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Artem Pastukh | Self Employed

Maxim Taran | Programmer and Senior Programmer

Roldugin Alex | Programmer

Pavel Kostin | Head of Production

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  1. Shar Thompson
    I hate this game I payed real money to play this game and i having played it once since downloading it so sort it fkn owt all give my fkn money bk I don't even won't to give u 1 star for this BS
  2. Paid version
    jesi hans
    I play this game all the time offline. I LOVE it. Only one problem... i want, need, require more levels! It's not enough! No probs with ads, no freezing. I just want more.
  3. Dislike it
    Filipe Governa
    Good simulation game with cloud sync and average presentation, but no Google Play Game Features, false advertising (graphics are far from "brilliant"), IAPs (in a paid app - WTF), and no immersive full screen on KitKat.
  4. Purchased it but crashes all the time
    shailesh singh
    I paid for this game but it always crashes before the game starts...other games going smooth on my note 2 except this one after kitkat update....can i expect fix for this issue or my money is wasted...........Thanks for yor response....problem is i am giving you 5 stars
  5. So sad.
    Marci Lail
    I have played this game for years. But now my anti virus is saying it is dangerous. When I open it the screen is all messed up. Had to force close it because none of the commands are on screen. The view is all screwed up and the graphics are horrible. I have purchased this game and I have a Note 4. I will increase my rating if these bugs are fixed and the dangerous malware/spyware/is removed and isn't a threat to my system anymore.
  6. Permissions?
    Misti Moonshine
    I love this game, and bought the pro version. But when I reinstalled it after reimaging my phone, my virus app told me this app can send texts without my consent?? Scary :(
  7. Wow
    G Zivali
    I purchased this game like 5 years ago and recently reinstalled it. It's really depressing that the graphics have not been updated and it's hard to read anything or do anything. Terrible.
  8. Love the game
    Tanya Brody
    Made a mistake purchasing something but Google play contacted me within 5 minutes and fixed it
  9. Great Game!
    Trey Trezona
    This game is great! Works flawlessly, on my my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. The only permission is in app purchases, which are not needed in game. Great game!!!
  10. Farm Frenzy
    hermione gilchrist
    Thanks - fun and addictive. Pretty sure I have RSI now :)
  11. Contains advertisements
    Ethan Eddy
    This paid version should not have advertisements for other games, and it does.
  12. Anna Du
    not been updated need to be HD now pls...thanks
  13. Junk
    Heather Wright
    I believe this is one I paid for. Doesn't work at all.
  14. Waste of money
    Sparkle Parker
    Had this on my old phone & loved it, but this version is way too small - can barely see what im doing & tonnes of space around playing area not being utilised? Tried zooming in & settings, but cant find how to fix it so i can play it
  15. Fun time management game
    Chip Rosenthal
    This is a challenging and well balanced time management game. One negative is some controls are difficult (i.e. too small) on a high resolution device. The "add one item from inventory to cart" buttons are the worst. Fortunately the clock stops for that action, so it doesn't penalize your score while you fumble the buttons.
  16. Everything
    Eiviltas Radavicius
    Graphics areterrible, Icons are shit and small and makes it awkward to play. Not worth the money. I've play this on Windows Phone before and it was great. This is rubbish though
  17. Tiny
    Stephanie Szymkiewicz
    Previously on my vortex and I loved it. Now it's too tiny. I didn't think the animals would ever get smaller.
  18. Brilliant
    Daniel Bower
    Really fun and good for time wasting
  19. Love it!
    Becca Palmer
    So addicting. I've almost beat it in a matter of days. I wish it would update with more upgrades, buildings, and levels!!
  20. Love it
    Brittany Borowski
    I've had this game installed on my many phones for over 4 years..I love this game. It could use more levels or animals for different game play but I still give it 5 stars.


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