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  1. Not too shabby at all
    John M. Williamson
    If you are looking for a no-frills golf GPS, this is definitely it. It may be a little bit limited in that it doesn't have all of the courses. But it is definitely the most usable and the least disruptive to your phone. It would get 5 stars if it had more courses, but it would lose any additional stars if it tried to add frills that would make the app more bulky.
  2. Free caddie
    cliff T
    Works just the way it should. Basic with big bright numbers that can be read in the sun. Low battery drain following the suggestions.
  3. works great...I have a tip for users
    Matt Day
    If you have an old smart phone..use that and use this app..because gps works on old phone without cell your new cell phone battery. I also use my old phone during the round for a music player...your old smart phone is basically a tablet now...down load apps by going online through the old phone on your wifi...
  4. Brilliant golf GPS app
    Keith Warden
    This is a brilliant app and is actually every bit as good as the Garmin golf GPS on the buggies at my old course in the Gulf. No clutter and it just shows what you need - front, middle and back of the green. Also very easy to see in bright sunlight due to the lack of clutter. I'd easily give it ten stars as it has saved me a lot of money on a golf GPS with functions I don't want. Very light on battery use as it had 80% left after my round - Samsung Galaxy Ace in flight mode and 30 sec screen time-out, although I killed the screen after every view which also helped.
  5. Just what I need
    Kathy Sleckman
    I have downloaded and tried to use other golf yardage apps but ended up uninstalling due to small, complicated graphics that I needed to put on my reading glasses to see. This one is perfect if all you need is to know your yardage to the hole. Numbers to front, middle and back of green are large and easy to read quickly so you're not holding up your group by messing with your phone. Highly recommended.
  6. Great app
    jeremy noll
    Great job very accurate except for one hole at my home course..UPDATE..Developers were very quick in addressing issue THX
  7. FreeCaddie Pro
    Jon Hudak
    This app is the best I have tried. Some friends tried it also and said the same. Its fast and correct. Not alot of bells and whistles, but if you want to know what distance you are to the green, this is the app for you. Free version is great , Pro is even better. I have it on a LG F6 and a Samsung Rugby and both work flawlessly. This is only app I have found so far that you can use on a old smartphone without service, only gps is needed.
  8. Nice app
    Dustin Barth
    I got the app because it's simple and has easy features I will use. I upgraded to pro through the free version and even though I got the new features the thumbnail still sais it's the free version and that I have not purchased the pro version. Kinda bothers me in case I get a new phone and need to re download the app
  9. Works well on Samsung galaxy s4
    Joe Hahn
    The yardages are very close what sky caddie gives you and it doesn't kill your battery. My one issue with it is the ads. The small banner ads continually stack up during your round so by the 16th hole the yardage are very small, probably not able to be read if you have bad eyesight or a smaller screen. Top be fair it doesn't seem to affect everyone, the Samsung note doesn't seem to stack the ads, just one at a time, but my galaxy stacks them.
  10. Accuate and easy
    Phil Irons
    The app is very accurate and within a metre or same as my Golf Buddy gps. I only loaded this as my gps needed repair. But I used both today and impressed. Big numbers and easy to read. If you just want distance to green this is perfect app to use. The ads are not a problem and if they stack up (which my galaxy s4 didn't) then just exit the app and start round where you left off. Or, put phone in flight mode. A great free app and will tell friends who don't have golf gps or rangefinders. This is good!!
  11. Free Caddie Greatest app of all
    kaye gillon
    A Great App and gives all the details you need.Doesn't use any Data from your phone so if you have a "Prepaid" phone like me then it's ideal. Just load the course (s) at home via your wifi and then open them at the course. All others i tried used data and had toooooo much info for the average golfer ++++
  12. Great App!!!
    Michael McGlone
    Tried it for the first time today, my playing partner was using a Bushnell, the app matched the yardages every time!!! Don't see how you could beat this for a free app.
  13. Perfect on Moto E with Kitkat 4.4.4
    Graham Norton
    Downloaded this app last night and used it today and it works very well. The screen display is very clear and simple just showing yardage to front, middle and back and the yardage readout is very stable . As far as I can tell it is pretty accurate. I set the display to Sleep after 30 seconds and Security to lock the screen after 30 minutes and the display was only 1 button press away so the battery useage was just fine. The GPS seemed to lose lock just once and wouldn't re-acquire, but switching Location off and back on fixed that. Very pleased with it so far.
  14. Wonderful app
    Ace Guy
    I have used it successfully many rounds of golf. It is all I need to know, front, middle, back of green. Very good app. Must have if you are a golfer and love simplicity.
  15. Simple And Accurate
    D.J. Allen
    On courses I know, front-middle-back yardages to the green are all I need. This provides just that, with easy to read oversized numbers. I checked accuracy against my course's own system, and the distances were within 1 yard.
  16. Free but limited courses
    Joe Boulton
    Probably ok in usa but too many missing uk courses. Don't waste the storage space on this.
  17. Didn't match either couse I played.
    John Roy
    Played two local courses and holes were wrong on both. Worked well till I got to the holes that were wrong...all down hill from there.
  18. Front Middle Back
    John Innocenzi
    App shows the most important info needed...approach distances. For a free app its a no brainer.
  19. Was very good
    andrew gascoyne
    Can't load any new courses, says no data connection
  20. Spot on for distance
    Paul Quigley
    Better than others i have tried and does not kill the battery on your phone. Big problem was not trusting the distance and was caught out when I did not play to the yardage displayed. Know now!


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