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Jordan Bencharski | 3D Artist and Game Designer

Calgary, Canada Area |

Steve Shatford | President,

Calgary, Alberta, Canada |

Jordan Bencharski | Lead Game Designer

Steve Shatford | President and Chief Executive Officer

Reviews 9,950

  1. Catherine Stark
    Nice game so far but need more info on how to interact with the scenes, and the pendulum -map -store stuff needs to be moved more to the right, it blocks some of the items you need, need some help with what to do next, how about a walkthrough for us dumb people who have a life and don't want to spend weeks trying to figure out how to get a item then what to do with it
  2. Nice Game But ...
    Zakaria Yousri
    5 ☆ for game, but I can t log with my facebook account even after the update. No option to exit the game
  3. The app won't launch after the last fix
    Melissa Cowan
    I like the game but after this last fix I can't get it to launch :( Would love to continue Well having to downgrade my rating. I sent email to game developers asked above for help. The game won't launch for me now. Guess I'm not important
  4. Great game!
    Stephanie D
    I love this game, the only thing thats not good about it is having to constantly use coins to play the search areas to get stars to move forward. It can take a week to advance to the next level,.....other than that I love the game!
  5. abigurl2
    Way to over done for me - and i didn't like how you need the Internet to play the game.
  6. Don't no can't play the game
    gary dennis
    Won't mind playing the game but keep getting an error occurred message
  7. Nice game
    Michael Yates
    Been playing the game for a while, so far so good :)
  8. This game is great
    Alex Rivas
    This game is great all together but still having trouble with login to my Facebook if you guys can fixed that I'll rate this five stars
  9. Raffy Fernandez
    When i open the app.. It's stock on loading game.. Pls fix it..
  10. Sync
    hazim saleh
    Why no sync ?? I lost all my progress
  11. Funtastic
    Jennifer Gage
    I'd been wanting this game n I am glad I downloaded it. It definitely makes u think. Hard to stop playing. If u like mysteries this is the app for u.
  12. Its good
    Juanita Benitez
    It's a good app it just won't let me log I to facebook
  13. Diane Dumoulin
    Cannot log to facebook.....and in memory 5 cannot install the green knob so can t not coninue the game
  14. Very good!
    Gaurav Agasti
    Exhilarated me when I saw a game possessing high quality graphics with hidden object and other mini games is totally free but saddened me after few mins as always an error crept up and I had to close it, would love it if this game has a side play quests as well.
  15. Secret of the pendulum
    Charlotte Mcarthur
    Very good so far, I have only just started playing.
  16. Awesome game
    Mikaela Catungal
    Been playing on facebook. Now i can play it on my tablet. Yay ☺ But cant connect to facebook.
  17. Fascinating
    Mario Hutagalung
    Make my whole day waiting for more coins.....
  18. Heidi Francis
    Game wouldn't load :( just shut down.
  19. Can't connect with Facebook
    Coly Moore
    Game goes into endless loop. No sync with web.
  20. Crystal Fox
    Loving it so far, just hoping i continue receiving coins to go the little puzzles


What`s new

GamesCafe is pleased to give you v1.8.0 update to Secret of the Pendulum! We appreciate your ongoing feedback and especially your Reviews! If you haven’t left a review yet, please do and tell other fans what you think!

Here are the updates in version 1.8.0:
- Fixes some future compatibility issues.
- Performance tweaks and general fixes