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Ben Blankenship | Production Designer

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  1. I can't play it
    Every time I try to press something on the title screen it tells me it's not working. If you can fix it I will rate 5 stars. If not I would like a refund. I really want to play this game so please fix it :(
  2. Won't work
    Dwight Matsukawa
    I had just downloaded Organ Trail and decided to open it up to start playing when suddenly... It said Organ Trail had stopped working. At the moment I am not telling people who are reading this to not purchase this game as it seems quite interesting, but to wait till this bug is fixed before purchasing. This is a note to the developer as well. If the bug cannot be fixed then I would appreciate a refund.
  3. Game broken
    Samantha Dean
    I love this game, but it doesn't work anymore. It keeps crashing on startup. I will re-rate the game when the problem is fixed.
  4. Disappointed
    Josh Myers
    The best game I've ever played on my phone, completely ruined by bugs, constantly have to force stop it, and it's very easy to accidentally clear saved data from the application manager.
  5. Andrew Adams
    Really glitchy on my phone for some reason. Freezes a lot and if I have to walk away for a bit it's frozen when I get back. On a Samsung Galaxy S4. Great game though with a lot of potential. Just having issues with playing on my particular phone.
  6. Many stupid flaws
    Shaw Summa
    Would rate 5 but: your car NEEDS a mufeler, you have stupid friends, cars are underpowered , you get hurt doing nothing, it lags, there are stray bullets when you are alone and you can break a"lleg"
  7. Good, though buggy
    Marlo Hernaci
    This game is an excellent concept that is very well executed. Very fun to play over and over. Unfortunately I have encountered a bug where the line you use to aim your rifle disappears - it just stopped showing up one day and makes combat ridiculously difficult. Overall, great game, definitely worth the money. Music is awesome too. You guys seriously need to fix that bug though, it makes combat unplayable.
  8. Incomplete product
    Kawan Pratt
    Game app will not open or load. When I try to open the app it automatically closes. Waste of money & rip off due to lack of completion by game designers. But that's what all this mobile crapp gaming is about now. Terrible & utter disgust. I'd give it a negative rating if I could. This game is clearly not compatible with device so don't bother. Development team, menwhowearhates, does not care about their consumers.
  9. Fantastic!
    Just weird and retro, the controls control kinda bad, but in a good way surprisingly! Apple 2 graphics look nice. I saw some other reviews about bugs, and I haven't had any of them. I saw other Droid Turbo users rated 5 stars, so I assume that my phone is one of the, uuhhh, lets say better supported or something like that devices. This is just great, I'd look at the "Only my device" tab in the comments to see if others with your device had good luck running it.
  10. Bugs
    Jake Suster
    After a while in endless mode, I would lose my three dot reticle used for aiming in combat, this makes extremely hard to aim. If this is a feature in endless mode could you at least make the animation of the gun itself more reliable to base the trajectory of the bullet. Thank you.
  11. Great port and great fun
    Nick Gilbert
    This sort of game seems perfect for the mobile platform. Great fun if you enjoy seeing your friends get dysentery. Thoroughly recommend. Well worth the money.
  12. Was an awesome game
    Was an awesome game. Super fun and addictive. Great for zombie fans! BUT now it won't work no matter how many times I uninstall and reinstall. Please fix!!
  13. I didn't want to leave...
    Brandon Teutimez
    There needs to be a confirmation pop-up for when you tap "leave" in any area in case of a mis-tap. It's ruined many of my games without this feature.
  14. Organ Trail
    Ben Akers
    This is a great game! I still gave it 5 stars even though the controls are kinda hard to use. But they do not take away from the gameplay.
  15. So close
    Phillip Platt
    I was in the last place then i died so close! Although i do love thos game very much
  16. Clever and fun
    William Maddox
    Smooth as silk until the desert, fun and witty, reminds me 9f early Sierra games.
  17. Fun and Creative
    Ciellem Lee
    Such a clever take on such a classic game! Well worth the purchase! Recommended as a great time waster.
  18. R.I.P. Chase McCracken
    Chase McCracken
    He died of infectious water rest in peace..... Chase McCracken.
  19. Amazing twist on old school
    Jesse Petrovich
    Devs are quick to resolve issues. You owe it to yourself to pay this game. Brings an old school tear to my eye.
  20. I made a mistake getting the expansion...
    Chris Stringham
    I've spent way too much time on this game. I just love it so much! Excellent game!


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