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Michael Pateras | Lead Game Developer

Alex Ahlund | Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Brian O'Neal | Technical Director

Brooke Wilds | Producer

Reviews 179,447

  1. Design this home
    sharon Wildgirl
    Would rate higher if when we buy things they didnt take so long to build also i have just started the game and am not able to buy anything from the store not even medicanes for the si k unless i buy full version but i see there is very little in the store so am thinking if pay for full version once ive bought the few things in store what would i spend my money on n what is going to keep me wanting to play the game.there needs to be a lot more in store to make buying full version worth it.
  2. Just bought a sink for 8000 and its gone
    French Princess
    I don't like how long you have to wait for delivered items and to build rooms. Another thing, why is there nothing else to do but wait?
  3. Nexus 7 Tablet & Samsung Galaxy SIII
    Tammy Bedder
    An okay time passer. They are still working on it !!! Glad there r ways to earn free coins not happy that once installed Im not getting the currency promised. Please fix you owe me 3 coins DESIGN THIS HOME !!!!
  4. Has potential but...
    Simone Elatab
    I want to like this game, but why does it take so long to build a room, or buy something for your house? It's like you guys don't want us to play or something. If you want players you need to speed things up. I'm about to unistall this game. Hopefully something changes soon.
  5. It's ok
    Stephanie Niles
    I'd rate higher but for one it takes to long to build things and rooms. Plus all the 3 star u need coins. It's not really fair
  6. I like it but..
    Adrian Larry
    I really love this game. But I wish it didn't take so many hours to purchase furniture etc. And I don't like that everytime I receive a text message this game stops responding. Other than that this game passes time.
  7. I like it when it's working correctly
    Nicole Landrum
    My game has reset twice. Also, it repeated all the same tasks twice. I want to play, but it's not worth it.
  8. linda anderson
    I like the game but it takes to long to build and products are so high. My game has started freezing up also. I rate it a 3. Would go higher if not for the small problems.
  9. great game
    Elsie Matos
    03/03/15-PLEASE...AN UPDATE IS NEEDED FOR FURNITURE. I DO enjoy playing this it!. If I could, I would give it a 10. 05/05/14: when will there be a update for new items?. 05/27/14:Now, all I do is wait to collect money, cause there is nothing else to do. There have not been anything new added in a long time. Kind of now this game gets three stars. 11/ 15/14: This game need a update for more items right now. All I can do is collect money...HELP!. As of 01/30/15...there hasn't been a update for new items. I now play another game, but I keep checking for a update.
  10. Abby Wicks
    Really love this game, only thing I don't like and its the same with all these types of games is that you can't put things diagonally, but that's no big deal
  11. Taliste Moss
    I love the different furniture and appliances but i wish they would bring the neighbours and the people would stop walking around aimlessly and use the beautiful houses created for them. Then i will give a higher rating
  12. Awesome!!
    Isabelle Marquez White
    The one thing I'd change is that when you get to level 7 you can buy a room for $20,000 and it takes 24 hours but once you get $20,000 again you can't get a new room you have to get an even higher level. Other than that I'd just say its cool and make sure to SAVE YOUR COINS!!! It pays off for the ones that take 12 hours or more
  13. katie
    Kaitlin Zion
    This is a pretty fun game, only thing is the money collecting should keep going not stop once your time is up
  14. Roger Konziase
    It's an OK game. It would of been better if it didn't make you wait so long for the things to arrive. I got to level 5 and it's making me like 9 hours for a window, REALLY!!! I'd understand if it was like level 8 or 10 and then I start waiting for 9 hours, but it's so boring cause all you do is wait and sometimes I even forget I downloaded the game.
  15. Like it
    Anna Tarashuk
    This game is really fun and I play it all the time, but for most things it takes too long to build. I don't have the time to wait around for 24 hrs just to get a couch! Fix this and u will get 5 stars. Also the residents...there is only a light skined blonde, a tan skined brunet and a dark skined black hair, and it isn't right...this should have more variety...
  16. Jane Webber
    I found this quietly addictive. If you just want something to dip in and out of its great. Slightly frustrating that you have to wait so long to build rooms and you can only really buy high star rated items with real cash.
  17. Lost everything
    Suzanne Russon
    Whilst playing my game and reaching a level of 28 my game crashed and restarted from the start had a lot of high items and had opened a fair few rooms emailed the app and I've been given my coins and money back I had spent my money on and it was all sorted today very pleased keep up the good work great game
  18. Great Game
    Cindy Hammonds
    I USED TO Love this game! First time my game crashed, after spending $20. Mini apps credited me with coins.(Not the full amount) Now I've upgraded my phone used the HTC transfer tool, EVERY ONE of my other games transferred with the simple touch of the phones, o progress lost, I've spent $50 on this game, almost $600,000 in earned cash, Level 35, purchased 2 homes, and again, EVERYTHING IS GONE!
  19. Awesome
    Kendall Jackson
    I think this game is amazing because it's house designing and you get to grow your little family, there's no better games for me exep the sims but they require too much time and space
  20. Good Game, But.....
    Nicholas Rolo
    Overall, the game is good, and lets those design happy people play around. Would like to see more furniture choice, and wait times when buying items is far too long. Also, lowering the amount of time to collect your $$$ would help. I personally recommend this if you enjoy the sims (-the people).


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