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Martin Reinfried | Software Engineer at Incredible Labs

San Francisco, California |

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  1. Cute app
    Vidya Pradhan
    For a free app there have been very few ad disruptions so far. Good app for puzzle fans who don't want to get too frustrated with their game play
  2. 4.5 stars
    Heather Brown
    Lots of levels, neat hint system, cute dragons. This is a good game. I would deduct half a star because I usually solve each level a little too quickly. But at least it's fun feeling like I'm making good progress through the levels. I think this is an excellent app for kids. It's also great for adults like me who dislike getting stuck on level for ages.
  3. Susan Mckeehan
    Really cool, good game guys. Better than others I have tried. Has relaxed mode I hate timers this game has both options. Cute little dragons needing a drink. Help button if u get stuck, but pretty easy without being too easy. Basically love this game!!!!♥♥♥
  4. Baipalli Krishna
    I use to play this game everyday..I like it too makes mind study...same time my mind goes somewere..which make me disturb....whene I us to play my mind become under control.i am vety happy to ply this game....that's why it deserve 5star
  5. Plumber land
    Ashley R
    Cute game, fun and easy to play. Good for killing time.
  6. Jennifer Ramsey
    "Fun,fun,fun and I'm not sure why but I love the colors and gators!!!
  7. Very cute, colorful puzzler game
    Joy Middlebrooks
    Levels vary from easy to hard but always fun. I love it!
  8. I like
    Alma Inigo
    Those baby crocodiles with colors are very happy if there are driking some color water
  9. SUSAN K
    Addictive and fun for all ages. Feeling stressed? Go get a purple drink with a dino and RELAX.
  10. Cheryll Brown
    This game is pretty addictive but it is also almost too easy but then I haven't gotten too far into the game yet they don't really give you enough time to get a good feeling of the game before they're demanding you to rate it. I understand they go by the ratings to see how their games are doing but it would be nice to let the customer choose to rate the game without being constantly ask to rate it. I always try to remember to rate a game when I get a feel for the game . It needs more action in the game.
  11. Great
    micah flory
    I have another plumber app but I don't enjoy it half as much as this one. No limit on moves. No monotonous music that you always have to turn down.
  12. Cool game
    tina khithani
    Really nic game I use 2 play dis game whn I was small n I was finding dis game from 1 month now finally I it n I m feeling happiee
  13. Adorable
    Lisa McColgan
    This is my kind of game, puzzling, timer-free, cute too.
  14. I love it
    Anita Yousif
    This game is so addicted and fun I recommend everyone to try this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Great Game
    Liley Harris
    I started playing and can not stop.
  16. So fun!
    Dannye Frerichs
    This game is adorable and fun. My kids introduced me to it and I love it. I only wish that Plumber Flow (game 2) was available in the US.
  17. Cool
    Dorly Gordon Jeffrey Oriol
    I like it. Very cool and impressive!
  18. gareth gopie
    This game is a really good distraction. Hope the levels keep coming
  19. Plumberland frustration-U-Love!
    Claudia Martin
    You get to the point you want to pull your hair out, then push the button to play again.
  20. Awesome Game!
    Kierstyn Arnold
    As far as I can tell NO bugs and its not super hard but it can at times give challenges also I LOVE the alligators cute little Eyes!!! They have the cutest EYES!


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