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Jason Gameon | IT Director of Operations EMEA and Americas at Hach Company

Windsor, Colorado |

Jonathan Beckman | Co-founder, EVNTLIVE (acquired by Yahoo!)

San Francisco Bay Area |

Reviews 14,151

  1. Fairy treasure
    Amanda Watklns
    Wont let me pass dronks cave played the whole 20 levels i have also updated the game and still wont pass me please help love playing this game thanks
  2. Aloysious Hall
    Good breakout game. Ads after every level. Eh what do you want for free
  3. Pretty fun!
    Adrianna Holmes
    So far its a good game. Try not to lose any stars!!
  4. Kool game
    Juan Carlos Munguia
    It is addicting, but not long enough. Beat the whole game already. Thx 4 awesome game.
  5. Jonah Patterson
    This game is very addicting n I love it the only thing that I think needs fixed is sometimes when I try to move the bumper it freezes up and makes me lose my balls that I have in play witch is irritating sometimes but that being said it happens only part of the time n I know its not my internet connection plz try to fix this because I love this game
  6. AwEsOmE
    Darleyne Bosak
    So far it is my favorite game to play.
  7. Fairy treasure
    Rob Beechey
    doesn't save and doesn't replay level,otherwise,could be great
  8. Ghazal Habibi
    I love this game but the only problem is that it sometimes freeze and makes me lose.
  9. goodwiddow
    the graphics are great,so far so good
  10. June Crain
    I bought this once had to wipe out my phone and I put this back on my phone and now I have to buy it again just so I won't get the advertisements?
  11. Pablo M
    Great game but please remove the soft keys... i keep constantly pressing them
  12. Kind of fun
    B Warner
    This game is like the old pong game. Its OK to pass time, but not interesting enough to play longer than 15 minute intervals.
  13. Cool, but has some issues
    Rolynda Gunnell
    This is really awesome, it's fun to play, and the music and artwork are good, but it does have quite a few bugs that need working out. The paddle goes glitchy A LOT and sometimes stops working altogether, resulting in lost lives. It is nice that you don't have to start the level over when you die, and game overs don't result in a total reset from the beginning. Other complaints: The fairies are more annoying than helpful, and it's impossible to activate chain balls.
  14. Teala Quarterman
    Teala Quarterman
    I love, love, love this game! The best by far of its kind. Did I say I love this game! Yes I love this game!
  15. Buggy controller
    Luis Nedavaska
    The game is nice and very well finished. The looks are nice. But the control stops and fails A LOT. It makes the ball go to the bottom a lot because of those failures. I liked the game but i cant play like this. Uninstalling now.
  16. Love it!!!
    Rodger R
    By far one of the best brick breaker games I have found. Challenging and fun. And so far operating without any glitches. You won't regret downloading this.
  17. Best Brick Breaker Game Ever!
    Jennifer Komives
    The game and the graphics are extraordinary. It is extremely creative and fun to play. Great job to the creators of this game. I could sit and play it for days!
  18. Beautiful app. Very tasteful placement of adds
    I love break out games and this is close to being an adventure game as one can be. I actually had to find a way to rate this game. Nothing is in ur face but the beauty of the game! Well done!
  19. So Addicting..
    Zachary Allen
    I thought I would like this game but I was wrong, I love it!!! I just wish my finger didn't get tired from sliding the bat back and forth.
  20. Rhonda Gaitan
    One of the best brick breaking game! I like the extras you earn not just points.


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