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Stefan Wikstrand | Group CFO at G5 Entertainment AB

Stockholm, Sverige |

Vlad Suglobov | Co-Founder and CEO at G5 Entertainment AB

San Francisco Bay Area |

Alik Tabunov | Co-founder and COO at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Sergey Shults | Co-founder and General Producer at G5 Entertainment AB

Москва, Россия |

Reviews 63,140

    setti siri
    I had to pay 2.99 or 3.99 bucks to continue the game and its all for the game to end immediately??? Come on you got to atleast introduce new episodes and do some justice for the amount we paid. Is it not just stealing from us?
  2. Okay
    Adrian Baxter
    Keeps going black every time I find an object. I have to keep tapping the objects to find box for the scene to reappear so I can find the next object. Just went back into it & not only has it not been fixed but the cost has gone up a pound. Come on g5 I love your games but this is ridiculous
  3. Love it!
    Jennifer Hoce
    This is a great game! I am so happy to have a murder mystery solve kind of game, with different puzzles and hidden objects. The best part is I don't have to quit because I don't have enough stars to move forward, you don't try to charge me money every time I want to play your game. Thanks for making a free game with such high quality and so much fun
  4. Not free
    angela fink
    I uninstalled because after the first chapter it makes you pay. Good game though.
  5. Help desk wont get back to me. Rip off $$ will NEVER buy from you again
    Analisa Donnelly
    Wont let me add cotton swab in chapter 10 or finish the game.
  6. So not Cool
    Felicia Riley
    You have to pay to play this - YOU SUCK ! ! !
  7. Awsome
    Taylor Matthews
    This game is fun. I enjoy mysteries:-)
  8. No way
    Rusty Mercury
    You can't even solve a case without pay for the game forget it criminal case still the best you can solve cases hell I've solved two on it but this one once you get into it and close to solving it before you can get more clues you have to pay for parts of the game hell I was at the end of the case at boyfriends home and to look in the bathroom I have to pay for the game if I don't I go back to the beginning bs. Uninstalled and so should everyone else.
  9. Good game
    Tammy Stout
    Good game, lots of stuff to find and figure out.
  10. Okay
    Alyssa Vervaecke
    The game is okay, but once you go into the bathrooom then it says in order to unlock more levels, that you have to pay. I am only 14 years old and so I can not pay so please fix that or I will uninstall.
  11. Not worth the price! Regret paying it now.
    Sam Tallis
    Decided I wanted to play an interesting game for a change so bought this for £1.99! Even tho its a good game It's not worth that, didn't last very long at all! 11 easy chapters and that is all!
  12. Beth Hey
    Anybody else feel that you had to give a slide motion to just press a button? Also the crime scene won't load?
  13. .... okay
    mony idrees
    Nice game but it's so hard one .. I can't solve chapter one ... cool I love games like that but I would like and hope to solve the first chapter ... any one help !!!!!
  14. Locations only show a blank black screen.
    Ellie G.
    The opening sequence went fine until I got to the tutorial about pinching, zooming in and out, etc. The locations turn out only as a blank black screen. The buttons below are visible but the scenes themselves are pitch-black. Tried changing locations through the map and it's really the same everywhere. Hope you guys fix this soon. By the way, Google+ integration and cloud save and sync options would be nice too.
  15. this is just the "lite version"
    Cynthia Shen
    The game itself is appealing and creates enough drama that you want to keep playing, but after completing Chapter 2, to keep going you need to buy the game... If you're looking for a mini strategic game where you collect certain things, this is a great game, but note that it only goes up to Chapter 2, after that you are required to buy the game if you want to keep going.
  16. Please fix black screen
    Anna Arendelle
    The game loads fine.... But when I get to investigating the crime scene, a black screen appears when it says to pinch to zoom in. It really seems like a fun game, but please fix the glitch and I'll rate higher.
  17. Why does it say free?? It's not!
    Jaimie Moline
    The game was fun so I am giving it two stars but you can only play chapter one and two before you have to pay to go any further. This should not be advertised as a free game. Very disappointed and will be uninstalling.
  18. Love it
    Have to admit I've always been able to find items in any game with speed but this game challenges my speed...I give this game an A....
  19. Don't let it fool you
    Karissa Oberman
    you are never able to complete the first chapter with out paying, cool graphics and suspence though
  20. Worst game ever played
    Safwan Saffu
    Am unable to see any thing guys don't waste ur time to play this game am unable to play the game if I was seeing I could give more than 5 stars so am uninstalling the game


What`s new

Help with forensics, investigate the clues and unveil the secret murder in this intriguing hidden object tale of murder and corruption!
- Game crash fixed
- Minor improvements
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