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  1. Paul Walter
    i have not got too use it yet it looks cool sofarthi ussually won mess wit apps that make u rank um b4 u use them makes no scence ive had this one for a couple days its cool its always nite and it is not your city it be much better if it changed day n night and weather features would be cool to like if it.was raining the app would rain etc it also drains ur battery!!
  2. Cool skyline
    Nathan Dominic
    Really enjoy this live wallpaper. ..Havnt updated yo full version yet but will once night turns to day while synced to my time. The night skyline is cool enough for 5 stars but would be even cooler if there was a day time and dusk that was real time with phone time. In spite of that it has stayed on my phone and really doesn't use much resources. My battery drain is not effected by it as much as some other live wall papers. Keep up the great work over there.
  3. Freezes my screen
    Connie Langlois
    Loved the graphics and spent time customizing the names on the buildings and billboards only to find that it causes my screen to lock-up. It was only a buck and change so no big deal. Hopefully, issue will be resolved so I can reinstall.
  4. Love...
    Mike Freeman
    Awesome graphics. I enjoy the 3D effects, I've had the live wallpaper for about 2mths & haven't wanted to change it. I really don't feel inclined to purchase it because I have seen what looks like customized & there isn't a huge difference. All in all a really good live wallpaper-as long as it's FREE!!
  5. Love this!!!
    Jessica Bailey
    Would have given 5 stars if I could actually choose my city skyline/cityscape.... And stop city reset plz.... I bought the full app. Suggest adding optional weather elements (rain, clouds, lighting, snow, daylight... Etc.)
  6. Robert Caballero
    Awsome but I wish there wasn't a full version so I could do whatever I want anyway, I can't customize on the free version...
  7. Navajo "Your City 3D"
    Gary Davis
    Is the the Hotest displayed mobile screen in the USA. One Love
  8. Awesome app
    Chad Powers
    This is one 1 live wallpaper u will keep for awile.
  9. I love it
    Anna Collins
    This is one cool wallpaper. I love the way you see different parts of a city at night. I never get tired of lookinf at it, and I plan on buying the full version.
  10. Your 3d city free
    Merle Lashley
    I like this app a lot I can't wait till I can afford to get, the full version I'll bet it is fantastic but seeing as how I am on a fixed income & with this Obama care sh. that may be never
  11. Why city reset??
    Jesse Sofie
    PLEASE give the option to not have the city reset daily and I would give five stars. And buy!! I want time to learn and get used to my fake city.. Also would love the option to manually explore - if possible.
  12. Got ya !!!
    Charlieshredder Shefer
    What a crock ! I'm SO sick of this bogus apps !!! Wears your integrity? Be honest for a change!
  13. Your City Live
    People don't waste ur time it's ploy to get you to buy the pay version. S.O.A.B you guys are crooks..
  14. Good city app
    William McLaughlin
    How do I get my city....Huntsvill, AL
    Jacqalyn Deeds
    I am a top Reviewer of the WPA of Seattle. I approve this application.
  16. Angelo Outlaw
    Very Nice I think I'm going to buy the full version in a couple of days trying it out for now and so far I love it I give it five stars it looks good on the phone.
  17. Nice LW
    Constantin Mozz
    but not enough.. lagy, low detail..and it doesn't uninstall..!!!!
  18. Won't work
    Greg Boehlert
    Great concept but won't work on my S5
  19. Hmm
    steve nelson
    Can't test or try it in trial version.. don't know what it's like ... Delete
  20. Love the effects
    Norman Ramsey
    Made from Shamus Young's Pixel City. Quite cool, especially when you know the history of hours it was made.


What`s new

- fixed black screen issue on some devices
- fixed stutter on resume (properly)
- improved pictures folder picker