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  1. Jo Tyra
    Challenging and addictive. But it needs more levels! Shocked when I got to the end. Now I'm going back and playing levels I skipped or only got 1 star on, but it needs more levels!!!
  2. Please put this game away.....
    Charles Lewis
    I cant stop playing this....It's so addictive. That's why im giving it a 5. I would give it a 10, but...
  3. Bubble Bird
    Kelly Wright
    I just started playing tonight so I don't believe I can honestly rate it yet. So far it is fun, fast but a little disappointing when it comes to aiming and the color bubbles that do not show up when you need them at the end. I will properly rate this when I have played it a day or two.
  4. Pretty good game
    Christie Mitchell
    I really have zero complaints about this game. It gets challenging but not impossible and you can always go back and replay easier levels if you need a break.
  5. Needs work!
    carmen patterson
    Would be a great game except it constantly freezes & by the time it unfreezes & catches itself up, you have failed the level. Very frustrating. I play other bubble pop games & don't have this problem.
  6. Good game ..too slow
    Jo T
    Would give 5 stars if they could speed the game up ...I just started playing but can see myself uninsralling very soon. One of the slowest bubble shoot games I gave played...shame because its got great graphics and appeal
  7. Terrific game
    Deborah Hager
    Really cool game.I can enjoy my day playing this&not get bored
  8. Awsome game
    Paige Robertson
    I love this game and would love for u guys to keep adding new levels, I would also love for u guys to make another game like it bc I can't seem to find any other games out there quiet like this one. Yes there r others that are similar but not as challenging and now that I've done beat the game I'm haveing to replay it bc there r no new levels added.
  9. Good Game, but stop with the noisy ads!
    Rob Bell
    I like the game and have for a while, but the new version has ads that pop up on full volume even when I have game sound and music muted. This is not cool. I understand the need for ads to fund a free game, but stop with the forced sound or I'll stop installing your apps.
  10. Uninstalling
    Meeka Shaffer
    Aim is way off due to the constant moving of the board. The birds just seem to float wherever they want in the general direction of where I actually want them to go. Aggravating.
  11. Enough with the ads
    Julie Strauss
    The small ads don't bother me, I understand them or paying a small amount for ad free apps. BUT - Since when did the ads at the bottom / top of the page become not enough advertising that FULL PAGE ADS are becoming a frustrating & irritating norm for this & other developers? As long as it is the norm I will continue to boycott these apps, tho I have enjoyed them in the past. There are other things that bother me with this game besides the ads so I will uninstall.
  12. Entertaining!!
    Judy Brinkmann
    Enjoyable time killer, music is a little annoying. Overall fun. I don't have any other comments.
  13. I love it
    Jasmine Mosley
    I have a galaxy 3 and I love this game... I would recommend this game. Better than angry birds... BIG FLAW...every time i open this app it takes me to the app store. Thats annoying
  14. Oh please!!!!!!!!!
    Katie Tuck
    The birds have moved by the time I've aimed my shot. Also the game issues unusable colurs. Sorry I wasted my time. Lots of the comments strike me as fake as well. Reluctantly you get 1 star out of me. (I am a paying gamer who plays lots of bubble games, so I'm not a sore loser)
  15. Time killing
    amna tahir
    This is one of the best game I played.Colourful birds with existing challenges.....really love it
  16. Suckish....
    Teresa Kennedy
    This would be a cool game if it didn't go so fast AND IF YOU COULD GET THE COLOR YOU NEED!!! Lost 5 x on level 4...yes I said level 4... because the wrong colors kept coming up. Waste of time downloading this one. Very disappointed.
  17. Disappointed
    kay jones
    Jerky not smooth. Slow to fire and you never know if it is going to stick to or bounce off of selected target
  18. Bubble Bird
    Mary Pattison
    Really like this game,all of a sudden the option board covers the birds,and can't remove it to play. Please help before I have to uninstall.
  19. Christina Drew
    You have to get 3 or more birds of the same color in a group by shooting the bird at the bottom of the screen. All you have to do is tap on the spot that you want to shoot it at. The hard part is that every few seconds they all move down and once they cross the line you lose.Love it so addicting.
  20. chrisa pattee
    It's pretty fun at first until later on when the levels get tougher, when you need accuracy...its just not there. This game becomes more frustrating than anything else. Uninstall


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