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  1. Ninja Dashing
    Taylor Green
    You need to slow the levels down on some of them and add more levels after the glacier level like a meadow level or a sky level where u are walking on clouds, you are still doing the same thing you do in any other level but instead on this level you are doing it on clouds. Why don't you ask everyone who played/plays this game and ask you them if they want you to add more levels if so what new levels. It is a really fun game though. You guys should try this game.
  2. Awesome game!
    Randie Pino
    It takes a lot of patience and determination to unlock the new stage...two thumbs up. I really enjoy it, i am now in my last scene ( GLACIER ). Congratulations Ninja Dashing Team.
  3. Francois Neethling
    Really cool idea but the movement is extremely unresponsive and cluncky, making certain parts of the game exceptionally hard!
  4. Snapchat me troublegunna
    redcarpet trouble
    I feel like y'all should give more coins because I I always click fast and still die and the life is 700 a piece and it's a little bit of coins only to the end which more harder to pass
  5. Excellent
    Martina Fenech
    It's a bit difficult but I like it it's fun and I enjoy playing it
  6. lysin white
    Every time i about to beat a level and i press the screen to jump it doesnt let me jump and then i die and have to start all over. Its bull that they said they fix the bugs in it cuz there still there. Other than that its an alright game it would be better if the bugs they said was fixed was actually fixed.
  7. Ninja Dashing
    Angelina Villanueva
    This game is so awesome I keep playing it over and over again
  8. Good game
    Fredrick Lopez
    Good game really fun could get carry away in try to pass each level lol good game
  9. great game
    juanita evans
    very addicted and better then the old version
  10. Devices I used so far
    Nakeeb Hendricks
    Xperia C plays well and it's a good game
  11. In core duos
    vijay amirtharaj
    Awesome game. Superb easy to play and I will interesting
  12. Awesome!!!!!
    Kelis Strickling
    Its awesome it gets u excite and adrenaline rising its dopethe only bad thing to gotta hve good timing or you'll never pass the game
  13. Crystal Stewart
    Great game, needs update with new levels, I've deleted and downloaded this game three times so that I could reset the levels
  14. Fun and frustrating
    Matthew Pijan
    It's a lot of fun but the controls aren't as responsive or reliable as they should be. I know it isn't my galaxy s3 that is the issue because other similar games do not have this issue.
  15. Add more good music
    Lola Paramour
    Would be 5 stars if there was more music. Gets a little repetitive.
  16. Lovely game
    Surendra Surendra
    I really love this game.i want to to play the second part of this game.
  17. The best game ever! Ninja Dashing
    Ryan Reich
    My children Andrew and Nathan love this game it's more than love this game is awesome! Thank you everyone download it for free!
  18. Temmy Ashilokun
    It took time before I could win but the game was awesome
  19. Ninja Dashing
    Rabindra Choudhary
    Fantastic game i dont know why the other people make such silly silly games i pretend to only play this game. Its the best. But plez extend the levels. They are very less and i can complete them in one day. So plez. :) :):)
  20. Brilliant
    Victoria Falzon
    Well good haha downloaded it for my son haha I like it x


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