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Pablo Matías Realini Mompoey | Co-Founder Ironhide Game Studio

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Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

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Alvaro Azofra | Co-Founder of Ironhide Game Studio

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Gonzalo Sande | Co-Founder at Ironhide Game Studio

Uruguay |

Reviews 52,244

  1. Perfect but not perfect!
    Mohamed Batrawi
    This is a great game that has its unique formula which makes it better than any other "bow defense" game I' ve played. The 4 stars though is for having finished the game in 1 day!! You guys really need to expand this game in terms of lvls/skills/weapons/environments/bosses etc... as I thought I was just playing a demo.
  2. Great time
    This game is very addicting and a blast. That being said I do wish for more levels and upgrades, until then no five stars
  3. 4G : Great Game, Graphics & Gameplay
    Nooru Bohra
    Great Game! Good graphics, Doesn't require a high end device. The bad thing is that it has only 30 levels. Superbly done by Ironhide.
  4. Cool game
    Anthony Medina
    I wish there were options to add some friends and have a super attack.
  5. Good but short
    John Doe
    Fun gameplay, great animation, and amusing aesthetic. Doesn't take very long to finish though it's inspired me to explore their other game Kingdom Rush
  6. good job, it's a great game
    Camilo Cabana
    it's challenging and fun. want to give 5 stars but there's always a room for improvement. please create more heroes and foes. I'll recommend this game to my friends.
  7. Awesome
    Chris Gomez
    Great game it's simple and fun and very addicting but 1 problem only 30 levels please expand this game with different mythology stories and upgrades ill give 5 stars then
  8. Annoying
    Zach Swanson
    When starting out the little green goblins are impossible to kill because of there speed and the tiny hit box. Not counting the horrible aiming mechanics.
  9. Great free game
    Peter Gray
    Simplistic but well presented and slick spear 'em up. Best of all no annoying micro transactions or play to win BS. Final boss is a bit of a let down but otherwise a great little game.
  10. Great game!
    Dakota Berggren
    Not to beat the dead horse here, but other than the fact that some levels are pure luck, the game is great. Need more heroes, unique abilities(Achilles can make the temple invulnerable for a short time would be a good one), and variable difficulties. Also, replaying levels with maxed out characters would be nice.
  11. Holy crap this sucks.
    Victor Chi
    Well, good things first. If you're looking for a bow defense game, then this is the best one on Google. Getting a new upgrade is pretty much guaranteed after every level. Cons. Aiming sucks. You will not hit anything the first few levels because the arrow drop is unrealistic and Perseus has the stamina of a roofie'd sloth, meaning you'll be spending more time resting than shooting. Also, the hitboxes on the monsters are insanely small, particularly the harpie's. Not enough space left to finish review.
  12. Clash of Olympians is COOL
    oscar pearson bray
    It is abit hard with the HERO Heracles/Hercules well actually impossible but the other characters are great but you could try adding some more and more levels maybe a free play sandbox type thing
  13. Pass levels on luck
    Igor Caviroski
    As the game progresses levels can be passed on pure luck. You will have to replay the level 100 times so you can get the right random combination and pass it.
  14. Awesome game. Have patience and you'll figure it out
    Thomas Levie
    After you win, they should make it possible to play some more rounds with your maxed out character. You just everything right then you can't play again unless you start over.
  15. Great game
    Justin Bailey
    I've been playing this game pretty non stop for the past two weeks. The rpg elements and the three different characters with two powers each give this a good amount of re playability. I keep trying to get better scores by choosing different upgrades each play through. More than 20 levels would be nice as well as saving each high score in a hall of fame or something.
  16. Better than many games out there.
    Pushkar Sawant
    The game has great graphics, the gameplay is smooth and overall the concept of this game is pretty impressive. A lot of upgrades are avaliable for your weapons and character and the game's good enough to keep you busy for a while. However, the entire game can be completed in like 3 hours with all the possible combinations of weapon upgrades of all 3 characters. So its not a very long game. After completing it a couple times, it gets monotonous.
  17. Fun
    Terry Iumalo
    So :) awesome nice and simple why can't people make games like this that are good for my phone and actually world lol :) thank you
  18. Great Game!
    Beyenne Armour-Shillingford
    Exciting game, is what it says it is. It takes about an hour to beat the game with each character. Fun and challenging set up. Had to restart a few levels because I leveled up incorrectly.
  19. Awesome with one major fault
    Ez Nigma
    The game is fun but after a while it starts to get overwhelming and when you loose you don't gain any xp therefore you can't better assess yourself so you can win beside that the games is freaking awesome
  20. Go away before I taunt you a second time!
    Austin Fogelquist
    Fun, fun, fun. However needs a female fighter or two, like Hippolytae queen of the amazons and herc should be much more devestating, also the stamina bars should increase in size as u upgrade. All in all a fun game now...just free up Kingdom Rush for me and i'll be happy! More levels please! More mythic heroes too please!


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