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Jason Gameon | IT Director of Operations EMEA and Americas at Hach Company

Windsor, Colorado |

Jonathan Beckman | Co-founder, EVNTLIVE (acquired by Yahoo!)

San Francisco Bay Area |

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  1. Jelena Futivic
    Used to love it but now there are major problems. It slows down, then loses sound and finally crashes altogether. Kind of takes the fun out of it. It works for only a few levels and the only way to play again is to restart my tablet.
  2. Brilliant but Infuriating
    Lezli B
    I love this game it is very very addictive. In my opinion it is much better than the King Games simply because you aren't held to ransom to part with money to play further. Much kudos to the developers for bringing a game that does get you hooked but leaves your bank balance untouched. The infuriating part is that it sometimes gets amnesia when calculating scores and gold stars. But hey this is a small price to pay compared to the big price on the other King sized games. Nice one and much appreciated
  3. Adverts adverts adverts
    Paul Bailey
    Game is good ads a big distraction. One was a video that wouldnt stop playing. It was installed after 15 minutes
  4. Great app!
    Lisa G
    I love this game! I got it after Talking Tom got tired after playing bubble shooter maybe 4 times. Great app,I love the sounds and 'rooting me on' after I get a good bubble (ie 'fantastic!','wow!',etc,lol). Not for wimps because it is challenging as you level up but keeps you going. I play it every day,more than I like to admit.
  5. Great
    Kevin Brown
    The levels keep incrementally getting harder, but not so hard that I have to buy in-game help, unlike another famous game, which can get quite expensive to play. ;-)
  6. Erica Dinkins
    Love it play it all the time... Even when it messes up once I get to the final stage and the third level... I will uninstall it then reinstall it and play it all over again... Just keeps me busy I guess
  7. Amna sharafat
    amna sharafat
    Bht bht bht achi game hai adds b km hain aur kch levels khailny k baad dosri games ki tarhan na tu lives khtm hti hain na he timer lgta na he next levels khailny k liey paisy mangty hain. 70 level tk pohnchy k baad b stages open ho ri hain and me playing and enjoying. Full marks for dis app. Thank u.
  8. Ads
    Paul Zeman
    Really enjoyed this game previously, but now every time you move to a new level, it plays an ad. And sometimes they are Loud!
  9. Awesome
    Sidney Smith
    This game makes you very mad, but it's addicting I guess
  10. Jeannie Odom
    I love to play but at least 4 times I had to uninstall it and start over because in the middle of the 2nf level it stops loading.
  11. Love this game
    Tee Jay
    I found this game years ago and my phone broke couldn't find it after until three days ago and i been sleepless sense then
  12. Realy bad game
    Atif jee
    So boring I hate this game shooting game boring boring and boring
  13. Same ole story
    Patty Stoneburner
    I really liked this game, I got all my gold stars in world 1 to go to world 2,_and you have to also get 50 stars in this level to move onto world 3,_but seriously I Cleared all the bubbles in 3 moves and still no gold star ???,_been playing world 2 a while and no gold stars ??? And yes I am clearing the bubbles in record time and also popping all the clear special bubbles, All these Android games are the same, they suck you in and then bammm, screw you over. Would love to find one fun fair game.....
  14. Addicting
    Mario Cortez
    Never really had a problem with it, fun to kill time
  15. Love it!
    Tata Sta. Maria
    I've loved this game since I first downloaded it. It's a mainstay in all the devices I own/use.
  16. Fredrick
    Fredrick Butler
    Hate it, It continue to give you the color of marble you can't use..uninstall
  17. Fun
    Anabel De La Parra
    Took a bit to get used to it, but it is fun and there are a lot of levels. None of those lives, timers, or Facebook gimmicks. Solid game
  18. Bubble burst
    Diamonte Fludd
    This is always out of this world! Never again will I had enough stress in boredom
  19. Sheri Anne McLarry
    Loved it until it's starting to crash and I lost my games and my money that I put into it . I was almost at the end of level 3 and it erased the entire game and now I can't even get past 20th level in level 1 before it resets itself to zero.
  20. Love it
    cory higginson
    Just fantastic played with fammily and it brought us closer thx whoever made game lol (this is true even now it sounds like advertising)


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