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Monthly active users estimation: 4,000,000

Reviews 330,301

  1. Tamarra Harris
    Game loads fast and doesn't have life timers and Facebook to deal with. Just switched from panda pop and never plan on going back. - have finished game and re-installed to play again.
  2. Stacy Lang
    I have installed won the game and reinstalled about 8 times but this last time about a week ago that I reinstalled it i keep getting a pop up that takes me to another page saying I'm infected with a virus. I can't play the game because it interrupts it. Please fix this! Or ill have to uninstall permanently.
  3. Can't figure why suddenly I am getting popup
    Amy Heffernan
    I can not play this anymore. I start app and within minutes my browser opens a window stating my cell has a virus. Loved the game but reaching fourth level to only be inundated with popups is frustrating.
  4. Bubble Shooter
    Oduka Ahmdandrew
    I like it , but if you lose the levels you will have to go back to level one , that's why I don't love it!
  5. Bubble shooter
    Dondi Cook
    Point and shoot match 3 or more, Seems to be a bit heavy with advertisements and tends to hang because of them, It can be a bit frustrating at mid level to be swept away to play store land for the latest Farm Friends incarnation... Otherwise Sorta fun...
  6. Bubble Shooter
    Jade Latouche
    So much fun, loved it and it's so addictive. Not great if you got to be up early for work in a few hours :/
  7. Puzzle mode isn't a puzzle
    Guy Passy
    I hate games that call something a puzzle, give you points on how quickly (or with how few moves) you complete it and then randomize the tools you are given in such a way that half of the time, you LITERALLY cannot get the full score, and not due to lack of skill. That is my biggest complaint. Other than that... The graphics seem unfinished.
  8. Lagging lately
    Sharon Kim
    Love the game but lately its been freezing in the middle of the game and causing a lag... as soon as it unfreezes bubbles are pushed down and Im screwed. Fix please.
  9. Its 5-star, but can go higher..
    bernardo teo
    Nice game! You can improve this by making it competitive & online..wherein a player cant move to nxt level if not getting enough stars..also put a leaderboard for top scorers per level..
  10. Not only simple but also tough
    Akhildas A
    I really like this game.Time will not pass without this game.
  11. Eat your heart out Bubble Witch!
    Annabel Graham
    This game is cool. Never ending lives, challenge yourself to beat your best score. And, yeah...its addictive but you don't need to be joined at the hip with Facebook.
  12. Its nice
    Trice Jenkins
    Very addictive fun game. My only complaint is sometimes they dont give u the balls u need n they throw 10 balls out using 3 different colors before they get to the 1 u need sometimes u LITTERALY CAN NOT WIN! Other then that really cool game
  13. Spam, dnt download..
    ArunKumar Ayyappan
    Was having fun nd playing, since last 2 days, game gets interrupted nd suddenly page takes me to play store and asks to download some rubbish apps.Un installing and let me find some alternatives on playstore
  14. Stuck!
    Roslyn Lamb
    I love this, but when using this (and no other App) an ad for a different App keeps taking over. This is with my anti virus up to date and working and no other problems with anything else. Developers can you check security please?
  15. jeff hall
    Anybody else catch the game changing colors of the bubble in the cannon or changing the next bubble's color? The game cheats. And also the bubble will curve just slightly sometimes. FIX IT! You have me cursing the fox.
  16. Way Better Than Bubblewitch Saga
    Desirée Mack
    I downloaded King's Bubblewitch game first and played for a bit. I was sick of it soon, so I tried this one. This one is way better. It doesn't try to rob you of your money in exchange for more playtime. There are unlimited lives, so you can play this for hours (which I did). Its a great app. Good job, guys.
  17. Bertha Cruz
    I like this game very MUCH!...I played this game. 4 times over. being able to unknowingly defeat the HACKER ! Well hacker, Bubble Shooter is back and.. you've got a surprise waiting! for you!...great challenging game!. Keep up the Great work!
  18. Pop ups
    Kathy Bell
    Got tired of the app being interrupted by the "your phone's got a virus" pop up. So it is no longer on my phone. The arcade portion was rather irritating as well...seemed rigged to keep you from winning.
  19. Bubble maniac
    Jim Scott
    A giant hole I threw my life into. More levels please
  20. In love
    Heather Lewis
    This is such an easy fun non driving u crazy cause u can't beat a level game..I love it I am so addicted...


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