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город и ферма
امل الشعوب
امل الشعوب اون لاين
امل شعوب
صراع الملوك
قبيلة صدام



Lianwu Pan | CEO at Feelingtouch Inc./FT Games

中国 浙江 杭州 |

haric zhu | Co-Founder & VP at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 北京市区 |

Huaiwen (Vic) Zhang | Feelingtouch Inc. - Overseas Operation

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Feng Yimin | PM at Feelingtouch Inc.

中国 浙江 杭州 |

Reviews 121,348

  1. Awsome
    Mikeal Long
    Great game it has some similar aspects of most of the other war games but has its own obvious standout features that really draw your attention to the game the detail in the graphics is not the greatest but the internal details of the game draws the attention away from the graphics there is room for improving as far as the chat goes I like to watch my alliance chat at the bottom of my screen but alliance chat only stays up if I have the whole venue open as soon as I close the menu it swaps back over
  2. Fun
    Caitlin Smith
    I have played other games like this but they were not as easy or as fun to play as this. You constantly get help (powerups) from the game, if you play it right, but join a guild!! It is worth it!! The only bad thing is that you can't gift your friends/alliance members with gold or powerups yet. But it is a great game!!
  3. join me in s75 Sin
    Mike MeaZy
    all new and old players are welcome to join.
  4. Good game bad mods
    Jake A
    I loved this game. Spent loads. No more! Over modded but power crazed mods. Warnings and mutes on players in opposing teams to one particular mod in training. Selectively singling out the opposition players while ignoring offensive behavior from their own team mates..its made me realize this is not a well balanced game and not worth spending more money on. Be aware. Sent feedback as requested. No response.same with another issue. Feedback seems to only get a reply if its easy and convenient.
  5. Was great
    Caleb K Scott
    This was a great game. The new attack mechanics have absolutely destroyed the fighting aspect of it. Losing your strongest troops before weaker troops have been killed is ridiculous. It has made attacking anyone in the game a very stupid move. Losing so much for very little gain. I won't be spending another cent on this game unless the battle mechanics have been restored. The devs are getting to greedy. Trying to force everyone to use more and more gold to get anywhere. And the server merge was a joke.
  6. Great battle game
    Keith Huska
    Great battle game but to easy to loose all your troops to a zealot. Some people spends loads of money on this game, and have nothing else to do than kill off all the troops you have trained. Extremely addictive, challenging, and time consuming. Easy to spend hours playing, but frustrated that troops are so easily lost if outside your city.
  7. E.r.r
    Ben Boydell
    E.R.R is kicking a player from emp called freyer for no reason what so ever please fix so people dont keep getting kicked
  8. Blatant rip off of Game of War - Fire Age
    Lee Woods
    Good game, hope it's not expensive to play like game of war.
  9. Chris Morson
    Join an alliance as soon as possible find a good one that works together and not just the most power. Makes the game lots of fun if you can communicate and help eachother grow
  10. Email support team
    Jessieca Cabalonga
    Cup is over 3 days ago seattle vs dc united.. im still waiting for my winnings.. what is going on?
  11. Great game
    Jake Gift
    This game has a really good pace that keeps you invovled. The graphics could use an improvement. 5/5 in my opinion.
  12. Grate game
    jeffrey mc.keown
    I love it,but unfortunately there are low of gold mine out there and the building upgrade take to much time when we at level 20 or up
  13. Nice game and very addictive
    Lalfakzuala Pachuau
    But there should be a skip mode to tutorials for veteran players when playing a new server.....we have to go through the same tutorial again....
    Kyle Schanck
    You can actually earn goldinstead of always having to buy some. It's pretty easy to level up and if your spawned in a bad place, you can use one of your migration things to go to a diffrent area. IT WAS AWSOME!!!
  15. the best game ever
    Sirm Enix
    this is one of the best because i can make my own army my own castle my own army my own kingdom everythink i love this game because its friendly too
    Abdool Azis
    I love this game I have only one problem I can't make purchases to buy gold if you can fix that I will give it five star, can you also make the person control their troops when attacking an enemy.
  17. Mods are horrible
    Dakota Styck
    This one moderator on s71 harassed me threatening to mute me because I posted what appeared to be eyes and he claimed it was inappropriate. He told me how he was a mod and I'd get muted. People like him shouldn't be allowed to play... other than that I'd give you 5stars
  18. Bought items
    Daniel Vinhasa
    Like the game play, but I'm not sure if I'm getting everything I purchased? Does a higher level chest open itself, because I never see it in "My Items" so I never know what was in it? Am I missing something here?
  19. Love
    Camren Littlejohn
    Love the game plz stop giving out a lot of resources when you start and one more thing you should have a choice if you want to control your army.
  20. Good strategy game
    Rahul Sonawane
    It's a good strategy game but quite slow as all other such games and for sure drain your battery very fast.


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