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Reviews 764,222

  1. Ehhhhh
    Luis Escobar
    Error connecting to Facebook can't add any of my friends because itbwont connect. Secondly price for items are far to high with how much flights generate. It will take nearly two weeks of play to get required items to get one jet with supporting infrastructure.
  2. Fun but problem occured
    zara ayaz
    I have been playing this game for a month now. It is quiet interesting game but today when i opened my game and tried to collect passengers and money it shows that time travellers cant collect passengers and money. What's that and how it can be fixed? Guide me please
  3. Uninstalled
    Travis Cook
    I got it and then uninstalled it because after I would do anything the whole screen would go crazy with a bunch of colors. Downloading again hopefully doesn't happen again. This never happens on any other apps even ones that are similar so it has to do with this app.
  4. I like the game
    Christine Hamilton
    But I had to start over win I am on Facebook I am on a different level so I didn't like starting over. Now I am getting in error and a message come up and says we can't connect to the internet connection. Working like that. So fix it please
  5. Not bad, just has zoom and other issues.
    Harry Palms
    Can you fix the game engine so we can rotate the entire map? Also, how hard would it be to zoom out far enough to see the entire city + airport? I'm getting sick of generating an item then having to drag it all the way across screen to place it. Much better to spawn the item where I am on the map, then small adjustments to place and build. Too many difficult-to-obtain Achievements, too much XP needed to Level Up, not enough reward for getting things done, and the fonts and item images are far too small.
  6. Irvan Cahyo N
    Great games but the experience progress is too fast with too expensive expansion price. Please make it more fun ASAP!
  7. Awesome app, but...
    Kyle McCarty
    This is a great app, I had to reinstall a few weeks ago to correct some issues(works great now!). The only problem I find is that the experience goes extremely fast and the prices for many items are insane. I find myself refusing a lot of flights because I don't have the required runway, but my experience level says I should have enough money to buy it. If you fix, five stars. (I'm not trying to degrade you game, I really like it, I've just been stuck on that one money problem)
  8. Joana Domingues
    It's an interesting and cool game at first but found some problems that I think you guys should fix. For example to upgrade the control tower to level 2 you need rewards from the Bali islands flight, but this flight is only possible if you have the right plane that needs hanger level 2, but this hanger can only be constructed with the tower upgraded. I think that the expansions are to expensive for the small part of land that it is, and its not easy to make that amount of money if the rewards of the missions are only 40 coins more or less. Also when I tried to play on Facebook I had to start over, it should start on the level I have here. Try to fix this, because I'm really enjoying this game till now.
  9. Bored
    Bijay Gautam
    To upgrade buildings after spending so much coins still u need to obtain other items either as gifts from friends( I have no friends playing this so its impossible) or u need to wait to get it from flights which seems very hard n the other option of watching free video is just useless coz it never works.... stop fooling people with such game if u never want them to enjoy the game without spending real money ... fuck this bullshit ...
  10. Can't fly to most places without spending money
    Ken Turnage
    The game is really fun. But in order to complete .pat of the quests you have to spend real money to fly to the required destinations. And if you want to spend money it is a total ripoff for what little you get. $100 won't get you through 2 days of playing and actually trying to complete the quests. Biggest ripoff game in the plays tore that I have seen. I am considering uninstalling it.
  11. Was fun now sucks
    John Fees
    Was up to level 54 game would not let me do anything accept allow guest planes to land. I have spent almost $2000. On this game just to find out if you Uninstall it and try to reinstall it you lose everything. I will not be playing any more or paying for any more games that do not come with a account so I can log into on different devices.
  12. I love this game but
    Eric Timmerman
    I really really love this game. Playing it for an long time. Only but is why do u need to buy everything for up grates from buildings with airport money or do I barely get them in flights? As well I wanted to buy air coins and money but u can only buy them with an credit card which I DON'T HAVE. If u can make it slightly easier to get the stuff or air money and if u make it avalible for everybody who doesn't has an credit card but like me only online banking than u desert the big 5 stars but now it is just to hard to finish some quests where I'm on already for at least a day sending my plane to the right place for material and getting nothing. Don't get me wrong I really love this game but those are my only -points on it. Please fix it
  13. Dodgy game
    Corey Hollitt
    I was accused of time travelling because I set my phone's time to automatic. That's for daylight savings and I won't have a game tell me to have it any other way. So ban me from getting dollars for downloads, you won't get your dodgy increased download stats from me any more. Shove your game, you don't tell me how to set my time zone!
  14. Latest version don't work
    Oscar M
    Install other game to get money went through tutorial. Game said I received 4 bank notes and I am still showing 8 bank notes!!! This happened twice. I should have 16 now
  15. I Originally Loved It
    Spencer Privette
    I've been playing this game for 1+yrs now and I just got a new phone. I thought having my account information would transfer the game over but it doesn't. I've literally invested a year (time and money) into this game, I was level 48, but now I'm lvl 1 again even though it knows my achievements. I'll never play this again unless I can get my 48 account on this new phone
  16. Was fun at first but...
    Michael Miller-Burns
    When I first started to play this game, it was a lot of fun. As many though have pointed out, it gets very tedious very fast unless you want to spend real money to advance. Coins come in too slowly, leveling up is way too fast, and heaven forbid you want to upgrade a building. Then you need to either buy them with real money or send your planes to where they drop from and pray that you get what you need. Oh, or get gifted them which rarely happens. I'll be uninstalling till this is fixed.
  17. Uninstalling it !
    Lilly Bluebell
    I just started playing this game today for some reson it was always glitching and at one point it started saying time travelers can't... then I couldn't do anything so tried to exit the game and reopen the app but a message showed up saying cheaters can't... so anyways was a great game just wish was able to play it so I'm uninstalling it :C
  18. Good game, BUT...
    Katuscia Cummings
    You can't play for very long if you don't spend real money. Uninstalling now.
  19. Frustrating
    Clay Elliott
    Slow moving. First expansion is 10,000 coins. Then the next is 30,000. will take a week to get that much. Also you save up for a building only to find out there are 4 items to obtain to activate the building.
  20. Excellent game!
    Timothy Mammelli
    I've been playing this game for the past week. It keeps me coming back mutiple times a day.


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