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  1. Is really a piece of nonsense
    Since. Live in Puerto Rico it says not avaible in your country and I wasted my money on a special monopoly game to use it normally!!! :(
  2. If You Bought The My Monopoly Board Game, Return It NOW!!
    Marianne Khoo
    I bought the My Monopoly board game as a Christmas present for my husband. I was going to personalise it before I gave it to him, thinking it would be a quick and easy process. This app sucks. It keeps asking you to log in, and everytime you try and add photos from Facebook, it crashes. I am definitely uninstalling this app, and returning the board game!!!
  3. Ticked off, thought Hasbro made enough to make a good app, not
    Sharon Cook
    Got a few of these board games for family members for Christmas. Spent a lot of time sorting out pics for each family. Got ready to load and at first would only load 20 out of the 30 pics required for the stickers. First, why wouldn't they allow for 30? Finally got them to load but I had to keep switching from my phone app to the website app in order to get it to happen. Then finally I got pics in there. Now when I go to move them to the sticker page, the app crops them randomly. Unfortunately, I can't
  4. Not very good
    Star Warsrox
    Better off using PC. App very glitchy. If you use PC uploads PNG not jpeg. Only managed to find out problem from this app.
  5. Thanks again for your business needs to be able to get the latest news and information about the new year to t
    Sharon June Heard
    Thanks again for taking with the latest version of the most important thing is that the information which the item you received is the best way to
  6. Crap!! So frustrating!!
    Paul Stanton
    OK, so set up an account for my daughter and managed to group together photos from several devices and locations. She has added captions to 3 pics before an error message started to appear every time!! After this she wasn't even able to open a pic but was only told there's a system error and too try again later. What a crap app and a waste of money on the board game. Wish I bought her the standard version instead!!!!!!!!
  7. Crap
    Anthony bluff
    This app just sucks... Keeps asking to connect with face book and wont upload any photos so i have a blank monopoly set that i cant customise...way to ruin christmas uncle moneybags.
  8. You think we've finished...
    Dave Billingham
    ...says the latest "what's new" for this app. I would put a lot of money on the app not being finished. In fact I'd say the design, coding, testing and deployment phases of a decent development project are waiting to be finished. Waterfall or agile the development of this app is an embarrassment to all involved in the project, especially the project management team. I'd give you specific examples but there are way too many for here. It's now four weeks since Christmas and my kids still can't use this game!
  9. Ridiculous waste of money
    Kerrie Doyle
    I would give this a negative rating if I could. Bought the board game for my kids and the app does not work nor does the website. So now I have a game that can't be used. I get error msgs whenever I try. I have tried from others phones and computers and still no access. Pathetic. Sad for my kids who were so excited. Costumer help was no help at all as they said "hmm we are having no problems with the site or app...must be your Internet provider..." Um no.
    Kat T
    I would give it zero stars if I could. The app doesn't even open! I got scammed $10 for the customizable monopoly boards.
  11. Useless
    Steve Loveday
    After buying the board game for my son we was looking forward to setting it up but this app is useless I created a account but the app logs you out every time you close it. And it not always uploads the pictures and only works again when I sign out and back in. Guess I shouldn't expect much as the website is even worse.
  12. Expected More
    First, this app asked for too much PI. Why does it need my DOB? Why do I need an account at all? It does work on my Note 8. But, it could use some polishing. I have hundreds of pics on my device. Having to scroll thru them all is inefficient and just stupid. The app should use Gallery or other image viewing app on your device like QuickPic to navigate through images. Also, it doesn't recognize that my device can print wirelessly, so it makes me print from my PC.
  13. Not a game
    Lorna Puddy
    This app is to help select photos for print to stick to the actual board game you purchase its called my monoploly it's great for what it's actually meant for if your looking for the game don't cheap out this is a photo selection app :)
  14. Tara Ireland
    Won't let me play because it says something bad happened and i havnt even played it once please fix it then I'll give it a five star rating so please fix it.:-( KNOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW:-(.
  15. Piece of Rubbish
    Iain Klar
    How can anything so simple be made so complicated. To put it in simple terms its a load of crap. If you like to be stuck in an endless log in loop when trying to log in then this is the one for you. If you do have any luck getting in, then trying to load a photo is a joke. My advice is dont bother. I am still waiting fora response from Hasbro as th where I can send the game back but even their customer service is shite.
  16. Don't waste your money!
    Richard Memczak
    So, i bought the board game, got this app so i could customize the game...Took HOURS to get the photos to upload (still, many wouldn't), then they don't print out in line with the squares on the sticker-paper you're given, so they all look pretty bad. The little card things they stick on do not fit the slots on the board so fall out at the slightest nudge. I've spent all evening trying to prepare the game to play, it's worse than when i started, and i now don't want to play. Just stick to normal monopoly.
  17. Fix it!
    Rowan Dunn
    It takes forever to even try to log in and whne i finaly got in, it crashed!! Ive tried the website, its took forever to load and even then i couldnt log in. Both the website and the app need to be fixed so i can print the pictures, till then my xmas present is not useable
  18. Paris Salazar Perez
    It's a very bad app... I can't play because don't accept my password and when I try to change it all the app restart again...!!! Please don't download this app... e_e
  19. This isn't the game its a printing app
    Jusr so you know, this isn't the game it's a printing app. You use this app along with the boardgame you buy from Target. Love it.
  20. Never works!
    Nichole Hartigan
    I have a very disappointed daughter! I got her my monopoly for xmas and we have been trying to set it up since then. Neither the app nor the website work. Customer service responded with maybe the site was overloaded but everything is fine so keep trying. WHAT A JOKE!


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