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Reviews 536,200

  1. Free Chip❗❕❗❕
    Kemar Campbell
    You guys know I'm not spending cash on something that's not tangible right .. you guys are better over loading the app with ads #RealShit
  2. Jyll Schenault
    This game was great before the update. I used to play it non-stop. Now, I hate it so much I hardly ever play it. The amount of bonus coins never goes up anymore. When the cards are dealt, the total number covers up the cards so you can't read them. The buttons are smaller now so its harder to maneuver on a phone. Huge disappointment.
  3. This ain't very fair.
    Brigida Castillo
    I truly am hating this game right now. The dealer got 17 Blackjacks in a row and I lost all my money I lost 47 Hands in a row. Not one blackjack for me. What's going on... Is the game rigged?
  4. Eehhhh
    John Doe
    Im sorry but this game is rigged and I get no free chips every 4 he's doesn't matter they'll get taken.I get 18 computer 19 I get 19 they get 21 always on a hit I get face cards not the computer its bullshit but its free so fuk it
  5. Cheats and rips you off. And I've placed 100 sidebets and it never gave me credit on my daily goals
    Heather Gadd
    Was a great game when I first started playing. Was very realistic, but when after I joined a club it has changed completely. The dealer stood on a 14 after I did and it said push. Also nearly every time a dealer has a bust card it will hit 5 times and still not bust. I knw BJ is chance but I play at casinos all the time and the dealer don't win as much as the dealer does here. If u have 17, the dealer gets 18. If u get 18, the dealer gets 19 and will either turn that or hit 3-5 times and beat u. Dnt downloa
  6. OK, but it's pretty rigged so you have to buy coins
    Reed Donelan
    First of all, this game is alright. Very realistic except for one part, the dealer seems to be rigged in regular blackjack (not tournaments ) I lost all my chips in 60 or so hands because I didn't win a single hand. Dealer seems to get blackjack every 4 hands. Very frustrating... please fix.
  7. Blackjack 21
    Darian Davis
    I can play for hours and lose track of time I love this game and even if you never played real blackjack you can enjoy this everyday it seems like new
  8. Bad since upgrade
    Eleanor Cusick
    I am using a Nook tablet. 1. The new upgrade gives me no extra bonus money. So when I collect 50 points it registers but doesn't give me the 5 point extra on bonus collect. Now since I already have over one and a half billion fake dollars the only real fun I have with the game is to collect my bonus money and try to rise near the top of the list. 2. When you put on an advertisement the entire game shuts down. 3. The new daily goals do not work and I collect nothing. It tells me to collect zero. I really liked your game before the upgrade.
  9. Blackjack
    Donna Martin
    ONE STAR Last time I played this it was pretty good however...NOW the "winnings" are almost always less then the amount you bet. Bet 600 win 210 DUH...YOU ARE A WINNING LOSER. Uninstalling
  10. To many ads
    Broc Larsen
    I downloaded this today and played for only a little while and after about 4-7 hands an ad would pop up right when I was touching to start a new round forcing me to leave the game and go to the ad website.
  11. Ads
    Blake S
    Every third hand you'll be closing either an ad or a browser window because you got baited into touching it while trying to deal another hand because of all the freaking ad pop-ups that this game has. I could understand when we close out or first open the app. But every few actions? Here's my next action: uninstalling this game.
  12. Bahhh....
    Vasja Velikonja
    I delete data many times i can play without waiting...the thing is u will loose in 80% of matter what u do..if u hit one more u bust if u stand dealer have 1 point more then u...its become like predictable already...if i could only bet to what cards dealer will have would win most of the time...
  13. It's annoying how i got to keep buying chips!!
    Kyle Harris
    I haven't got free chips not 1 time!! Disappointed! Currently looking for a better black jack app! Y'all keep on replying to e everyone saying "every 4 hours free chips" obviously that's not the case...
  14. Alright
    Edward Harden
    Not too bad just wish chips would replenish when hit 0 instead of trying to make purchase. Ill play and try to rebuild then probably delete if I can't. Just odd that when I went for a big win all of a sudden I lost big multiple times. Not gonna pay however, Ill go to the casino and spend my real money there.
  15. Starts out fun
    Bill Schnefel
    Since the upgrades it's a lot more realistic. Though I lost my standings I had before. Overall it's not bad.
  16. Nice game, but bugs will takes your winnings..
    Ken Ameika
    Hey, it's just a game.. however the latest 2015 edition will take your winnings. Big bet wins will actually remove chips. Silly mistake takes the fun out of the game..
  17. Christal Jones
    Fun game...just hate I have to wait so long to get bonus chips but its cool
  18. Tyler Sydenham
    Accidentally bought 1.99 worth of currency because there is NO confirmation screen! One tap and you've purchased it. Terrible business practice I wouldn't recommend this shady app to anyone. And kids don't buy useless currency to gamble away without a return.
  19. Unfair odds
    Zach Anderson
    I don't even know where to begin with this game. The dealer manages to get 21 with five or six draws way too often. Whenever there is any kind of big bet on the table you can almost guarantee a loss or expect a 21 out of the dealer. I'm a gambling man and understand the risks and rewards of gambling. I also understand the odds enough to know this game is trying to cheat you out of your chips in order to get you to buy more.
  20. Fun!
    ryan Price
    Overall great game, i am now a level 14 and i win usually 1 out of every 20 hands, the odds seem rediculous with the dealer getting blackjack almost everytime


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