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  1. 1.5.26 was much better
    Larry Lopez
    So I was able to find the older APK file of this emulator (1.5.26) and I gotta say that the older one definitely performs better than this current one that's on the play store. With this newer version, I'm getting constant frame drops NO MATTER WHAT. I'm not sure what you did, but I refuse to update unless you get this straightened out. In the meantime, I'll just keep using the old version. By the way, the same goes for your SNES emulator.
  2. Frame drops on Nvidia Shield Portable
    Haitham Hassane
    Robert's emulators used to be perfect. Now with this edition, there are significant frame drops. Even when framerate is set as AUTO, there are frame drops. Testing earlier versions on the same device, I get zero frame drops with framerate set to ZERO. This is the case with Robert's other emulators too. So far I've tested GBA.emu (which I refunded) and NEO.emu that has severe frame drops in Metal Slug games. Robert, please fix this! I want to get the MD, GBA, and GBC emulators but I am holding for now. Thank you.
  3. Games
    David Stembridge
  4. The best NES emulator for Android
    David Noce
    Now with the actual framerate detector function, frames are no longer dropped every several seconds due to reality being slightly different from the default value of exactly 60.00 fps. It was the only thing missing to make this the most flawless emulator out there. Bravo on the addition of that feature.
  5. Almost perfect
    Corey Gilley
    This emu is great like all of Robert's efforts, but it could really use an option to hide the overscan area. I get tired of seeing the glitchy graphics on the edge of the screen.
  6. Sweet
    Jade Hill
    Avoid the shield reviews, clearly these guys don't realize that their nvidias are for remote play and not gaming tablets for emulation. Granted they do have beef, the issue is platform, a jxd s7800b will overpower and dominate in this area with similar stats on device cpu, video, audio, etc. The fact is even a smart phone is capable .... What they need is to find a better architecture and have separate devices. This developer has my kudos since I've used emulators since they first hit using command prompt, on android and with GUI this is a thrill, the sound is top notch and graphic emulation is superb with ability to customize. Please consider to support the developer for this app runs very smoothly and as described.
  7. Bug
    Kevin Canto
    I can't hide/disable the onscreen fastforward and menu soft button on NES.emu and SNES9X+. Please fix these are two of my favorite apps. Device: LG G3 (D850) OS: KitKat 4.4.2
  8. Best NES Emu on Android!
    JXDS7800B User
    This NES emu has nearly every option you can think of and runs smooth and easy even on devices with lesser specs. Rob, you're awesome! Thank You for making such a cool emulator for this classic system!
  9. Love this app. Needs a search function though
    Zain Ajam
    I absolutely love this app. Use it on my android tv, and runs like a breeze. One frustration I'm having is that there is no search available to find a particular rom in my long list of roms.
  10. Device Support
    m0sh missingno
    Graphics shaders/filters won't work on my Galaxy Light. Plz fix this!
  11. It's dangerous to go alone. Download this.
    Robert Kuntz
    Best Android NES emulator I've yet seen in my travels. All it needs is an NTSC shader to bring back the thrill of stomping evil mushrooms in third grade on a crappy old TV set.
  12. 95% there
    Christopher Gregory
    This app is really good. The only thing holding it back from greatness is the lack of a confirmation screen (or six!) when you hit the reset button. Three times already I've spent a fair amount of time playing games, only to have the game ruined by an accidentally triggering of the reset option. This isn't life or death, but it is really aggravating and could be cured with a "Are you sure you want to reset?" "Are you sure???" screen, to avoid accidental resets.
  13. Perfect in every way!
    Thomas Djärv
    After trying most of the NES emulators on the playstore and some paid i've come to the conclusion that NO ONE ELSE COMES CLOSE TO THIS EMULATOR!
  14. Best Emulator Our there
    Luke Wlcek
    Don't think just buy it easiest emulator to use I hope the makers of this would make for the GameCube because I have found not emulator as easy to use as this WELL WORTH THE PRICE
  15. Dropbox
    Jonn Berg
    My only complaint is that I wish it has Dropbox support so I could play on all of my devices...
  16. Best NES emu on Android
    Chris Faulkner
    Awesome compatability and works great with just touch screen controls. I have no issues with frame drop or slow down.
  17. Excellent, supports Nexus Player.
    Ian Rawlings
    Loaded onto my Nexus Player, this appears in the main launcher, thanks for that. With FolderSync also loaded I can sync saved games between my phone and Player.
  18. 32k save support?
    I'm Shalpp , Guy
    Great emu, some homebrew I'd like to run won't work on here cause of unsupported save types.
  19. Great emulator
    Dimitric Fresh
    I've used this emulator, (tricks and all) to beat games the younger version of me could not do. Thanks for allowing me to relive parts of my childhood with this. Thanks.
  20. Awesome!!
    John Talasky
    I would have to say this is the best $4 I've ever spent!! I found all the castlevanias and super mario brothers games. And they all work perfectly!! To whoever created this app thank you so much!! :-)


What`s new

* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code
* Update core to FCEUX SVN revision 3394


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