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Narin Siritaranukul | CTO at PR Media 360 Co.,Ltd.

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James Song | CEO, founder and owner, Gamevil

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Kevin Hwang | Senior Project Manager

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Pharaphatr Yasinporn | Marketing Manager at Gamevil Southeast Asia Pte. Ltd.

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Reviews 870,426

  1. Still broken for HTC one m8 Verizon
    Joey Tomaier
    Don't send me a link to customer support nobgobblers, been a nearly a week to hear back from them. Why you release beta patches anyway. Sucks when power players, spenders get zero respose in customer support.
    Efrain Ramos
    Finally I Can Play This Game and Is So Awesome!!! Daily Bonus, Awesome Avatars, Good Rewards, The Shop Is Too Expensive. But Its Not a Pay to Win Game. Grats!!!
  3. This is awesome :)
    cryz joshua colorado
    Though I do not spend money for this, but it's worth the fun :) Great game. I just have a suggestion. We tend to have different types of armors but the char. Looks the same so we use avatars :3
  4. Help required
    Abir Jamwal
    I am not able to play the game.. When I go to the character selection it says special characters cannot be selected even when I am not using any special character.. Help
  5. Crashes
    Patrick Skrivanek
    It goes through all the opening scenes til it gets to the unleashing the chaos screen with the chick, then crashes back to my main screen. I logged in after I got a notification about a free legendary pet and found this issue, started after the first update I downloaded today. I am using an HTC one M8. Seems a lot of developers have issues making games stable for this phone.
  6. Great Game
    Aufi Newbie
    Such an epicness. I love this game so much. I dont have any problems with it. So im not sure what others are talking about. Im just wondering, will Eclair going to be in this game also or not ? I really hope Eclair, Blood Vampire, and Dimension Controller will be in this game. They are so cool from the Kritika Online [PC]…
  7. Love it
    Taylor Thompson
    But im confused about a LOT of things. 1. Why are things expensive. 2. Why do we get nothing when "top" players get better stuff so unfair. 3. Oh yea every time we lvl up we get offers which is nice......enough to cost REAL money. really? Really? Yes its a good game but with horrible costs or prices or whatever you call them. Oh and one more thing new updates are screwing me over checks inbox no 1million coins no legendary weapon and no gems yes i did update the game but yea nice update...... joking
  8. Hi admins!
    brylle ladeza
    I am having an issue when logging in to your game.. I experienced this this morning.. When i am logging in to kritika.. It says that my network connection is unstable but when i try logging in to another game i dont get this error.. I think there is a problem on your game.. Please FIX!!
  9. server kritika problem!
    Hairol Nazli
    what your problem now?! sometime i play kritika the massage say connection error. i play another hard game no problem and no message say anything. only in kritika server have problem! fix it! i use samsung galaxy note 3 lte version.
  10. Fun
    Michael Casado
    Its fun but all games do get boring some times but not this one . I dont like the totoryle becus its rily long ...... thank to the people wo made this games.
  11. App crashing
    vi marie Ricafort
    It took so long to download a lot, got this intro video then crashed! Restarted the phone, launched the app, loading, video, Crashed again! Got full bars here, no interference, and my connection is up and running. I logged in as guest coz i cud not connect to the Hive server (tried thrice)! So frustrating
  12. Why is this not #1 on play store?
    Cloud Batingan
    Great gameplay? Balance between paying and free gamer? Has a team that actually help problems in-game? Fixed my crash problem? What more could I ask for?
  13. Best game out there
    Tony Sung
    Though shop is expensive. It doesn't really add to your game play. Yay for the best game that u don't have to waste hundreds on
  14. In app purchase problem
    James Francisco
    Hi i made an in app purchase the karat bash but the items/karats did not come to my account. Pls fix character meabh cat acrobat. And i noticed the game runs to slow. Tnx. Good game but since the last update these errors ruined my game.
  15. Awesome game
    Jayson Polvorido
    Rewards, free pet and legendary weapons....just one problem though after the update every time i try the world boss fight or melee battle it kicks me out of the game..please fix this and ill rate 5 stars
  16. Problem
    Boy Boy
    Please fix the problem about connection with the server failed, it's always tell me that, my internet is in great connection.
  17. WTF Tower of Tribulation, Instant Death BUG!
    Jhim Ng
    So i was pushing my toon so far beyond its CP and found a stupid bug, it happened 3 times now. As soon as i enter the last room before the next check point in tribulation, i instantly die. I did see a message but it faded away quickly. I guess it told me something about boss encounter not ready yet or something. How can you expect people to climb up the leaderboard with this bug?
  18. Nikki McGhee
    Meshaye Mcghee
    It took forever to download then it wont let me select or create character or nothing i deleted very disappointed
  19. I had to force a KitKat O.S. to enjoy the game. Which isnt supposed to be running on an older tablet
    Sky Driver
    I had to force KitKat os on a Jellybean os tablet, to play Kritika. With the new O.S. the game is overall, like i said, freakin awesome. I don't experience anymore problems, except for the usual lag. And I sincerely apologize for the bad review.
  20. It doesen't work!
    Altin Marco
    Hello, from when I updated, when It has to download the additional data it says: " couldn't download patch data. Please start again" and than even if I start again it continuous not downloading so I can't play. What can I do for this problem?


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[v3.11 Update Details]
- NEW: Lina's Super Awakening and Active Skill Awakening
- UX Improvements for Pet System
- UX Improvements for Gem Enhance

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