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  1. Not compatible with android?
    Tawny Upton
    Whats up with that? My daughter got biscuit the dog for x mas and cannot even use the app that says on the box is in google play! Not impressed! Especially for the price of the toy!
  2. Not able to play your own fur real friend?
    Brooke Meisenhelter
    I was trying to upload my fur real friend money so my 7 year old sister could play as a monkey, but we can't.
  3. Please fix!
    E Hyde
    My daughter is so disappointed! This app crashes shortly after it opens. Sometimes it even reboots the phone. Can get to third screen, so it says why its upside down, it has the check for playing with the toy, which she has, and go go is on and gets all excited, looks like "let's go to the park" then it dies/crashes. We will be eagerly checking for an update.
  4. Not Working
    Jaylen Valdez
    My Daughter is sad because it will not load on her Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5.
  5. Keeps crashing
    Wesley Durham
    Works on my android phone but keeps crashing on the android tablet, very disappointed. Loves the interactions but is ruining it.
  6. Junk
    david gutshall
    I would give this a higher rating if it would let you use it on a hd nook!! Bought gogo and a tablet for daughter for Christmas stupid app isn't compatible
  7. I love this game
    Abigail Cloninger
    All the people who said this stinks, needs to suck up and face the fact that THEY SUCK, not the game! The game works PERFECTLY FINE! Well, at least on the levono tablet, and the people who said it sucks, they're angry at tiny things!
  8. Constantly crashes on LG G3 Lollipop
    Graham Watson
    Sometimes crashes on boot or as a game begins. Have to clear cache and sometimes data to make it work again, but then of course it loses all our stored progress.
  9. Good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning
    Rhonda Royal
    Morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning morning good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good morning beautiful
  10. Not too happy
    Kristina Goins
    The app froze on my android tablet. Please fix all bugs so those of us with android devices, how purchased the toys can enjoy the activities just as Apple users can.
  11. Perfect
    Lethianis Baro
    I works fine I have no idea why people are complaining about the app.And GoGo is such a sweetheart!She's so adorable!❤
  12. Poorly written CPU thrasher of another Hasbro game
    Nataliya Lenotre
    This enormous poorly written game overheats the CPU on a nexus 4, oneplus one and nexus 7 2013. Whilst the game is engaging, it looses out by overheating, eating battery and keeping the screen alive. Play it at your devices peril
  13. Sinyes Reviews
    Sinye Wiley
    I love ive been looking at other peoples comments and the t are saying that the app doesnt work on Androids but i have a Android and it works just fine to all the people whom have a problem with the app i think you should uninstall the app and the install the app again
  14. Rename this Crash Master
    Alyssa Bernadino
    App loads enough to get my daughter excited and then crashes. Seriously disappointing
  15. Ok
    Tasha Teo
    2 things I don't like!!!!! Boring when u finish everything cos cannot unlock new things cos that will make me very excited and I don't have a fur real friend plush which makes it even worse
  16. Anna Suarez
    I have the toy of Gogo and the app my Gogo is for Christmas and I peeked so now I know I have the toy. Merry Christmas!
  17. Crashes Phone
    Derrick Potter
    This is a very poorly designed app. It actually crashes the kernel on my phone and causes it to do a hot boot! How ridiculous! Hire some primates to make your apps. They'd do a better job.
  18. Mabey
    michael osborn
    It was good but not great it had flaws.and the nois it dose when turning hirts my ears
  19. Soooooooo gooood
    William Georgopoulos
    I'm loving it so much for the next few days ago by the time of the day before 3th of may.
  20. Not compatible with Android 4.2.2???
    Jason Ross
    Won't run on my brand new Kobo Arc 7HD tablet, but will run on my older crappy tablet (sort of) running 4.1.1. This really needs to be addressed. Also the app has a tendency to crash a lot. My daughter likes the app though and that was the reason we got the new tablet for her. If the android version problem gets solved I'll up the review, otherwise it's a pretty useless app for me.


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