strtng to hate this stupid app. mssed the bus and was late 2 an important meeting bcz of an incorrect arrival time
  9. Great app
    Ray Bruner
    Was in DC for vacation. We had never had to use a metro in my hold life so we was a little intimidated by the maps and schedules. Found this app and all my worries where gone. This app made using the metro SO simple. Love the trip planer in this app and even tells you how much you'll need on your smart card. Five stars hands down.
  10. Best app!
    DeJon Davis
    I use this app daily! It helps because most buses are usually a few minutes early and with this I can usually see up to 2 or 3 buses so I know exactly how much time I have
  11. Great app, one small complaint
    Jason Mastbaum
    Easily my favorite app for DC Metro real time arrivals. However, and this is a small complaint overall, but I'm unfortunately unable to reorder my favorite stations, and since it's easy to accidentally un-favorite a station, the only way to get my order back is to un-favorite things and add them back one by one. I'm on a Verizon Note 4.
  12. not ACCURATE anymore.
    Kichelyn Gajo
    I loved this app before because it is really on time. But when they update it.. its not accurate anymore. Like for example its says bus is coming in 10mins then it will drop to 1min in seconds only.. pls fix..
  13. Awsome!
    Christi Stanton
    This is the one app you need when traveling in D.C. When used in conjunction with Google walk you will will find the easiest way around. The app was up to date on all rail and bus times. Also provides outages.
  14. Convenient and informative!
    Quempel Farina
    It is easy to maneuver through this application and updates immediately. Takes you directly to the site needed for further information. Highly recommended!
  15. Perfect
    Lou Nadeau
    Works great. Very accurate and well designed.
  16. Arlette Davis
    Great app. Helps me a lot, no more standing in the cold or rain waiting on a bus.
  17. Predictions
    Natalie Cadet
    Predictions for the bus doesnt work. Its never available.
  18. Its soooo much better!
    Zack Bamford
    This app used to Suck and now it is just so awesome! Thanks Jazzmoon!
  19. So helpful
    Erin Carlson
    I absolutely love this app! We came to DC for a few days and were able to navigate the overwhelming metro system with no trouble at all! The timing, colors and direction were always accurate. Highly recommend.
  20. More accurate then the subway signs
    Howard S
    Must have is you live by the subway!


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