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Reviews 1,671

  1. The best out of the Nightmare's
    Carolyn Chatman
    Only needs better center on maps and a rewind button for the pretentious like me on the mini games Nice new hidden objects idea, and always great graphics. I was supposed to make it last longer but couldn't.
  2. Don't buy
    Heidi B
    The trilogy was decent, there were glitches in all 3 games that people continually pointed out, and nothing was done. The money is definitely not worth playing defective games! The hint button does stop working in this one.
  3. Great graphic abd great game
    Pinky Fhang
    Always been a big fans of nightmare of the deep. Is worth paying the full price. Looking forward for more excited game from you guys. Thumbs up!
  4. Best one in the trilogy!
    Heather Jones
    I love the attention to detail the developers put into this game. The graphics were absolutely gorgeous. The storyline was interesting, engaging and complex. Gameplay was challenging and fun. Extremely well designed in every aspect. Definitely my personal favorite of the Nightmares from the Deep trilogy. The trilogy as a whole is one of, if not THE best of its kind.
  5. The Nightmares series is a GREAT TRILOGY!
    Jelli Sushi
    I have played all 3 demo's now and LOVED them all! I have now bought 2 out of 3 and plan to buy the 3rd one very soon. I bought this one (number 3) and Nightmares from the Deep: A Cursed Heart (number 1), as you can play any of them without needing to have played either of the other 2 in the trilogy. GREAT TRILOGY, AMAZING GRAPHICS & FUN MINI-GAMES! Any of these 3 games, you will not be disappointed :) I also look forward to completing all the achievements as well, and playing the games on expert mode!
  6. Awesome!
    Sharon Casey
    I'm recovering from a mild stroke & my doc recommended playing some sort of game that required memory & strategy. Since I already loved these types of games, I automatically chose more of them. Not only are they fun, but they've helped me to exercise my brain & regain some if the things I lost from the stroke. Please keep them coming!! Most people choose them for fun, but they're also great for mind training! Thanks so very much!
  7. Awesome Game
    Jennifer Weaver
    This series is absolutely fabulous! Good job on the storyline, graphics and animation are beautiful. It is not too hard and not too easy. Seriously, anyone who reads this, the Nightmare series is worth the money. You will enjoy this game!
  8. Player five times!
    Terri Smith
    I love this game. All the Davy Jones games. When is #4 coming out?
  9. Superb game, great sequel.
    Tim Wesson
    Clearly a lot of time and effort has gone into producing such a well-created game. Brings many hours of joy. Also great art and adventure!
  10. Good casual adventure
    martin allen
    Pretty much top flight in terms of graphics, story and production values, apart from a bug where the screen stays blank leaving the witch's cabin. I know this has effected a few people on both android & iOS (hint - I just jumped to an entirely different room using the map then walk back)
  11. Hint button stops working
    John Evans
    Want my money back, I've sent two messages and no response. If you charge for a game, need to support it.
  12. Loving Sequels
    Cynthia Lee
    I have already played Nightmares 1 and 2 so i am excited to play a 3rd!
  13. Kyle Hyndman
    Great game but expensive compared to big fish games.
  14. Coole
    Travoya Johnson
    Played all 3. This one is also great!
  15. Nightmares from the deep
    Amber Leconte
    Great game and I play a lot of them.only quirk. Hint button stopped working half way threw game grrrr.will give more stars if fixed
  16. Love the game
    Kaila Simone
    Whenever artifex mundi collaborates with G5. It's a winner. Lots of steps but not too difficult and good story line
  17. Fun
    Robert R
    Awesome graphics, nice story and a lot of fun! Just wish it were longer, but still, can't complain,thoroughly enjoyed it.
  18. Great
    Michael Balen
    One of the best games I have played. Worth the money.
  19. Anita Coulson
    Great game. Love it. And I've played all three of them now. Brilliant job guys. Keep it up.
  20. Lots of fun
    Wendy Dearden
    If you enjoy HOG this is for you


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