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age of empires
age of kings
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gow fire age
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клаш оф кингс
стратегии военные
صراع الملوك



Lianwu Pan | CEO at Feelingtouch Inc./FT Games

中国 浙江 杭州 |

haric zhu | Co-Founder & VP at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 北京市区 |

Huaiwen (Vic) Zhang | Feelingtouch Inc. - Overseas Operation

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Feng Yimin | PM at Feelingtouch Inc.

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Reviews 77,482

  1. Empire war
    Mike Marcum
    Great game, they can't find my acct on s2 after it was saved
  2. Better than the old Kingdoms
    Pilgrim Eric
    Do you remember how much fun the old Kingdoms of Camelot used to be? These folks have taken those old glory days and made them so much more fun. To WAR!!!!
  3. Pretty good
    kenneth bird
    Still getting used to the game bit so far so good there is a lot of stuff to do in this game so users its gonna take some time
  4. Great game
    Love this game, I have played these type of games before but this one is awesome, rarely any issues and great speed, that being said, I wish they joined all servers and create a super server in order to take it to the next level... Dingo
  5. OK but confusing
    Ethan Trent
    Its good but its confusing, it says my castles not even on the map?
  6. Great if you can react
    Paul Lynn
    It's a great game, but if someone attacks while you are sleeping, then it's impossible to respond
  7. Servers
    Jessie Suarez
    Great game, but they open servers way too fast. Nearly 1 new server every week. Makes me not want to spend any money if there isn't going to be anyone on the server I'm on after the new opens.
  8. Type in my code for great rewards
    Joel Lee Junyuan
    Really amazing game, I've played many of this kind of games, usually I play for only a few weeks but I've stuck to this one for months. Type in my invite code ijapfdqtq2 for free in game currency (aka free money)
  9. Not noob friendly
    Nathan Grier
    I followed the tutorial and ended up leaving the noob protection level with like under 1000 people in my army. I was instantly attacked constantly to the point where I couldn't build up enough resources to keep any kind of an army let alone do the fun part of researching, etc. Fun game until you reach Senate level 4. Then you can expect to get pwned by all the pay-to-win griefers.
  10. Allan Larsen
    The game is OK, but has some serious design flaws in my opinion. My main issue is this: New players are nothing but farming locations for older stronger players, and the new players have no way to fight back. I tried and initially liked the game. That was until the one week shield was removed. They attacked with an army 20 times stronger than mine, stole my resources, destroyed my defenses, and stole my heroes. From then on I was raided every 6 hours or so. Thus I had no way to rebuild, fight back, or progress in any way. Before I quit the game, I wanted to destroy my buildings to prevent my city from being farmed. However, the game wanted about 5 dollars worth of gold for every building to be destroyed.
  11. datal once lost is not returned
    Nirav Priyadarshi
    i have played this game alot.. and have gone very faar... i have changed the phon but.. u guys are not providing any help to recover my data in new phone.... i cant play it from beginning now.... just give me my progress backkkkk.... really very angry
  12. Money pit.
    Travis Richards
    This game like others start good and then when things are added its all about the Dev's making money. U get Rip off on so many things in here for over price items. Lower the item prices make spending real money worth it dam it.
  13. 18i3yh8ycy (Enter this invite code for tons of free starter coins) Join us on Server 7.
    Lejes Valsu
    The other games similar to this are too clunky and too "casino-like," which is very annoying. This one is toned down, runs smoothly, and is very relaxed. More enjoyable overall. No crashes.
  14. Evgeniy Malyuta
    I liked this game very much and enjoyed playing! Fascinating gameplay, good graphics and effects makes playing enjoyable. As player permanently advances, game never becomes boring. You get a bunch of free stuff and resources every day etc. Unlike others online games, you can advance and achieve success in this game without spending a penny of real money. However, there are some things that you can buy if you want advancing faster and easier. I recommend at least give a try playing this game to everyone
  15. Love it! Best of it's kind!
    Nick Brodeur
    I've played many like it, but none that compare to the amount of thought the producers of this game put into everything. You don't need to pay a bunch of money to play this game. I been playing for just over a month now and have two thriving cities. I'm rated in the top 500 without paying anything, but plan to soon. Not because I have to in order to keep growing, but because the creators of Empire War deserve to be paid something for making such a wonderful game. You command your armies, you control your ba
  16. Gold purchases
    Dylan Russell
    The amount of money you have to pay for gold to increase your rate of growth is to expensive for the amount that you get from it I think that there needs to be some changes made to the packages you can buy
  17. Alex Thomas
    Great game its new so everyone isnt totally ahead of a player just starting unlike most other similar games. Fun to play and outstanding alliance system. Only thing holding it back from 5 stars is prices in the gold market are ridiculously high.
  18. Great so far!!
    rick vansuffelen
    Just downloaded..a little unsure of all the things to do..but in time I am sure I'll figure it all out!! Great concept and runs smoothly with no lagging or glitches!! GOOD JOB DEVELOPERS!!!!
  19. Awesome Game
    Kylie Shipard
    Best war game on android so far!!!! It's fun and addictive!!! No glitches... game doesn't crash... highly recommend it!
  20. Suzanne Smith
    Fun game to play casually or you can devote more time to it to become an advance player. Please enter my player code so that we can both earn rewards when you download the app! s0ncdzbcvj.


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