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  1. Best Emulators on Android
    Jeremy Yerby
    Robert has really set the bar with his emulators, almost all of which i have purchased. Very good on screen control layouts, great no-hassle compatibility with external controllers, very clean interface, and great ROM compatibility. So glad to have found the .EMU set of emulators. I have them installed on all my Android devices. :)
  2. Best Android MD emulator so far...
    Shawn Emerson
    ...and still being updated. Just great, now I can make all my friends who like Candy Crush Saga jealous by playing fun, nostalgic games from my childhood that DON'T suck, and with excellent accuracy and performance! Take THAT, boring mobile gaming industry! I'd gladly pay for this a second time. Forget the naysayers who don't realize that it's Android 4.2+'s fault that Wiimotes aren't supported and not yours--there are better controller alternatives anyway. YEEEEE ROCKET KNIGHT ADVENTURES AND GUNSTAR HEROES
  3. Awesome update
    Mohamed Hadi
    I emailed you months back, and you have fixed everything. I bought most of your apps today as a thank you. *****
  4. Fastest Genesis emulator on Android
    Kaleo Caparoso
    Now I can play Mutant League Football at work! Thanks!
  5. Best genesis emulator
    Abubakar Khokhar
    Tried a few other emulators and didn't like them but this one is just perfect. The only thing I don't like is you have to type in cheats individually
  6. Wish could rearrange buttons in triangle layout
    Cap Onehundred
    This is the best mega drive emulator. However there is one huge issue. I use a stick on screen joystick for both the on-screen joystick and the buttons. However there is no way to arrange the buttons in a triangle formation or a square, as the buttons are laid out in the snes emulator. Consequently, only two buttons may be tapped using the stick on joystick. The tools for button resizing etc still result in the buttons being in a line, a-b-c with the b button always in the middle. I want the buttons in a square or triangle formation. Please please please add a tweak to fix this!
  7. Great emulator
    Metin Ozil
    Plays all sega roms no problem...worth to buy
  8. Fantastic
    Darren !
    Works great on nexus 10 and nexus 9, no problems with every ROM I've used to date
  9. MD.emu
    Jeremy Lott
    Great app. And great to play my old favorites. I just can't figure out how to delete games after I accidentally downloaded Batman twice.
  10. Can't load ROMs from SD card
    David Cates
    I am having an issue with loading ROM files from my SD card. When I use the app to browse for a ROM, the file structure shows up but the folders appear empty even though I have put ROM files onto the SD card. If I move the files back to my phone's internal memory the ROMs show up and load normally. This is most likely an issue with the new SD card restriction insanity that came with kitkat but I really would like to load ROMs off my SD card.
  11. Wonderful
    Anderson Soares Andrade
    Needs .bin isos from Sega/Mega CD to works perfectly!
  12. The sega emulator for you
    G.G. G.G.
    What bad can be said. If you love Sega in its hay day buy it you wont regret it.
  13. Great emulator
    Runs perfect on my note 3 with my moga pro. Dev still updates this which is great aswell.
  14. Nice Stable Emulator
    Terrance Hopson
    Does what it claims, never encountered any bugs. An overall great emulation app and best of
  15. Easily the best megadrive emulator.
    Mr Chris
    This is so much better than gensplusdroid. It is MUCH more accurate and plays classics from ea sports like nhl95 at proper speed. It is well worth the price.
  16. After installing on new Shield Tablet Cheats no longer work.
    Nick Wride
    The title says it all. if the cheats get fixed in an update I will give 5 Stars
  17. Hasn't worked in over a year
    Jonathon Herron
    A little over a year ago, all 3 emulators (SNES, NES and MD.EMU) worked flawlessly and I could use a Wiimote to play. Now, none of the emulators can successfully detect any of my Wiimote controllers, basically making the emulators useless because they're almost impossible to play on a touch screen. The updates ruined all these emulators.
  18. The best Genesis emulator out there.
    Tarek M
    I do have one request though. Every time that I attempt to use an mhl cable/chromecast to use this on my TV the app crashes to a black screen. My device model is a Sony D5803 Xperia Z3 Compact. Please fix this. Other than that it is the perfect emulator. EDIT: I found out my issue was that I didn't have the right external screen setting in video options turned on. It should have been set to "OS Managed". My mistake.
  19. The very best.
    Mark Storey
    The greatest console ever deserves the best emulator, and here we have it. Adding a user friendly modern layer to an open source program, it's the first and only choice for perfect Megadrive emulation. Thank you Robert for continuing to support Android and also Ouya with your awesome apps!
  20. Top emulator.
    Richard H
    Yeah you have to pay for this app. But its the BEST one I have found. Easy to use. Saves you game were you left. Not found one game that won't run. 10 stars and please keep the updates coming for over saga goodies. Old school 16 bit classics what can I say.


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* Add option to automatically increase audio buffer size if needed such as when routing audio over Bluetooth
* Fix possible crash in the new audio code


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