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    Clayton Barrett
    I recently bought a game from fire maple and it will not play on my device I demand a refund asap as this is a small step away from legal theft
  2. Really though!?!
    Miranda Solorio
    This is THE SHORTEST game I've ever seen that you have to pay for! Whoever is responsible for this game should be ashamed of themselves! Seriously contemplating on seeing what can be done about the $$ I just wasted on this stupid game! Because I want my $ back. I've never had to leave a complaint review before. I am completely disappointed.
  3. Very Short Game!!!
    Jennifer Milani
    I first played "The Lost City" game by the same company and loved it. Thought I'd love this one too but it is so short and there are not very many puzzles. It is not a manor, more like a small house. Very disappointed!!!
  4. Short unchallenging
    Jessica Baigent
    Dont waste your time or money. Game was completed in 30mins.
  5. Ok, entertaining, but too short
    Carlos Montseny
    Should be longer. You can play it through in less than a hour.
  6. Short but fun
    Gaius Augustus
    This game is the shortest of the three this company has made, but pretty fun. I got it on sale for 0.99, which was fine, but I suggest going ahead and buying the pack with all the games. It's a great deal and the other two games are longer and even more fun than this one.
  7. Lorna Turner
    Great game couldnt put it down. Need more of these games. Didnt crash once galaxy note 2
  8. Christopher Ranschaert
    Nice introductory puzzle game. My daughter is fond of replaying this one. After the latest update, the game wouldn't start anymore. Reinstalling fixed the issue.
  9. Carrie Andrews
    Can't finish game some features aretoo close I can't open the globe. This game is not made for my other disappointed
  10. Nice but waaaaaay to short!!
    Alexandra Friedrich
    Game is finished within a couple of hours (not rushing..)
  11. Broken junk
    Alissa Zumbo
    This game will not open. I tried it on nexus 7 and a galaxy note 3 and it will not load. The screen goes black then returns to home page. Well never try anything from your group again. Worse, I bought this right before a flight and had no Internet after I bought it so the refund option is gone.
  12. Good game but short
    Tom Bo
    I recommend to not use any hints, I completed the game without using hints, some puzzles are a little difficult but not too hard to figure out, this game is very short for a pay to play but fun, so if you don't use hints it will make the game longer
  13. Grisley manor
    Terry Conrad
    Won't even come up on my samsung tablet after update. I want my money back.
  14. Way too short
    Henry Zmijak
    Seriously, label it a kids game. And the only way to figure out which key fit in which lock was trial and error. Again, "hints" just tell you what to do. Finished this in less than an hour.
  15. Ruby Wild
    It was good when it worked but now it's updated it won't work.
  16. Used to be great
    Michael Adams
    After the most recent update, it will not start on my system. I would give it at least 4 stars if it still ran.
  17. The Secret of Grisly Manor
    vicki highnote
    EXCELLENT!! Well worth the money for a couple hours of pure enjoyment. :-)
  18. Great
    Linda Diaz
    I think I've got all the games now it's a really good pass time however the hint takes to long and eventually I get sleepy and quit the game otherwise it's a great game
  19. Love the game but it's broken
    Karen Styles
    At he globe puzzle it just won't work. I have the right code to put in but nothing happens. Would give the game 5 star if this issue was resolved.
  20. Good, but very short
    Millie L
    Refreshing to see different (albeit clunky) graphics and puzzles but really, really short in comparison to others in this genre. Not bad if you want a quick game to try out the hidden object genre, but be warned that it really doesn't have a lot of gameplay.


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