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Reviews 38,342

  1. Okay. Please read. I take back my last review
    Jermaine Marillier
    At first the game is really bad. The reviews below are true and it does suck.. Alot!! It eats CREDITS wants you to spend money which is bull. So, I decided to try it. Bought the cheapest credits I could and played. BAM! Free spins, then more and more. So much that it's become fun again. I'm sitting on 54k right now. I actually play everyday or whenever I can. I'm not saying you gonna win all the time you do lose but the chances even out. Think about it. It's as if the purchase unlocks the game. Awesome!
  2. Got the books a year ago.
    charles tesner
    This app is to make gambler's who want to quit spend money on it as it only gives bonus games nearly once a year. I would have liked it more if it was actually free. Will give better rating if daily credit increases or no limit is set for people that only want to fool around.
  3. Bruce Smith
    Mario Gonzalez
    Never let's you win. No winning possible. This app sucks.
  4. Money making sceme
    Mervyn Deyzel
    6 days now playing and not once have i gotten 3 books, truly this is just another scheme to steal our money.
  5. Not worth playing...
    Nancy Cordeiro
    Takes the points right away, then asks u to buy ( I don't think so)...No Fun, move on.
  6. Interesing
    Terenc Murataj
    Its a beautiful game if u dont play with real money ;)
  7. Book of Ra
    I won over 6million and logged back in and it was all gone. And im having issues making purchases.
  8. kriizis
    Best logic ever! They want you to pay real money to win virtual money when you can go gambling and win real money.
  9. privy ram
    Too less free credits. Have to wait for next day. Not even few hours
  10. Nonsense
    Jānis Aptaks
    This app used to be for fun because of I want to spent money I. go to real slots and have possibility to earn money. But there isn't possibility to even get virtual money. Percentage of luck is similar to zero
  11. Brandon Shaver
    Cant get bonus. Start with little money
  12. George Lau
    Played for 3 weeks not even one feature... Waste of time playin
  13. Jeremy Crowe
    When I was stationed in Germany I won €2500. So I play it as a reminder of a great time I had over there. It would be nice to win a little bit more though. Great job
  14. Bad
    Ottó Radics
    If you play this game and pay for fake credit real money you lost it and have to see a doctor. It took my free credits in 1 minute and offered I can buy some for real money.... What I can loose again in 1 minute....
  15. Andjelo Rodik
    I get more free spins in a casino than on this app...
  16. No currency or email reply
    Donald Forbes
    Can't buy the lower currency and it needs to be updated
  17. Ebrahim Ismail
    This is a poor game. It deserves a minus 10 rating
  18. Slots
    Corcky PS
    I like slots! You loose ur woman
  19. Book of raw
    Mubasir Ahmed
    Feeling something real about book of raw story...!
  20. Ollie Young
    Won't let me download can't even play always something to do with wifi or app purchase don't like it at


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