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  1. Kainoa Mara
    Some of the codes don't work at my local am pm Arco. It's really cool to win 2 corn dogs for free, and think you have breakfast for free. But is really crappy when the cashier/attendant doesn't even know how to enter the codes or that the codes sometimes don't work. If the bosses at corporate think of a great idea, then they should follow through and allow the prizes to be redeemed accurately. Sometimes I win more the one item and the cashier says I can only claim one item per day. Is this correct?
  2. Great!
    Nina Whoo
    This app is awesome. Free food just tastes better! Its perfect. I have had dozens of prizes and its worked every time! Love that if you check in at 12am you get 6 instead of three!
  3. Angel Sanchez
    All you guys are plain slow. The app works fine. If it doesn't recognize u in the store turn on location settings or restart your phone. Those who say code doesn't work first make sure the store takes those 2nd...maybe the minimum wage employee doesn't care and enters them in wrong. In that case or a case where it doesn't work screen shot it before the code disappears then take the clerks name... Store location number and contact corporate. Don't say that's too much trouble otherwise u wouldn't of came here to complain. Thank u am pm this app works great.
  4. Needs work
    Trevviano Harris
    It'd be nice if you could fix the small problem of not getting any scratchers when you check in on a new day. I've deliberately gone at the same time for 3 days now and still nothing. Plus it'd be nice to win more than a soda and a rib sandwich.
  5. Codes not working
    steven jacobs
    Since new update the codes don't work at my local am pm. Plz fix this so we can enjoy it again.
  6. App is good, ampm is not
    Alec Kirby
    App is awesome and works great. But not all AMPM's take this app. It's frustrating and kinda embarrassing to walk in, be declined the free item then weirdly hand it back to them...
  7. Wont register a store
    Maegan Klenke
    I have had this app for a few months at first it worked fine then about two weeks ago it stopped. I am pumping fuel right now and it says no store locations. Just like the last 8 times. I even unloaded abs reloaded it still won't work. A major waste of time
  8. Free stuff can't be bad. Location finder doesn't work
    Joe Aiello
    Can not check in at any am/pms
  9. Blaring music and repetitive prizes
    Eileen Barry
    Would be nice if every time I opened the app it wouldn't announce to the whole gas station with its opening music. There needs to be settings to control noise without having to completely turn sound off on my phone volume. No variety in prizes, 2-3 fountain each visit.
  10. Has had no problems whatsoever
    Courtney Arroyo
    I'm constantly winning soda, coffee, and bbq sandwiches. I haven't been to an ampm that doesn't take it either. Occasionally that'll have me pay the tax but most employees just let me go. The secret is to just drive by one and locate. Don't scratch anything untill you're ready to redeem because small prizes expire in 48hrs. I've just been loading up this week and I have 11! I wonder if scratchers go way on the last day of the month...? Regardless great app. Helped me out when I'm short on cash for food.
  11. Ampm app
    Debra Gamble
    I love this app. The only problem is that some of the Franchise's have opted out of participation. They will not honor your prizes. They will lie and say it doesn't work in their store but it does. Just be honest with customers and remove advertisements. But because of brand royalties they have posted it to get the increased customers sales promotion brings in.
  12. Only won coffee, soda and gum
    Seth Conroy
    Has anyone else won anything good like gas or at least something other than a corn dog haha
  13. Stupid
    jesus vallejo
    I have deleted and downloaded it 3 times and I can't check in, it just gives me an alert to check in every 24 hours. Fix it please . I used to like it I'd give it no stars if possible.
  14. Alright
    Ducky Singh
    Its a good app. U can get a lot of free stuff. The problem is it never lets me check in while I'm at a ampm store. I hate when that happens .
  15. It do work this app
    Lashawn Collins
    Every time I use it it works for me and my husband you got to go in side the store you can use it every day to see if you are a winner
  16. ambrea flores
    I did enjoy this app but now it wont let me login to the ampm location. Been like that for days now.
  17. Not working
    Vee Horan
    It worked the first two days. I loved it! But now it wont give mw my three chances. Keeps saying I have to wait 24hrs though 24hrs have long gone by
  18. Bobbiejo Cox
    Ur app sucks it won't let me check-in to either of my local ampm stores that I have checked into before and know people that check-in daily at these stores plz fix
  19. Ampm scratch power
    maria perez
    App worked at first. Won some good prizes. But now won't let me check in even though I have internet access. Just keeps telling me to check in every 24hrs. This has been going on for a few days.
  20. When it works...
    Marian Knight
    Today it decided it didn't want to locate the AM/PM I was standing in. Don't know where it thought I was but I did a search & it said that store was 3 miles away.


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