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  1. Cool game
    Jenson Farrell
    Can you add money actually in the world,it's hard to kill bosses and when i die I always see my dead body and not respawn.;-)
  2. Loved it!
    Kristina Higgins
    I Love this game! so so cool!............. My dog is whimpering at my pet rabbit ? And I don't know why? Do you have any ideas of why he's doing this?. I know why he's doing this but I don't know how to make him stop.!?....nevermind my riabit is dead now.
  3. Amazing
    Jeneka Denna
    This game was so much fun there was a few times where it didn't really work that good but it was still a lot of fun I hope that you will continue to make more of these games and you should try to make a unicorn simulator it would be fun but thanks for the fun
  4. Love it! But you should add cooler things.
    Eva Gehn
    I love this game! But you should add some things. Like krakens in the water. And I hope you know that kraken look like squrds. Why not earth dragons that pop out of the ground and bite you! Make a unicorn sim too! But I still love this game. But I have a glich . When I die I don't respawn! So I have to get out of the game and get back in. It's soch a drag! And can you please make a unicorn sim. Rated E Every one.
  5. Glitch
    Bob Stafford
    I can't get the knight rider off me and it says I have not unlocked it and I can not respawn sometimes when I die but other than that I loved the game by the way can you make hyena simulator plz i have bin waiting for a hyena one I like all your games gluten free games are my favorite company and what would also be nice is if you can join people like connect to each other when I got eagle simulator I wanted to connect with my sister but there was no way plz add that
  6. Good, but...
    I Leik Pomerainians2506
    I think this simulator is awesome, but it has a problem... you can't respawn. Fix this and I'll rate 5 stars.
  7. Game got potential but another mistake
    Aaron Renford-Brooks
    The game is brilliant but here are the problems. .. when you battle enemies kill you quickly plus you re spawn on the spot where you got killed and player doesn't even move. Flying control needs improvement nothing like the dragons at all, you can land or control the direction of the Griffin. The baby and mate they don't land at all when following its like there still flying plus battle they don't battle with you at all. Gotta test the game before you send it out needs improving quickly!!
  8. Love it
    Alyssa Kuzminski
    I like how you can change your color and have armor I had an Idea make a pegasus simulator or a unicorn and you can make them have a rider and armor too and a magical horn but I wish they were free I only get a gift card when I have money and that's like every five months but I really want your saber tooth tiger one but I don't have the money and I also loved your dragon one I have every color,armor and attacks in the dragon game and the griffin one I love your games keep makeing them because they are fun for after school thanks bye !!!!!!!!!!
  9. One glitch
    Aeryn Gebhardt
    When u die, u just stay on the floor. Really annoying. Fix in rate 5 stars and if u can get the archer, u become invincible to bosses when u use the instant death... He he... And it needs a little more to do, but I love it anyway, definently a good game and I have never seen the griffin mod before... So its cool to see something new
  10. Very cool!!!
    Abby Wade
    I like this game very much. Like in the dragon simulator could you make a button to just stay still in the air please and I can't land in water or walk in it so its very hard to drink also and when I go through then portal I'm always flying. One of my favorites along with the dragon simulator!!!
  11. UKlinx233
    It is good but could be allot better if you re-spawned when you died in other worlds as at the moment you have to restart the game and it's frustrating. The flying needs allot of improvement and you shouldn't be able to take flight that easily. Add jumping or something. You could also add much more to it such as multiplayer or more to do; for example quests. Other than that its a pretty enjoyable game.
  12. Amazing all around.
    Melyssa Kennedy
    The details and anatomy of the gryphons are really neat looking and the concept of portals to elemental worlds is an excellent way to expand the diversity of the landscape. The pouncing is a great way to take out enemies and the treasure unlocking system is a nice change. I have seen other people mention the issue with respawning, but it's not that hard to close and restart the app to be able to move again. I only wish there were a red skin for the gryphon.
  13. Not terrible, but needs work.
    Brooke Matthews
    Usually, I really like these games. However I can't play because I can't use my sword, to get food for my griffon so I die all the time from either getting killed or by starvation. I'm rather disappointed, I bought this app thinking I can use it. But I can't play due to game glitches. Please fix, p.s. I love your games and ideas! =) keep up the good work! I promice you if it were fixed I would give it 5 stars and be happier
  14. Amazing
    Kenlee Burton
    This is an amazing game! I love how you can fly and go to different world's and be able to explore. The controls are a little confusing at first but you can get it after a minute. Awesome game, I love all of these simulators, totally should download it. Believe me it's worth it!
  15. A few problems with it.
    Jamie Abernethy
    First problem is: when you have a mate and you die from an animal that you tried to hunt, you have to wait until your mate kills it so you can revive. After that happens, you can't EVEN MOVE! The second problem is that you have to find treasure to change your gryffins color.Where the heck do you get them from???Other than that, great game. Good job gluten free games!!!☺☺☺
  16. RedTigerPanda
    Skylar Riddle
    I love this game. I love griffins and dragons. I am a dragon and griffin lover. Thanks. This is the very first game, well simulator that I have tried so far. You do very well at your games, and do a great job of impressing and satisfying your customers. I gotta ask tho, could you maybe make a mantacore simulator? Sorry if I spelled it wrong. Its the animal who looks like a lion, has the tail of a scorpion, has the wings of a bat on its lion arm, an has the rest of the body as a lion. I can understand if not. But if so, I will be looking forward to it. Also, one other little thing, when I die and I'm on the ground, sometimes I can't get up cause I'm still lying there, an other times I'm up, but can't move. Could you help me figure out what to do? What I normally do is exit out. I don't think that's how to do it. Can you help me figure this out? Overall, this game is a great game programmed well> Even tho I'm 13, I still know a great game when I see it.
  17. It's ok
    Ariana Shepperd
    Every time I play it,it glitches but I still like it,please fix it then I will give it 5 stars
  18. I love it
    Tuula Dowell
    I love this game so much the only problems I have are when I die in a different world I don't revive and my head is in the ground and I'm moving and I bought the night to ride on me and I wanted to go back to my mage just for a little bit so I did and then the night was locked up and I can't get him back! I will rate five stars if you fix this. Can you make your games free? People will get them a lot more and you will be more popular.
  19. Nice game but filled with bugs
    Naka Drake
    Lots of bugs. Once you start attacking enemies, they go crazy and attack you at insane speeds. This makes it so that bosses are nearly impossible to beat, while little fellows can only be killed by pouncing. Respawning is pretty buggy too.
    J Pichon


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