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ايرث لنك tv


Reviews 20,689

  1. Not good. .
    Williams AGBONLAHOR
    .pls can u tell ur ceo dat dis version is mainly for de 9ja users 4 those of us dat are outside 9ja. .is simply 2 bad. Because there is always network almost every where. .and beside I paid 22euro every six months. U can't compare it to 2k naira. Pls give us de old version back or make a better 1 for those who live outside 9ja. something. About dis. .pls
  2. Bullshit
    Can someone pls get me bck to the old version? Why must I download b4 watching? Am even taking half from the 1star that I gave, so u guyz owe me half a Star.
  3. Am new and am already regretting wasting my bundles.
    cynthia achieng
    How do you advertise for people to download your app then an error keeps popping up even after 5times of you saying we download it again.your whatsaap number has issues.Dont tell me to use it
  4. Aquaie B. Vampelt
    I like the old Irokotv better then this one cause i have to download the show first before watching it . That is to much. If i wanted to do all that i would have just gone online and did it for free
  5. I hate this
    Olamide Momoh
    It teln mi username already exist ,ow is dat my business, dats name so what wil I do
  6. Too bad
    Felix Frances
    I hate this I have to download before watching? Please you guys should do something about this new app.
  7. Odeh Nancy
    I have reinstalled it twice and its still showing error, I don't like it one bit. What shud I do to make it work cos its really pissing me off
  8. Rubbish
    Lucky Ibhadojemu
    What a waste of time and data,I just installed it after reading comments from other people but still decided to download it,and its saying initialization error.......yuck!!!!!!
  9. Noldyne Ostane
    If you people really want to help me solve this issue, email me cuz i don't have what's up.
  10. Horrible picture quality on downloaded videos
    Chidi Ezuma-Ngwu
    The video compression is much too high. It makes the video quality, even in high setting, unwatchable. The lack of chromecast support and tablet support is the wrong move.
  11. Bad quality
    Normisha Brewer
    I love the variety of your movies just because they're such a different pace compared to the u.s movies but I want a refund. Why is it the quality is better on youtube? I have a note 4 but the quality is very sketchy. Please refund me and I will continue to watch on youtube. Thank you
  12. Feco
    ibeh augustine
    It's not working at all. Always writing error in starting iroko tv
  13. Old version
    Mmenyene Usanga
    I do appreciate this new version, but it is not working on my other devices as the old version.... I've tried contacting irokotv on Whatsapp, but the number is not showing
  14. Please change back
    Rukayat Aregs
    Please change back to the old app. It made it easier to watch movie but this new app is frustrating and annoying
  15. mariame jalloh
    I can't download movies anymore cuz they telling me I have reached the download required for 30 days...this isn't fair I'm paying to watch unlimited movies
  16. I really don't appreciate this
    Dominic Luseni
    Am going to cancel my credit you people will stop collecting money from me .for this bs
  17. Unable to open
    felicity okeke
    Ever since i updated the app,its refused to open.Dont know wats wrong.
  18. Sam Okb
    How can I be downloading up to 2 hours is still in taking the whole day to download one so single movie.think I need to change my mind.
  19. Tinashe Masiyiwa
    I have installed it twice and its showing error. Please assist
  20. Why pay??
    Adeleye Olumuyiwa
    I thought u guys said it was free download?? So y d online voucher rubbish?


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