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bloons tower defense
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Reviews 585,588

  1. App Not starting
    venkatesh Krishna
    When i try to enter the game on my moto g device it went out with out entering into game.. only I saw game vil after it automatically went to my home screen
  2. Avoid this game
    Anshuman Dash
    This game wanted superuser access. Seriously? I think it steals info. Stay away from it. Once I denied su permission, it wouldn't start any more.
  3. Fun game
    exile arashi
    So I have recently leveled up to max, but the rubies keep coming in if I continue playing, it's a waste, so is the gold, update for higher levels of troopsm maybe, then the gold and rubies would be of good use, otherwise a very addictive game
  4. Crash
    mckay st peter
    I have have a galaxy s5. I can't even get into the game because The application crashes after I try opening it.
  5. Great game but
    Tanizaki Junichiro
    I really love this game but I was dissapointed in the goblin's final form .. its rate of fire is so slow . It can't even take one dragon down .. but when it was just level 9 it takes 2 dragons before its gone please fix it change the goblins level 10 form make it more powerfull and then I'll give u five star
  6. It sucks, can't play
    Syler Feldewerth
    Every time open it it just says cartoon wars isn't working right now.
  7. #DisGame
    Deb Vonberg
    I have to say, this game has blessed me and my walk with the Lord (praise him) in ways I couldn't have imagined upon not purchasing it (because it's free. Who purchases a free game? Ammi right?). In fighting the forces of darkness with my mighty army of stick figures backed by the holy spirit, I have found the strength to fight the real darkness in my life with cardboard cut out stick figures. Satan hounds me no longer for I fight him off with the lessons instilled in me by my stick figure army. Amen.
  8. One Problem
    Jose Gonzalez
    So I really like this game so far. My only problem is the 10th level upgrade for the Warrior. It's really bad. My tower was never touched until I upgraded my Veteran Warrior to Robin Hood. It should've been kept as a melee unit.
  9. Good
    Michael Albert Cipriano
    But there is a sudden difficult when you reach stage 30 That's why I advice for players that, in every war, there's always a pawn, always use the 1st warrior you have until you can summon the stronger ones :)
  10. Wont even let me start
    EpicGamer 80
    It says that its doing some legal persecution and it also tells me to close the game forcefully. Please get this fixed and I will give 5 stars and share this with "notch" my uncle (creator of minecraft)
  11. Sigh
    Kairic Yonzan
    Used to play it all the time in my Samsung Galaxy Ace back in the days. I installed it and it force closes everytime. Gonna be missing a great game :(
  12. Truly Amazing
    Chris Rodriguez
    I love this game so much is so fun and I have been playing it for a long time. But when the 2nd cartoon wars came out the 2nd one isn't that fun
  13. Great game but..........
    Daniel Maynigo
    Its amazing cartoon game the best ever.But...some levels are very hard when I played lvl11 there was a flying robot enemy thingy that was UNSTOPABLE!!!!!! Please fix it Please put the enemy robot on higher level and the upgrades I can't afford and REALLY 30000 for a level 9 gunner pls fix all of that. I will give you 5 stars if you fix that
  14. Crash after lollipop update
    Vincent Bouillon
    I just updated my lg g3 on lollipop 5.0.1 and now i can't open the game... It crash after de gamevil screen
  15. Fix arrow cannon plz!
    Mason Erb
    Love this game. Much better than other defense games like Battle Cats. One thing I don't like is that the arrow cannon is hard to use. I would 5 if you could do something about this. My suggestion is to be able to turn the cannon on and click on the screen where to fire the arrows. If the area I click is too far have it fire as far as it can. Just my thoughts. Thx Gamevil.
  16. I love this game but...
    Himanshu Trivedi
    I love this game but there is a major issue with it. The screen keep moving by it self.... how am I suppose to fight if the screen keep moving and keeps coming back to my casle ?
  17. Doesn't even start?
    Caleb Murray
    Opened the game, got past Gamevil logo and it quit without a notification... Fix and I'll 5 star this game.
  18. Soldier Marched!!
    Zed Harith
    The game is for casual that is good, fun, and easy. Most of the upgrades is useless like the gunner, and also very expensive. But is a good distraction if you are waiting something or just wasting time.
  19. Seriously? ??
    Joseph Magrath
    When I try and start it, it keeps saying unfortunately, Cartoon Wars has stopped I really want this fixed because this looks like an awesome game
  20. Addicting
    Lianiry Nunez
    This game is right for me! It really is amazingly awesomely cool. It really reels u into the game. Thank you! And for gamers: have fun.


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