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العاب انقاذ


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  1. Ravikanth Ssj
    It's really good game.... But Please fix as it is crashing in middle evry time I play two levels or more....
  2. Could be great
    Bobby Gaston
    Three major flaws: 1) Getting 3 stars on some levels is impossible. It might ask for 100 explosions but only 70 or so vehicles are provided. 2) It doesn't record your highest score, just what you last played. So there is effectively zero replay value. 3) If you accidentally tap a crashed vehicle, it brings up a pop-up "tip" that you have to clear. Getting a tutorial every time you play = no fun. EDIT: I see these concerns STILL haven't been addressed since I wrote this. Well guess what, you get 1 star.
  3. Fun as the devil!
    Melissa D Edwards
    For anyone frustrated by idiot drivers on the road, playing the devilish version of this game is a great way to get your frustrations out! I'm not sure there's anything more gratifying than the sounds of beeping horns and crashing vehicles here as you steer other drivers to their fiery doom! Fun, fun, fun!
  4. Great time-waster -- except one level
    J. Jones
    This game has proven itself a fantastic time-waster (and of course it's fun to crash cars). The dev has even provided updates that have helped resolve crashes, and equally impressively, added content. My only complaint pertains to ONE particular level: Level 18 of Mission Pack 3 -- to get the first star you have to keep cars from crashing for 45 seconds... to get the second star, keep it up for about a minute... then the third star is some berserk value like 6+ minutes. That's six minutes of your nearly undivided attention (you can pause, but doing so frequently results in failure from "losing your groove"), something a time-waster game has no right to ask, especially given the time frames required of each of the other levels, across all four mission packs. I almost wonder if someone punched in a wrong value when entering the goal into the level design... maybe 360 (seconds) instead of 160 (which would STILL be 100 seconds over the two-star goal). If they could bring that goal in line with the rest of the levels, this would definitely be a five star game. GreenCod, I've set an attainable star goal for you, now can you do the same for us? ;)
  5. Its fun
    Alexis Sorrentino
    This game is really fun but I really don't understand the devil mode (crash) it is very sucky and I hate it.I only play the angel mode!!!
  6. Great game
    James walker
    It a great game but can you update so we have more levels and cars because I have completed the game.
  7. Fix a major bug please
    Crashes car when there is no oncoming vehicle to crash into. Almost like an invisible, ghost car has hit another, visible car and ended the game prematurely. What the heck!?
  8. Best game ever
    Victoria Francoeur
    I love how this game allows you to have the experience of saving cars and crashing them too
  9. Bad traffic
    Natassia Edwards
    I like it, but y'all should add more levels to it at lease 20 or 35 more levels
  10. Awesome
    Grimes Family
    The game is awesome but in crash mode you should give more time
  11. Good Game
    Shamar James
    I like the but I wish you don't need to buy some of the power ups I wish could just use the game money
  12. Mediocre Game
    Saurav Anand
    Graphics is not so great but the game as a whole is good and interesting.
  13. Glenn Coltman
    Waste of time. Another app where you need spend cash to do some levels. I am uninstalling now.
  14. Are u people awesome
    Lattrell Howard
    I am a bad traffic angel and I always been that way .are u ?
  15. Paul Bowden
    Loved this game so much fun and its easy when you are On the go on vacation
  16. Its fun but keep crashing
    That One Guy
    I play 2 levels and it crashes and I have to do them again
  17. Great
    Linda Harper
    It's one of a kind game .i loved it.i had played this game a couple years ago .You would really like this game.Get this game it's the best.
  18. Kirsten Warburton
    Fun game love it can not leave it alone
  19. Crashes
    Arielle Paleno
    Cool game, but I can't even play it because it crashes every time I try
  20. Like it but..
    Lucas Rincon
    I really just want a free mode, for saving and crashing mode.


What`s new


- 40 new levels
- 5 new intersections
- New power: U.F.O.
- Bug fixes
- New languages: Spanish, Russian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Simplified Chinese