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Lianwu Pan | CEO at Feelingtouch Inc./FT Games

中国 浙江 杭州 |

haric zhu | Co-Founder & VP at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 北京市区 |

Huaiwen (Vic) Zhang | Feelingtouch Inc. - Overseas Operation

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Feng Yimin | PM at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Reviews 114,530

  1. I give frickin' 0
    Joseph Sadler
    Hey wth? Do you know how to make a game that works. And to all the people that think it will work on their phone just write a "Screw you" comment because that's about all this game is worth.
  2. Bad
    Andre Craig
    If you wanna have fun, don't choose this game. I mean its good in all but it could just use more detail or more stuff like being able to move around or connect and vs other people.
  3. Opens once, then always crashes
    Marc Bernard Schauber
    As the older brother to swat 2, this game lacks some of the glitz, but when it worked, was fun. It opened once after installing and now crashes every time I try to start it. It gets to the last 2 little vertical loading bars then kaboom.. so you get 1 chance to play.
  4. Very effective at crashing...
    Michael Wells
    Should get 5 stars for its ability to crash, I don't think I've ever seen a game that captures the whole disappointment factor so well. Amazing view of either the splash screen or just a black screen, nobody has hit the 'garbage' zone quite like this, you guys should be proud.
  5. Quirky and Basic
    Paul Lewis
    First issue is that it wouldn't load. I would get the initial splash screen saying "loading" and then after a few seconds it would go blank. I was finally able to start the game by tapping repeatedly on the screen while it was starting. The graphics are extremely basic and poor, aiming is difficult and just not very well made in general. Not realistic. Seems like the game has been abandoned by the developer(s) because people have been complaining about these same issues for months and nothing has changed.
  6. Buy this app if you want a rip off
    Ayden Ganyard
    I got it thinking it would be fun. Boy was I wrong. It is supid crap the it almost loads then crashes. I am thinking what the ****! It won't load and I can't play. It looked liked fun but no fun fr me those stupid programers may have made a fun game but I couldn't play perhaps a great game. Oh I tried a second time too. Last bar and it crashed I say what comes out of my dogs is better than this game.
  7. SWAT
    Rick Uhlmann
    Fun to date. Not going to pay for stuff. But so far have done well enough. No glitches or problem running on my HTC One. Keep it up!
  8. Aswomest of my games
    Melissa Dockter
    I love it it has cool bosses cool enemys cool wepons. Cards like gold silver and copper its aswome and stuff for metels for boosts so aswome so cool attachments so entertaining. I love this game its top enertaining on my phone its so sweet.
  9. Swat
    jesse fahey
    Game will not load. Sucks your stats do not move devices like CSR racing, which is a 5 star app
  10. this is garbage
    Ivy Woods
    I feel like you can't even walk and you too and you can you please is full for me and distant very big garbage nobody should ever download this stupid game forever in your life or bird jump off a building to download this game is so much garbage the person already downloaded so I just wanted to say this it still stupid dumb games so with me garbage garbage garbage garbage garbage stupid
  11. Just the weapons are fun 2 get & upgrade!
    Jason Novak
    But I've played better and I should of only rated it 3 stars.
  12. Force stopped
    Steven Ortiz
    Looks good but not able to play since it does not load completely and once done just force stops app. Will give it 5 stars if fixed.
  13. Can be improved
    Jerry Tertamulia
    Bad sensitivity. Weak headshot. I can't keep up with the automatically increasing difficulty. Should add even easier mission when keep losing
  14. Won't open
    Steve Richardson
    Gave one star and isn't worth that even. Go to open it to play and closes just as quick. Going to uninstall and when issue is fixed then I will maybe reinstall and give a better rating!!!!
  15. Galaxy Note 3.0
    Daniel Maloney
    App crashes immediately after splash screen load. App still supported?
  16. Awesome
    Donald Mckenzie
    Fulljoyin d game so far but don't no how to restart my profile can't I get some assistance plz sumbody
  17. Problems with start up just won't finish loading
    Daniel Twellman
    It loads all the way to just the right about to game but when it gets to the last screen it suddenly kicks to shutdown I only got to play it twice on my new phone moto g
  18. Worst game EVER!!!
    Brendon Wheeler
    It works for the 1rst few times then it always crashes!! And when it does work you don't get enough heath kits...
  19. Terrible
    Christopher Carmelengo
    I can't even get in the game if I could give it 0 stars I would, DON'T DOWNLOAD
  20. Relley
    Aiden Barrick
    Doesn't even let me play the game if you want people to get this games fix it. people out there don't waste your time trying to download this game it won't even let you play the game write whenever it's on the last loading point it doesn't let you play I tried a thousand times trust me it does not work


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