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  1. Alright
    Millie L
    No specific hidden-object areas (which are my puzzles in this genre of game), and I would have liked a way to fast-travel with the map rather than constantly having to move back and forth manually. Not bad gameplay and graphics, nothing to write home about either.
  2. Awesome!!
    I loved this game and the others, too. Picturesque, strategic, logic problems... all with a great storyline... Prepare to enjoy!!
  3. Nice.
    Farfallina Farf
    I liked it but I found it too short and a bit childish. But appart from that the story and the graphics for a mobile game are great
  4. EGG HUNT!
    Adkins Loretta
    Grisly Manor, The Lost World, and The Lost City have egg's in them. Find them go to the website that is with the egg's. Tap on the egg at the website enter the code. All three game's have beautiful artwork and great puzzle's.
  5. Good game.
    Trisha G
    This game was quite enjoyable and worth what I spent. The art style and story are a little whimsical for my taste but it still made for an interesting game. The puzzles were quite difficult to understand how to solve in some parts, and that is important, but I feel like it's hinting mechanics could have been done a little better. The journal was a nice touch but it would have been nicer if they also gave a very very subtle hint as to which puzzle it would solve. I also think some of the clues and puzzles where spread too far apart. The map for this game is pretty big. Wish I could just point and click on the toggle map where I wanna go so I didn't have to trek all the way back, but that's probably just me being lazy. All in all, this game is pretty solid and recommendable. Way to go devs! Good job.
  6. denise l
    I love lost world and grizzly manor. I do not appreciate the theme of this game. The other 2 by fire maple were light and friendly. Do not like the sorceress. Too many games have demons and witches. My small and large grandchildren as well as my daughters and I enjoyed playing the other two. Nothing remotely scary in them. I will not only not recomend this game, but will tell others who like wholesome games, not to download. Very disappointed. There's so much talent with these developers.
  7. Yeah
    Marle McDougal
    It was awesome fire maple games rule. But I wish grizzly manor was free. I play these over and over again.
  8. dont dl this game
    An WANG
    u can never stop playing it until u finish all the puzzels! best game ever!
  9. Great Game for a dollar!
    Tre Trevino
    Buy the three pack of games for $1.99 and save a dollar. All three games are a fun use of time.
  10. Perfect <3
    Julia Morgenstern
    This is a great game. You will get lost in the puzzles; they are just so well done. Not too simple or too difficult. I just bought the other two games they made after completing this one. Thank you Fire Maple. You made me love mobile games.
  11. Cathy Orlowski
    Was ok. Not as hard as the other Fire Maple games. But fun any way.
  12. Not as good as thier lost city game
    Kari Dickerson
    Still reasonably fun but this was a bit short, some of the connections really didn't make as much sense to me - had to use hints much more than Lost City. Just not quite as interesting
  13. Amazing game
    James Song
    Have played another two games by fire maple, I paid for this immediately when I see it! Great fun to find all the links and solve all the puzzles. If you enjoy this kind of game, I really can't recommend more!
  14. Good game.
    Jane Webb
    Love the graphics. The puzzles are good. The Lost City is better.
  15. Vasiliki Ntarladima
    If I hadn't paid for it, I wouldn't have kept on playing. Having played THE ROOM 1 & 2 and many Escape Games, I was looking for something at least equally challenging or fun and this app proved to be beneath them. The riddles are few and very simplistic.
  16. pxgxsxs Xlxie
    Good game. But you should make it longer. I feel kinda like I wasted money bcos I completed it in about 3hrs. And I'm a kid
  17. Great Game
    William Foreman
    Fire Maple is always top notch and this is an excellent example of their work.
  18. Sony s1tab
    Carol Tucker
    Great. Not too short. One of my favourites
  19. Awesome
    heather robinson
    Fire maple games creates games that are difficult but just enough to make you engage your brain. Keep it up guys!
  20. OMG
    melissa pol
    Best game i have ever played. Right mix of mystical puzzles and no battles or violence!! Please make The Hidden World 2 !!!!!!!


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