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  1. Amazingly original
    Heidi Friend
    I was just searching through the play storevto find a great live wallpaper, stumbled on to this one. I downloaded the free one first and just had to buy it. So amazingly cool. Best out there and I am get very picky about wallpapers:-)
  2. Pretty great,
    Kyle Stanley
    It's nice and smooth, but it desperately needs more scenes and customization. There is only two or three scenes I really like. Would love to see more weather scenes and maybe a weather and time sync. Some dark forests with scrolling silhouettes of trees and wisps and all that fun stuff. Looking forward to updates. Five stars on more content.
  3. Live pixelated wallpaper = amazing background and 5 stars!
    Valkyrie Jasmine
    What can I say? I love this wallpaper because of it's unique and amazingly artistic backgrounds, like Fireflies, City and pretty much anyone's favourite: Nyan Cat! Meow! And the animation's so smooth and amazing! Not like the preset backgrounds? Well customise YOUR own personal background for yourself, using your own pictures and texts to display on your screen, all made from pixels! It even installs in under 30 seconds! Who couldn't love this app?
  4. This wallpaper just might be God himself.
    Juwan Kinsey
    I wasn't a fan of live wallpapers but this one speaks to me. It speaks to my very soul. It whispers sweet nothings in it's ear as it cradles my spirit in it's tender yet strong pixelated arms. It tucks it in to bed and gently plants a kiss upon it's warm cheek before ever-so-softly uttering, "good night, my sweet prince." This live wallpaper has completely changed my life and I guarantee it will do the same for your's. Buy it. Now.
  5. Excellent, few minor annoyances
    Matt Kerper
    Love the style and overall excellent; however, a few more customization options seem needed, for example, the main one that bugs me is not being able to remove or change the snowman from the snow scene, or make snow accumulate. And some simple color choices would be nice in general. It's excellent if customization isn't your thing, but if you want to adjust something so it's juuust right then the options are lacking.
  6. Bit Meh
    Lee H
    Not as good as I had hoped, just not enough punch. I once left a great review stating that this will be amazing with further development however that was in July 2013. The lady update was August 2013...
  7. My fav wallpaper
    Danny Laycock
    Doesn't effect my battery life on the nexus 5... love the animations! Get it!
  8. nicely done.
    Anthony Gaccione
    one of the best pixel wallpapers around. i love how each scene seems to explode and reform into the next scene. it could use some more customization options though. hopefully it doesn't eat up too much battery juice too.
  9. Looks great
    Can't give 5 star because a graphics glitch it caused when using this LWP. Looks real good from the little I saw that wasn't glitching out though.
  10. Awesome!
    Graham Marsh
    If this was free it would have millions of downloads, but don't let the price of a chocolate bar put you off, it's amazing! I got here from an internet review, search for "best live android wallpaper" and you can read all about it.
  11. One of the 3 fave live backgrounds
    Roderic Rinehart
    Live Pixels, Pixel Fleet, and Pixel Rain are all you need.
  12. Excellent pixel art!
    Ryan Martin
    I've never been a big fan of of live wallpapers, but this is stunning. Well done guys. I'm leaving off a star for now in hope of more variations to the themes. It's obvious that there's a talent in the art and that there's more than can be added.. A lot more! Can't wait.
  13. Really nice
    Christian Morrison
    Refreshing wallpaper, it runs smooth as silk on my N4 and the animations are fun and bring life to my home screens. Worth the buck :).
  14. Pixel Heaven
    Amber Gothe
    Absolutely love this! Been searching for a pixel LWP for a long time and tried them all. I am so happy to have found this one, I need not look any further. This pixel has went beyond it's realm. Thanks for all your hard work in bring a pixel master piece to us. Looking forward to future updates Job well done. "I'm in pixel heaven"
  15. A Must Have--->5+ Star's!!!
    Dean Welch
    I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and this is by far One of the best Lwp i'v used to Date!! And i'v been using Live Wallpaper's for Yrs.. 5+ Star's to the Developer's!! P/S: Developer Please Keep Up The Really Great Work, We All Want More!! Thanks...
  16. Absolute Favourite.
    Nico Mangiaracina
    I loooooove this live wallpaper so much. Thank you! And I think if you added themes or something in it and put a Halloween one, I might poop myself. I would love it that much. But if not, I still love it.
  17. Awesome!
    Chris Howard
    Just bought it. Already love it. Doesn't make my phone look cluttered and it's still beautiful and fun to watch. That isn't easy to do! Well done! Worth the money.
  18. Great Live Wallpaper
    Silver Dragon
    The only live wallpaper I've used for more than a day. And one I can see myself using for a long time to come. I hope it updates with more default animations
  19. Love it! Edit: lies in description about updates
    Jamie Miller
    I dont have a better wallpaper (live or not) than this one! Perhaps time for an update soon? Fingers crossed :) keep up the great work! Edit: please give us more scenes, we love this live wallpaper and it would mean a lot to us. Especially since we all have paid :P Thanks!! Edit: no updates as promised in description. 5 star when more scenes
  20. Amazing
    Anthony Moreno
    This amazing app is so cool you should use the free ver. To test then buy it guarantee its really cool


What`s new

- Fixed looping in Water scene
- Fixed graphical problems that occurred on some devices

- Added new Pictures scene. Pixels will form into your own pictures. Set the pictures folder in settings. Works best with small pictures, especially pixel art.
- When only one scene is set, it will loop continuously instead of restarting periodically.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes occurred in Fireworks scene.