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  1. Don't understand the star allocation
    heath curry
    I have been playing this game for a while now and I still have not figured out what gives me three stars compared to 0 stars.
  2. It's ok
    Adina Heinzerling
    Freezes all the time. Once you get past level 30, some are almost impossible to even get one star, let alone 2 or 3. I spent 3 days just trying to get one star on level 47. Other than that, it's ok.
  3. Such a shame.
    Wendy Neale
    You can't switch the screen to landscape and therefore you have a constant banner advertising at the bottom of the screen and you can't see where the balls are. It's frustrating and disappointing, this could have been a good game. Un-installed from Acer Tablet.
  4. Great Game!!
    Marge Hazen
    For me this it's absolutely the most challenging version of a Zuma type game I've played. There are those tougher, but they are also un-winnable. So far there is only one level I've skipped, but I'll get it eventually. If you love Zuma-type games that give you a run for your money, you are gonna love this game! I can't stop playing it!
  5. I just luv it
    sanjeet shekhar
    Nic game work smoothly.... An addictive game the closest one to Zuma I just completely got mad while playing it!!!!!!! nice work guys .....
  6. Good game but..
    Carol Stanhope
    The ads come up before you can see your score. Very irritating! Many levels seem to be impossible to get 3 stars. Please fix already! Many of us are complaining about the same things. Starting to think you don"t care about our input.
  7. Angela Harper
    This game is fixed, the better you get the less stars it gives you so in turn your unable to get on next level. freezes far to much, going to uninstall !!!
  8. The ads, suck!
    janielle woods
    This game would be great, if there wasn't an ad popping up after every level.
  9. Marble Blast 3
    Juli Shore
    Good game but does not allow one to play for long without the need for 'coins' (aka, money) to continue playing. Thus, the lower rating.
  10. Love it
    Anne Turner
    If you like playing Zuma you'll like this game too. Levels are not too hard or too easy, just challenging enough to keep me interested. Colorful and smooth play. I've liked all the Ezjoy games I've played so far.
  11. Awesome
    The Waka Vore Fan
    The environments are amazing, the power-ups are great and i love the achievements! Wish my battery lasted longer so i can play it after i played my paid apps
  12. Silent mode?
    Anita Przybysz
    I would rate the game itself 5 star. The adds in between each game 4 star. They now have video adds and my game is on silent which makes no difference. This can create an in embarrassing situation.
  13. Best Zuma game
    Mandy Simon
    Smooth, clever, colourful and the right level of challenge.
  14. Kiairia Singleton
    It's fun but no matter what phone I have, it stays closing randomly
  15. PIH90
    I liked this game when I was little, still like it, but the game randomly closes on me in the middle of games
  16. I would like it but...
    Julie Strauss
    Nice game to play BUT - FULL PAGE ADS between every single level!!! Just too much to deal with - just distracts too much from playing the game, can't get a rhythm going. Am uninstalling.
  17. Well
    AudreyAnna Paterson
    I like it but every time I loose a game kicks me out please fix
  18. Love it
    Antonio Lekoloane
    Just started playing the game last week and is very challenging especially from 50. I have reached 90. Is there more
  19. Judy Jefferson
    I like it very much ,its good for the eyes an hand movements !
  20. Awsome
    Hayzel Meyer
    Its really great! It keeps me and my daughter entertained for hours! I'm on level 9!


What`s new

This update brings:
- Support new google API
- Fixed some bugs

Enjoy it and thank you for supporting Marble Blast 3.