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Reviews 116,156

  1. Fun but glitches
    Amy N
    It's fun to play but definitely favors people and cheats. Also it seems to have been designed for iPhone - On my android I don't see smiley faces and I can never change my picture. Still fun to play though.
  2. Zeus Kris
    Why can't you take all your chips no matter which place in the app you want to go play. I went to the Texas holdem table and only had access to a lousy 100 chips. WTF IS THE POINT, SERIOUSLY !!!???
  3. You are dead wrong
    Kw McDowell
    Your game took 175 million from my friend and she emailed you non stop yet you failed to respond to her. She had been playing with you all for years and has been a dedicated player here. You owe it to her to replace her chips. Look if you don't replenish her account then we are all going to leave your app. As we do not agree with how she has been treated by your staff. You've ignored over 2000 emails as well as not given the chips back what kind of business do you run? Come on now !!!!!
  4. best holdem app!
    Vasiliy Prokhor
    Awesome game app! Ive tried so many poker texas holdem game apps but they all get old very quick Nd boring too! But with this one the fun keeps racking up :) awesome setup very easy to navigate and understand. Simplicity is key. Definentally worth the download! Great game only game!
  5. Predetermined
    K O Я N
    Ive played 12,000 hands. The cards need to be randomized more, they most definitely are not random..if u played the real game in real life u would know this app favors people and the cards are not random! Im pretty sure whoever bets the most money or plays the dumbest wins the most pots..OK THATS IT IM DONE I AM DEFINITELY POSITIVE THIS GAME CHEATS YOU I AM NOW UNINSTALLING
  6. Cannot follow the Rules...
    Anthony Bourdain
    Of poker. the app is set up to give priority of the suit over the hand and there are Enormous variant wins ( where a KK88 hand wins over a AA88 hand.) Don't waste ur money purchasing chips either. Now if you want to kill time for a free app with a little gain of chips on daily log in to the app, feel free.
  7. Why I can not play with my Google+ account,y u must
    Mapi Pato
    Bullying people with registration and so on..???
  8. Best Holdem-app
    Johnny Sumler
    Simply love this app...going against live people...addictive gambling atmosphere...All the joy, fun, and sorrow...Love it!!
  9. Vickie Blair
    Love it love it love it love it love it love it
  10. Duane Browning
    It would be nice if we could "bank" our winnings when we leave the table. Also, since I haven't taken a picture, I appear as a man -- I'm not. Thanks muchos muchos!
  11. This App has done it again!!!!
    Benjamin Pippin
    Well the server crashed and 100 mil. Was taken from my account. No use emailing them because they refuse to reply to any of them. I am so sick of being screwed by this App. Please give my chips back 14147485 is my account #.
  12. Friends
    William Tomlinson
    I would rate it 5 stars but it won't let me view my friends tables I have to search for them which is a big deal to me , fix that and I'll give you 5 stars.
  13. Got a problem
    Brendan Jordahl
    I bought 200k chips for $4.99 and it charged my account, but never actually gave me the chips. I love this game, but that's just messed up
  14. Franklin Banker
    This app has offers for free chips but the offers seldom ever pay the player. Then when you write for help they say it's a third party problem and they can't help.
  15. Poker King is a good poker app
    Nik Nic
    Ive never had an issue with it neither now nor when I had it back 4 years ago. Im an avid player, so if there was an issue i would mention it.
  16. Fun way to learn the fundamentals of holdum,
    robert poller
    Some people need to learn how to bet.going allin with no cards on the table is the only problem I've seen.
  17. Nice
    conrad bishop
    This game is amazing it's so addictive I love it. This game is perfect.
  18. Poker king pro
    Mike Shaw
    Best iapp I found. I accidentally deleted my cache . I lost my download chips VIP should still be available but does not recognise my e mail and password anymore. I bought new chips but can only play as guest. Still won't recognize password but does remember e.ail.
  19. I truly love this game
    Jonathan Parcus
    If you like to play poker try it and see what you think JONATHAN PARCUS
  20. Cant get on
    brandi sprague
    I have uninstalled it plenty of times and it still wont let me get on to play, bs, I will install iy again after a few days of it not being on my phone


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