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офис ворд на русском


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  1. A Writer
    Mohamed Saeed
    all what I was searching for ... Amazing
  2. Sj Hopkins
    Very handy app to have. Seems to work great.
  3. Polaris Office
    Cheryl Russom
    Thanks for allowing Me to recover My important Documents from My email. I wasn't able to open them, until I downloaded Polaris Office App. THANKS
  4. Tech newbie
    Deanna Barnes
    Initial use seems awesome. I am not tech savvy but had no pribs downloading, syncing and opening my docs. Very user friendly.
  5. Liliana Sosa
    Its very efficient. It helps carry all important documents on the go as well as make them on the run. When you need documents on your computer, this app can open them on your phone
  6. so far
    John Fritsen
    Good so far only used it once and found the document i was looking for with out even trying.
  7. Everything
    David Jimenez
    Its very good i like it. And its long that i like it its all i need...1
  8. Great App
    carlos serrano
    It's one of the best apps I ever downloaded. I really recommend. I will give guys more stars but it only show up five. Great Job guys.
  9. Great
    Caitlin Connelly
    Using for my college work, still learning how to use!
  10. Good app.
    LaDre' Brown
    I'm not to sure if it's just my phone, or the actual app but it's kind of difficult to edit on the phone. It will keep saving throughout (which is awesome) but when doing so, it loses my place and I have to constantly scroll back to finish editing. Like I said, it may just be my phone. I only just started using it, so hopefully a better review is in the near future.
  11. Yea & Nae -
    Robert Haynes
    It took some time to peace it together, but working fine now.
  12. Sir Jerold
    Jerold Robertson
    Jerold is a very kind and generous person... He will welcome you into his home and treat you with genuine kindness. I can honestly say he puts a smile on my face every time i see him with a kind word or a compliment. He makes me feel good about myself just by the little compliments he offers. I am truly blessed t3so have Jerold and nis lil sweetheart Ginger in my life!
  13. Office app
    Karina Sanderson
    So far so good. It synchronized to my docs nicely.
  14. Chelle
    Darwin Magno
    It really can help alot to a student like me
  15. Good
    Dante Lopez
    I had a good experience using this.
  16. Time Saver
    Sumit Sharma
    Very easy to access all document without save in mobile or mail... No need to open mail it is the think that I like the most...
  17. Excel/PowerPoint
    Brenda Perrymon
    Great for budget and recordkeeping; also great for preparing Presentation Packages!!!
  18. Polaris Office
    Anthony Roscoe
    I think that this is far better than any of the ones for my phone. More simple and more to do as well. Overall this app is awesome.
  19. .in Te es.USA.
    will foley
    Find. Made made. And. TONAGE.EACH !
  20. Callista Freeman
    This was helpful for my school work


What`s new

In this version,
- Improved scrolling performance on documents to speed up
- Improved the speed of saving documents when there are many blank cells in Sheet documents.
- Fixed the problem that the text background becomes black in PDF documents.
- Fixed other errors and improved the usability based on the users’ feedback.

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