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اكتشاف الجن


Monthly active users estimation: 2,000,000

Reviews 126,026

  1. It doesn't work on my phone!
    Krishna Gokani
    I like this app, and I've played it so much! But on my phone, Motorola Moto E, I choose a level and even before I look at it, it passes, and then it keeps telling me that I need to hold my phone vertical upright and I am and the thing will not change! Please sort this out and I'll give it a better rating!
  2. Some words I dont know
    Miggy Mapua
    There are words I'm not familiar with. But then, that can be fixed with custom cards. It's a great game anyways!
  3. Funny!!
    Ne Pu
    We are having so much fun playing it! :D Doesn't matter how old you are,it's a great game for all generations! Unfortunatelly we are from Europe,so some things are hard to explain.
  4. They love it so much...
    Hannah Fuchser
    My friends love this game. Instant hit. Every time I pull it out, everyone wants to play! Sometimes they will go so far as to steal my phone so they can play! Works on phone and tablet! No complaints! Great game!
  5. Simple yet fun!
    Hung Nguyen
    Great app game to play with a group of friends or family, it can get pretty rowdy and loud with all the fun! Mainly used it for line-waiting trips such as Anime Expo or even Disneyland and it was so entertaining.
  6. Stuff Keeps Repeating
    Breanna Moore
    I really like the game, but it would be better if there were more things to guess on. Like in Kids Movies/TV after two rounds of playing, things start repeating and stuff starts getting unfair. That's really all that I feel would need to be changed or added.
  7. Insane Party Game
    Darren Nainggolan
    It's amazing how you can make custom decks and that you don't need real money for unlockable categories. Also very good for tournaments in my opinion.
  8. Bring back the old decks!
    Emily Kirk
    I loved this game until they got rid of most of the categories! I paid for a lot of them and loved playing them but then they were removed from the game which was very disappointing, please bring them back! There also are no more decks left for me to buy, I've only been left with the free ones which is a little weird. Other than that this is a brilliant game and I've had so much fun playing it
  9. Fun!
    Jessica Kraeer
    This is a great party game. Only complaint is that sometimes when u try to pass or answer it doesn't register fast enough. Or you have to keep tilting your phone and then you run out of time even if u answer correctly.
  10. Himym
    Bethany Dodge
    They got rid of the HIMYM category which was our favorite. That didn't need to happen and it really brought down the value of the entire app. Will probably delete soon.
  11. AWESOME!
    nelyaj homer
    This app is absolutely awesome. All I recomend is a camera to video record you and playback how stupid you might look explaining the word(s). But other than that I recomend this app to everyone whos phone/tablet is uncompatible with heads up!
  12. It's awesome I have a cheat
    Lamaranani Loloanani
    You can look at the word and say it then do what you do awesome awesome awesome and awesomest app in the whole sumsung galaxy 10 and all other devices please reply and be so good but if you don't like it it's ok it's all your fault not who were loving or liking . Thx and reply!
    Anamica Angel
    The best thing about this app is that its free, its got good graphics, and now I dont have worry about buying some stupid app worth 1.00 $!
  14. What the hell
    Karen Reagan
    I hate that you guy took the most of the great decks out and left us with lame ones. Bring back the other decks back!!!
  15. Custom doesn't Work but OK so far
    Kareena Ally
    I have a Sony Xperia E3. I can't create a custom category because the keyboard always disappears. Love the other categories for charades.Lots to choose from. I really want to make my own because I have no idea what half the categories words are and I would like to make my own to help with that can you please try to fix this problem.
  16. Love this game
    Natalia Wingo
    This game is just fantastic. You can play it when you're bored at home, or you're waiting in line for something. I was at an amusement park for a Halloween thing and me and my family were waiting in line for a haunted house, and this guy dress as a zombie came up and started playing the game with us, it was the best experience ever!!! :D
  17. So fun
    Danielle Vargas
    Love this app great for entertainment while waiting in long lines
  18. It's awesome
    Robynn MacDonald
    This game saved my life. I turned to it to replace my extreme sex addiction. I'd say it gave me more pleasure than any of those men...women...dogs...etc. 10/10 would bang-I mean play again.
  19. Love it
    Fantage Maria
    I rly luv this app. Whenever I feel like I'm bored, this game let's me have fun while I'm bored
  20. Entertaining
    Natasha Jewmilaa
    My friends and I were playing this even though we didn't planned to, I was playing charade with a friend of mine at first but then Everyone in the room started engaging with us and joining. It was a lot of fun and we were all laughing


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