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  1. its alright
    Deanna Gordon
    Its sucks but i see im not the only one to complain to u about how much it sucks there's 4 slots it pays well but u never get no bonus that'd pretty bad and u want people to pay real money out of there own pockets well let me tell u that's not going to happen no ones is going to want to pay ya'll money for something like this u would have better results if u actually did something to improve the game
  2. Bonus? What bonus?
    John Warren
    Please fix. It makes you look dumb...
  3. Poor job
    Joshua Blair
    What the hell is this you have gems marked bonus but there's no bonus very displeased
  4. ?????
    Shane Wells
    I don't know what happened to your game, but it will not load on my phone anymore. Probably uninstall. Haven't much choice. Oh well, I got 30 other slot games to play. No big loss. Thanx for wasting my time!!!!!
  5. Bars
    Jon Hoy
    Bars ARE NOT giving points of score. All this game does is spin and nothing more. Sorry game to download and waste of time.
  6. Richard Fair
    Been playin this gamecfor ages since last update it wont load
  7. Levels
    Kinnith Booth
    Like this game just wish there was more levels
  8. Dud
    Kristi Hoff
    It quites working after level 51. Its done this 2 xs now don't downloading downloaded it on my new phone & it quit @ level 68
  9. Slot manchines
    Melz Durant
    Jess Edgecomb avatar image
    Jess Edgecomb March 6, 2013
    Bonuses It,would be so much better if the bonuses actually did something like a bonus game that would give u more gems and or money
  10. Cool
    Karen Cook
    It's a realy good game. Nice and bright. I realy like playing it. So thank you
  11. Galaxy s3
    Perry Skotoris
    Had $16500 and game restarted without warning. Started game up again only $1250
  12. Bonus
    eric merrell
    Bonus doesn't work. Game doesn't start where you left off either it starts over everytime u close the app your back at level 1
  13. Paid but Never Received!!!
    Shairah Herr
    I really like this game but I paid for Gems and never recieved anything. I would/ will rate this at 5 stars if I receive my Gems! Also the Bonus thing is kind of dumb. It should be spins on a wheel or some little game like that.
  14. Slot Machine
    John Manning
    All you need in this game is to keep on spinning those wheels for more coins !
  15. Wth
    Sherry Hayes
    Took me hours to down load then said pig file invalid
  16. Too much going on
    Dave Grant
    You don't seem to win much and there are just buttons and numbers everywhere. Also the ad at the end is annoying and kind of scammy.
  17. Bonus features
    Brenda Genrich
    The bonus features do not work in all the slots in this app. Beware
  18. Don't play
    Linda Roberts
    I have other games from this company on my phone and love them. I just installed it today. I uninstalled it when I won free spins and with each spin the amount in my bank dropped
  19. What happened
    Caroline Kocis
    I was enjoying this until the bonus credits meter stopped
  20. Horrible
    Nettie Graham
    Worst slot game I have ever played....very very poor payouts and the reels spins dreadfully....Redo....Redesign Graphics...spinning methodology. ?.


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