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Pavel Zhdanov | Software Developer в компании FIVE-BN GAMES

Ukraine |

Andrey Demenikov | C++ Developer at Five-BN

Ukraine |

Aleksandr Frolov | COO, FIVE-BN GAMES

اوكرانيا |

Станислав Цыбенко | Game developer, C++ programmer

Ukraine |

Reviews 6,223

  1. Finally!
    Megan Burns
    Finally a dev that puts thought into their product! Which in turn shows they care about their customers! I haven't even finished this game yet but it is 100% AWESOME! It is prob better than any big fish , artifex mundi, gogii and/or Alawar game! I LOVE the price, i LOVE the story line, i LOVE the quality, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the length of the game! Just everything about the game is TOP NOTCH! Thank you soooooo much for a game where i didn't feel cheated when i was done! JusT FINISHED IT AND LOVED IT!
  2. Gives Big Fish a run for their $!!
    Amanda Case
    I haven't finished the Game yet but so far it's awesome, you can pick your difficulty level (easy, normal, expert)before starting, there is a good balance of HOS & puzzles instead of way more of one than the other, the graphics are beautiful & the storyline is fairly interesting. The overall feel rivals even the best games Big Fish, Alawar or G5 have ever put out! Keep em coming FIVE_BN!
  3. Everything a Great Game Should Be!
    Melissa Gury
    I'm so impressed. Five-bn has given us the formula we have come to love from the big five game makers (Big Fish, Alawar, G5, Gogii and Artifex Mundi). And they have given us the incredibly immersive artwork and creative worlds. Multiplayer, strategy guide, every screen enlarges, everything customisable, achievements, 4 collectables, and a teleportation task map. All the right elements are present. I'm thrilled! 5/11.
  4. Lost Lands Dark overlord
    dawn mcgill
    Amazing game... Amazing graphics! Worth every penny!! Well done♥♥♥
  5. Fun great graphics
    Stephanie Carter
    03/05/15 game. Great storyline.price not bad .free game gives you a good idea of what you are buying.thank u
  6. Judi rating
    Curtis Thompson
    I love this game. Aa g88d as New Y8ui Myster7ee, but by the same producers so what can you expect? Keep up the good work~~~
  7. lorraine luccisano
    Trial was awesome. Purchased and really enjoying. Highly recommend! Thanks for your talent!
  8. Kristen Addicott
    Great game for the money. Puzzles are good and make sense so far. Good story and interesting graphics.
  9. Christine Cavanagh
    Very good game keep on bringing out more
  10. Yvonne Mcnaney
    Loved it more games like this one please
  11. Lost Lands
    Debra B
    I Love it,about time somebody came out with new games,Big fish,G5,artifaxmunda,those are great games,but we always need new faces in the game world! Thank You,keep up the good work and keep um,comming??
  12. At last
    Gail Barnes
    Fantastic game long and great story this gives big fish a run for a great games more please
  13. John Barry
    Great graphics and a good story line. Would like to see more like this.
  14. Great
    Faith Conant
    Great graphics, usual story line and not too many hop.
  15. Lost lands
    Sue Robinson
    Awsome game one of the best games I have played and I haven't finished it yet and for only £2.68 well worth the money
  16. Awesome
    Angila Mahan
    Great HO adventure game. I love this type of game, always buy the full version.
  17. Amanda P
    No sound, even after I uninstalled and reinstalled.
  18. brilliant
    beverly dsouza
    Chrissy Mckenzie avatar image
    Chrissy Mckenzie May 8, 2015
    Love it Love it please make more
  19. Excellent game!
    Rachel Stefano
    This is as good as any Big Fish game! Completely customizable, tons of extra things to find, lots and lots of mini games, hidden object puzzles are different in the best possible way and a bonus chapter all for only $2.99 are just some of the reasons I would LOVE to see many more releases from this developer!
  20. Really good
    catherine knowles
    I really hope this is onwards and upwards for this developer. If you need an adventure game addict tester you know where I am ;-)


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