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bubble games
mubble app
шарики бабл
العاب شيش
لعبة شيش


Monthly active users estimation: 10,000,000

Reviews 252,809

  1. Perfection.
    I am so legitimately happy with this game! Not only is the play fun and challenging, but there aren't any special permissions needed to download- after all, it is just a game...
  2. Bubbles
    Dawn Graham
    Love this game, can't put it down. Actually find myself sitting up most of night playing it. Love it xx
  3. Like it
    Great game. I'm tired of the games that you have to buy lives or beg friends to help open up a level. This one is perfectly mind teasing without the hassle. The only thing I would change is a better pointer without having to buy it
  4. Norma Gilbert
    Finally a game that's says free and is a great game can't stop playing even my 7 year old granddaughter can play along
  5. Very good app
    vishnu tembare
    Very good time pass for me.... Many difficult stage's are there but love solve it.. Two-three times I have completed this game.. But few stage are very difficult for me
  6. Level 138
    Mary Hickman
    Awesome game! Struggling with level 138 though. No clue how to defeat it. Run out of balls long before I should. Asking for some assistance if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks! Love the game!
  7. Bubble Worlds
    Chris Czerniak
    I am wondering if anyone else has this issue, or if the game designers will respond: I have EVERY star available for this game, EXCEPT for level 196. I have not been able to successfully complete level 196. Is it actually possible?
  8. Fun bubble
    reema hashmi
    This game is so much more fun than all the other games i have played. The thing i love the most is it's rather. I don't like noisy games.
  9. Bubble Worlds
    Christy Bernard
    Bubble world's is a great addictive game to play! I down loaded a different game and it sucked badly! I'm loving this game. If I have issues then I'll update my rating. So download it and get started playing.
  10. Melissa Duque
    Love the game very addicting! just that i wish that you could buy the props and be able to keep them for any level as you go or at least make them (bombs in particular)less expensive in coins. (P.S. could you make this app available for the Apple App Store i would really enjoy this app on my iPad) Thanks!!!
  11. Great game so addicting
    Mer Cross
    I love playing it in my down time, it's pretty addictive.
  12. This game is "Stupid FUN!"
    Clay Dietz
    Since I downloaded it it has been my goto game for fun and passing time. It's is not easy but not that hard either. It's a perfect mix.
  13. Some issues
    Mary Anne Hunter
    Love this game but after awhile it freezes up and actually freezes my phone as well so I have to turn it off and restart it. I do not think it is the phone as it is new and no other game does this to it.
  14. Annoying Ad
    Alison Chatman
    I love playing this game, but until you get rid of that stupid flashing "bullseye" ad at the bottom, I will uninstall and leave my 2 star rating, possibly even drop it to 1 star. That flashing ad is very distracting and bout gives me a headache!
  15. Good game so far
    Justin McGee
    All four of us play it.... thanks for a great game.... be nice to get some extra credit though lol just saying
  16. Great fun, but....
    Crystal Brown
    Awesome fun, great controls, lots of ads which doesn't bother me except for the volume. Even if I have the volume off for the game, some of the ads are loud!!! That needs to be fixed, cost the rating it's fifth star.
  17. Can't Stop
    Kathy Eccles
    This game just sucks you in. But the farther you go the harder it gets. Fun times.: )
  18. Relaxing yet stimulating
    Kris Lowe
    I like this game best because it is untimed, so can play when relaxing without timed pressures. Yet is stimulating in that angle shots and strategy is needed when trying to clear all bubbles within the limitations of bubbles provided. Emphasis: I want a Bubble World 2 (& 3, & 4...)
  19. Nice app
    nobuddy ukow
    New request.. I had an issue when on system mute.. your ad didnt honor the mute... bad when quiet is mandatory.. Lots of great play. Zeroing glitches. Ads are always there but they don't interfere with game play. ????update, ads now totally interfere with game play,,, they cover up needed and paid for power ups,,, please address this
  20. Fun game, but frustrating
    Kelsey Hoglo
    This is a fun game and I enjoy playing it, but one thing I've noticed that is very irritating is it will give you colors you can't match because the closest yellow bubble is 8 rows up and does this quite often. Will give more stars if you fix this


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