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  1. Incredible experience
    Wyatt Fisher
    Just like the first Sorcery!, but bigger and better. Tons of options, memorable characters, an exceedingly well-written story, a fantastic user interface, and even a surprisingly fun minigame all make this one of my favourite games on the market.
  2. Brilliant!
    Jamie Newman
    Takes me back to my youth. Perfect bunch of games!
  3. Circles...
    Terry Dillon
    Far too boring as it's too easy to get trapped in a repeating storyline.
  4. Crashes
    Jerry Purvis
    App no longer works in latest update. Constantly crashes. Even when it's not running it will pop up and say it has stopped working.
  5. Nostalgic and engrossing
    Jason King
    Enjoyed this, a good story and a real challenge, with surprising depth. Played the book as a teenager, and this brought back a lot of memories. Appreciated the modern updating and the clever tweaks to the gameplay. Looking forward to part 3.
  6. Waited and waited BUT
    Haydenseeks Tomahawks
    The greatest app I've ever seen or played hands down. I love this game. I don't regret waiting for a second it combines puzzle solving and other intuitive gameplay elements to improve what has already been deemed a highly enjoyable game. This combined with mini games and multiple paths to choose make it fun for all ages!
  7. Fantastic
    Kathleen Whitcomb
    I hope they bundle 1 & 2 when 3 comes out, cause they're great games but 5 bucks a pop is getting expensive. On the other hand, no in-app purchases. Fantastic art, storytelling, and create-your-own-adventure format.
  8. Sorcery is great.
    Colin Milroy
    I was a huge fan of Car Wars back in the day (which Steve Jackson also developed) and I've found Sorcery equally engrossing. The choose-your-own-adventure style of play, the great original artwork, the spells and combat make for a fresh kind of role-playing experience. Get it and enjoy it.
  9. Even better than the first
    Andrew Fong
    Substantially longer than the first, and much more non linear. There's an amazing amount of new content, with a major new plot line. Inkle apparently collaborated with Steve Jackson on these, and it shows. The new content dovetails seamlessly with the original content from the book. Highly recommended.
  10. been waiting for summit like this
    frank buchanan
    remember the books well from my youth and a suitable upgrade must admit, will probably download the four though think ime going to get all the books so i know they won't just disappear
  11. Brilliant!
    Alvin Pang
    Inkle built on their experience to create an adventure that is less linear than the first. The original game book had a set path to follow with no 2nd chances. This version allows something close to free exploration of the city while still making it possible to learn the lines of the gate spell.
  12. Rodney Corwin
    Love it these books are second only too Joe devers lone wolf nice job.
  13. I have both iOS and Android versions
    Anthony Tanas
    The spellbook in iOS has excellent page turn animations missing in the Android version.
  14. Progress Disappeared
    Nate Laycook
    Loved 1, was loving 2 more until my progress disappeared. After you start a new game the next time you open the game it goes straight to where you left off. It was a feature I liked until the last time I opened the game and was prompted to select a character like it was my first time playing. There is no option to load saved games so the file is just gone. I invested a few hours so I'm a little salty.
  15. Great story n artwork.
    Denus Nicole
    Good storyline with the ability to rollback. Great artwork. Varieties of choices. Hope sequels wun get too expensive.
  16. Its April 16th Sorcery 3 delayed till the 23rd Agh!
    Jatarra James
    Was hoping to get my hand on it today as my email read it would be release today, but I'm still waiting >_<.
  17. This game is meant for who?
    Stephen Rivett
    How do you get the spellbook back to the first page? Why does praying not result in full healing? Why does drinking not give more (than a few HP) healing? Why are valid spells blocked off by the game? Is this random? Why is nothing explained? Is this the way gaming was when it was a desktop hobby? Why o why does this game exist?
  18. First was great
    Adam Dougall
    The first game was awesome, but this one crashes every time I start it on GS3
  19. Best android game I've played...
    Wren foe
    Period. (can't wait for the other chapters)
  20. xyzzy-ing awesome!
    Mark Stein
    Best adventure game I've played in years.


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