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Derek Burns | Vice President

Adam McMahon | Senior Project Manager

Konnie Botello | Accounting Manager

Michael Isaacson | Sales and US Operations

Reviews 9,693

  1. Champion upgrade??
    Jake speck
    Downloaded and upgraded to champion level for all of the extra features. The features worked for exactly 4 holes the first time I played. Then the app kept saying I needed to upgrade. If I click upgrade it says I already am. FIX YOUR APP OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK.
  2. Help!!!!
    Troy Vande Slunt
    Tried to sign in w fb says account already exists which it doesn't. Tried w my email says my email isn't valid. Would love to try this app but for whatever reason i can't
  3. Bad update
    John Lebeane
    Love this app, works great. However after the last updat the accuracy for shots into the green is off. I have tobmove the bullseye from about 10 yards left and past the hole to the right location on every hole. Dont really like that. When I set the pin I get two readings. Where the pin is and where the initial bullseye was setup (long and left)
  4. Fantastic App.
    Bin The L Plates
    Shamefully I never leave feedback for apps but feel I need to make an exception for this one. I've been using it for a number of years, the majority as a paid up aka Champion Member. It's a fantastic tool to use on the course and is so easy as it just takes a few seconds to enter all the stats for each hole. Great training aid as you can see where to improve your game. Must mention the support the developer gives you especially in doing course updates and corrections. Nothing seems too much trouble. A**
  5. Completely unusable
    Rod Griffith
    I've been a championship member for 3 years now and the last update ruined the app. Everything in the app is out of proportion. I cannot even navigate through the app let alone use it for a round of golf. It really is unfortunate as it was a phenomenal app before this. Edit: newer version fixed the issue which is probably DPI related
  6. Dune Crane
    Love this app. I have been a Champion member since 2011. Apparently this only removes ads while playing and some ads still take up about 25% of the home screen.
  7. Shelton Wiles
    I downloaded your app and gave you my debit card number but money was never deducted from my account. I cannot access your app to tell whether I would like it or not. I have emailed numerous times but no reply. Can I get help please?
  8. Works as well as any $350 handheld
    dan oconnell
    I have a buddy that buys every gadget going... he's nice enough to pass on his "old" ones but I always come back to this app... keeps up with everything new also!
  9. Detailed
    John Bremer
    Very cool...saves all your stats which makes it easier to see where you need the most improvement. Haven't tried tracking my shots yet...only used on one round and pace was too fast to continually be on my phone.
  10. Good app!
    Bobby Pantfoeder
    Could not sign in with FB. Said it already exists. Email worked though
  11. K. Gyden
    Link fom GolfNow to GolfLogix when booking through app doesn't work.
  12. Champion disappointment
    Mike Perhach
    I have been a champion member for 3 years. Last year was a disaster at my home course. The yardage was off by 50 to 100 percent each hole. Golflogix support wasn't any help. I wasted my membership last year and will never buy in again with Golflogix.
  13. anto reilly
    It's a very gud app when it's working right.if you ave no network connection it's shite.if your phone manufacturer upgrades your phone send app mental .when it works it works well . Would definitely recommend. For the price you pay it not even costing u 20 cents a week. And store every game you it's well worth it.needs to iron out a few cliches.
  14. Unable to sign up
    Chris Jaynes
    I have never used it. When I try to sign up for an account, the system tells me I already have an account. when I try to login you're using the member sign up it tells me I don't have an account so I'm caught in the loop.
  15. This is a wonderful application.
    William Dick
    New feature showing hazard distances particularly helpful.
  16. Tim Johnston
    Great app. Sucks the batteries down. If carts only had a phone chargers in them.
  17. Problem fixed
    Kevin L
    Much better now that lollipop issues fixed. Nice interface. Only wish that I hadn't lost use for months due to past issue.
  18. Darrell Ransdell
    Downloaded the app and it is a pain. Would not advance to the next hole. When I advanced by hitting Next Hole it always goes to an add. I turned it off to avoid throwing my phone in the water.
  19. Golf Logix
    Herard Ortega
    I've been using the non paid version for a while now and pretty much just used it for score keeping and "handicap" rating. And it works fine for that but I hated the ads in between advancement of holes! So I bought the year subscription and what a difference so far. I need to put in my club's yardage and all so the experience should be even better. I did wish, and should be EVENTUALLY implemented, support for Android Wear. Some of the other golf apps already have that support. Get on it Golf Logix! #1
  20. Looks good but...
    David Hili
    I upgraded to champions for a month to get rid of ads but they still appeared. Emailed support for resolution, no response. Tried using the app and the images of the holes were missing. No matter what I tried, updating course data, reloading the app nothing worked. Disappointed because it looks like it has promise.


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